Import and export is an open industry and requires a huge amount of terminology, here are 30 important English terms and their associated words that are extremely important in this field.


1. Export: export

2. Exporter: exporter (~ Seller location)

3. Import: import

4. Importer: importer (~ Buyer location)

5. Sole Agent: exclusive agent

6. Customer: customer

7. Consumer: the end consumer

8. End user = consumer

9. Consumption: consume

10. Exclusive distributor: exclusive distributor

11. Manufacturer: manufacturer (~factory)

12. Supplier: supplier

13. Producer: producer

14. Trader: commercial intermediary

15. OEM: original equipment manufacturer: original equipment manufacturer

16. ODM: original designs manufacturer: custom design and manufacture

17. Entrusted export/import: entrusted import and export

18. Brokerage: intermediary activities (broker-intermediaries)

19. Intermediary = broker

20. Commission based agent: intermediary agent (collects commission)

21. Export-import process: import and export process

22. Export-import procedures: import and export procedures

23. Export/import policy: export/import policy (3 levels)

24. Processing: machining operations

25. Temporary import/re-export: temporary import for re-export

26. Temporary export/re-import: temporary export-re-import

27. Processing zone: export processing zone

28. Export/import license: export/import license

29. Customs declaration: customs declaration

30. Customs clearance: customs clearance

31. Customs declaration form: Customs declaration

32. Tax(tariff/duty): tax

33. GST: goods and service tax: value-added tax (foreign party)

34. VAT: value added tax: value added tax

35. Special consumption tax: special consumption tax

36. Customs : customs

• General Department: General Department

• Department: department

• Sub-department: branch

37. Plant protection department (PPD): Plant Protection Department

38. Customs broker: customs agent

39. Merchandise: goods for sale

40. Franchise: franchising

41. Quota: quota

42. Outsourcing: outsourcing (trend of Logistics)

43. Warehousing: warehousing operations

44. Inbound: imported goods

45. Outbound: export goods

46. ​​Harmonized Commodity Descriptions and Coding Systerm: Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System – HS code

