Star anise is the name of an ingredient called star anise or star anise. This is an ingredient originating from China and very popular in Eastern countries. Not only effective in seasoning, cooking but also used in medicine because of its very good properties.

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In cuisine there is a flower called star anise. It sounds strange, but it is actually anise. First of all, star anise you will see is used to cook with the very famous Pho dish, creating a sweet and fragrant taste. Indians also use this flower in a dish called masala chai. In terms of medicine, this is a herb that is not too rare, but very precious, has the property of tempering and effectively cures colds. Today, star anise is often found in grocery stores that sell spices of Northern cuisine. As for overseas, there are many plants in Japan or China. Let’s consult Hoa Van Restaurant for more details

Star anise in Vietnamese is anise

Distinguish star anise from cassia

Herbal ingredients are often confused with each other, star anise and cassia being one such pair. Star anise is anise, and cassia is cinnamon, which also has the effect of treating colds, in addition to having the ability to treat diarrhea and some other problems of the digestive system. Cinnamon, in addition to being an ingredient used in cooking, can also be made into cinnamon essential oil, used to aid in food preservation.

In our Vietnamese noodle soup, both star anise and cinnamon are often used to make the water have a special sweet and aromatic taste. After that, the herbal residue will be filtered out so that the water is clearer and still retains the delicious taste of Pho broth.

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Anise powder is made from star anise

Uses of star anise

As mentioned, star anise is not only an ingredient used in cooking and baking but also has great uses in terms of herbs. Below, we will explore the effects of anise together.

First of all, the seeds of anise are used to give a distinctive flavor to cakes, cookies, cheese and even bread. In addition, dishes such as stews and curries with the addition of star anise are very attractive and have a special taste like nothing else.

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Second, the powder of anise is an ingredient that is sure to be known and utilized by any baker or chef. This is the ingredient that makes the cake more fragrant.

Third, star anise is also pressed and distilled into anise essential oil, which is commonly used in wines, baked goods, desserts… This method and this method are widely applied in Western countries.

Finally, medicine also agrees that anise is effective in use as a remedy to stimulate digestion, relieve abdominal pain.

Anise essential oil is made from anise flower

Vietnam is the world’s leading producer and grower of star anise

There is interesting information that you may not know yet, that is, Vietnam is the leading growing and producing country of star anise in the world today, along with other Asian countries such as China or Japan. However, this herb is only grown in the northern provinces, typically Lang Son province.

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In addition to anise or cinnamon, there are other herbs that are used a lot in seasoning foods such as turmeric, cumin, mint, cardamom, cloves, star anise and pepper, ginger… These are all ingredients It is also used as a flavoring in cooking or even baking, in addition to having medicinal effects. Knowing the use of star anise, hopefully you have gained more interesting and useful knowledge to apply in life, make food more delicious and also know how to apply it to the preparation of beneficial dishes. more health.