47. WCO – World Customs Organization: World Customs Council

48. GSP – Generalized System prefered: Universal preferential tariff system

49. MFN – Most favored nation: most favored nation treatment

50. GSTP – Global system of Trade preferences: global system of tariff preferences

51. Logistics-supply chain: logistics-supply chain

52. Trade balance: trade balance

53. Retailer: retailer

54. Wholesaler: wholesaler

55. Frontier: border

56. On-spot export/import: on-site import and export

57. Border gate: border gate

58. Non-tariff zones: non-tariff zones

59. Duty-free shop: duty-free shop

60. Auction: Auction

61. Bonded warehouse: Bonded warehouse

62. International Chamber of Commercial ICC: International Chamber of Commerce

63. Exporting country: exporting country

64. Importing country: importing country

65. Export-import turnover: import and export turnover

66. Quality assurance and testing center 1-2-3 (Quatest ): technical center for quality measurement standards 1-2-3

67. Documentation staff (Docs): document staff

68. Customer Service (Cus): support staff, customer service

69. Operations staff (Ops): field staff

70. Logistics coodinator: dispatcher

71. National single window (NSW): national single window system

72. Vietnam Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System: Automated cargo clearance system

73. VCIS: Vietnam Customs Intelligence Information System: Smart customs management system

74. Export import executive: import-export staff


1. Shipping Lines: shipping lines

2. NVOCC: Non vessel operating common carrier: non-vessel transport service provider

3. Airlines: aircraft carrier

4. Flight No: flight number

5. Voyage No: train number

6. Freight forwarder: freight forwarder

7. Consolidator: consolidating party (collecting LCL)

8. Freight: freight

9. Ocean Freight (O/F): sea freight

10. Air freight: air freight

11. Sur-charges: surcharge

12. Addtional cost = Sur-charges

13. Local charges: local charges

14. Delivery order: delivery order

15. Terminal handling charge (THC): port handling fee

16. Handling fee: cargo handling fee (Fwder pays Agent on destination port if using HBL)

17. Seal: lead

18. Documentations fee: document making fee (bill of lading)

19. Place of receipt: the place to receive goods to carry

20. Place of Delivery/final destination: final delivery place

21. Port of Loading/airport of loading: port/airport for loading and unloading

22. Port of Discharge/airport of discharge: port/airport of discharge

23. Port of transit: port of transit

24. On board notations (OBN): boarding notes

25. Shipper: the person who sends the goods

26. Consignee: consignee

27. Notify party: the party receiving the notification

28. Order party: the party that orders

29. Marks and numbers: symbols and numbers

30. Multimodal transportation/Combined transporation: multimodal transportation/combined transportation

31. Description of package and goods: description of packages and goods

32. Transhipment: conveying

33. Consignment: shipment

34. Partial shipment: partial shipment

35. Quantity of packages: number of packages

36. Airway: by air

37. Seaway: by sea

38. Road: road transport

39. Railway: rail transport

40. Pipelines: pipes

41. Inland waterway: river and inland waterway transport

42. Endorsement: endorsement

43. To order: delivery on order…

44. FCL – Full container load: full container load

45. FTL: Full truck load: goods delivered to the truck

46. ​​Less than truck load (LTL): less than truck load

47. LCL – Less than container Load: odd cargo

48. Metric ton (MT): meter ton = 1000 k gs

49. Container Yard – CY: container yard

50. CFS – Container freight station: warehouse for handling retail cargo

51. Job number: business code (forwarder)

52. Freight to collect: postpaid freight (collected at the port of discharge)

53. Freight prepaid: freight prepaid

54. Freight payable at: freight payable at…

55. Elsewhere: pay elsewhere (different POL and POD)

56. Freight as arranged: freight as agreed

57. Said to contain (STC): declaration includes

58. Shipper’s load and count (SLAC): shippers close and count goods

59. Gross weight: total weight of the case

60. Lashing: lashing

61. Volume weight: volumetric weight (charge LCL)

62. Measurement: unit of measurement

63. As carrier: the carrier

64. As agent for the Carrier

65. Shipmaster/Captain: Captain

66. Liner: market train

67. Voyage: train trip

68. Bulk vessel

69. Charter party: bill of lading for charter party

70. Detention: fee for storing containers at a private warehouse

71. Demurrrage: fee for storing containers at the yard

72. Storage: port storage fee (usually added to demurrage)

73. Cargo Manifest: cargo manifest

74. Ship rail: ship’s railing

75. Transit time: transit time

76. Departure date: departure date

77. Frequency: frequency of trips/week

78. Connection vessel/feeder vessel: connection vessel/feeder vessel

79. Shipped on board: delivery on board

80. Full set of original BL (3/3): full set of original bill of lading (usually 3/3 original)

81. Master Bill of Lading (MBL): master bill of lading (from Lines)

82. House Bill of Lading (HBL): house bill of lading (from Fwder)

83. Back date BL: backdated bill of lading

84. Open-top container (OT): open-top container

85. Flat rack (FR) = Platform container: ground container

86. Refered container (RF) – thermal container: insulated container for cold goods

87. General purpose container (GP): general purpose container (usually)

88. High cube (HC = HQ): tall container (40’HC is 9’6” high)

89. Tare: shell weight

90. Cu-Cap: Cubic capacity: the loadable volume of the container (outside the container)

91. Verified Gross Mass weight (VGM): declaration of total weight of goods

Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS): Convention for the safety of life at sea

92. Container packing list: list of containers on board

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93. Means of conveyance: means of transport

94. Place and date of issue: date and place of issue

95. Trucking: domestic transportation fee

96. Inland haulauge charge (IHC) = Trucking

97. Lift On-Lift Off (LO-LO): lifting fee

98. Forklift: forklift

99. Cut-off time: cut trough time

100. Closing time = Cut-off time

101. Estimated time of Departure (ETD): Estimated time of train

102. Estimated time of arrival (ETA): estimated time of arrival of the ship

103. Omit: ship does not dock

104. Roll: missed train

105. Delay: delay, behind the train schedule

106. Shipment terms: delivery terms

107. Free hand: normal goods (shippers book by themselves)

108. Nominated: specified goods

109. Volume: number of books

110. Laytime: unloading time

111. Freight note: freight note

112. Bulk container: bulk container

113. Ship’s owner: ship owner

114. Payload = net weight: closed weight (intestines)

115. On deck: on deck, on deck

116. Shipping marks: sign code

117. Merchant: merchant

118. Straight BL: named bill of lading

119. Bearer BL: anonymous bill of lading

120. Unclean BL: imperfect bill of lading (Clean BL: perfect bill of lading)

121. Straight BL: named bill of lading

122. Through BL: bill of lading

123. Negotiable: transferable

124. Non-negotiable: not transferable

125. Port-port: delivery from port to port

126. Door-Door: delivery from warehouse to warehouse

127. Service type (SVC Type): service type (eg FCL/LCL)

128. Service mode (SVC Mode): service mode (eg CY/CY)

129. Charterer: charterer

130. Agency Agreement: Agency contract

131. Bulk Cargo: Bulk Cargo

132. Multimodal/Combined transport operation =MTO/CTO: Multimodal transport operator

133. Consignor: consignor (= Shipper)

134. Consigned to order of = consignee: consignee

135. Container Ship: Container Ship

136. Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) : Public transporter without train

137. Twenty feet equivalent unit(TEU ): Container unit equal to 20 feet

138. Dangerous goods: Dangerous goods

139. Pick up charge: collection fee at the warehouse (~trucking)

140. Security charge: security fee (usually by air)

141. International Maritime Organization (IMO):International Maritime Organization

142. Laydays or laytime: Number of loading/unloading days or loading/unloading time

143. Said to weight: Declared weight

144. Said to contain: Said to include

145. Terminal: wharf

146. Time Sheet or Layday Statement: Time sheet for loading/unloading penalties

147. Transit time: Transit time

148. Notice of readiness: Notice of goods ready for loading / unloading

149. Inland clearance/container deport (ICD): inland clearance port

150. Hazardous goods: dangerous goods

151. Dangerous goods note: dangerous goods note

152. Tank container: tank container (liquid packing)

153. Named cargo container: dedicated container

154. Container: container containing goods

155. Stowage: line up

156. Trimming: leveling, scratching goods

157. Crane/tackle: crane

158. Incoterms: International commercial terms: international commercial terms

159. EXW: Ex-Works Factory Delivery

160. FCA-Free Carrier: Delivery to the carrier

161. FAS-Free Alongside ship: Delivery along the side of the ship

162. FOB- Free On Board: Delivery on board

163. CFR- Cost and Freight: Cost and Freight

164. CIF- Cost, Insurance and Freight: Cost of goods, insurance and freight

165. CIF afloat: CIF for floating (goods already on board at the time of contract signing)

166. CPT-Carriage Paid To: Fees to be paid to

167. CIP-Carriage &Insurance Paid To: Freight, insurance paid up to

168. DAP-Delivered At Place: Delivered at the destination

169. DAT- Delivered At Terminal: Delivery at the terminal

170. DDP – Delivered paid duty: Delivery cleared for Import

171. Delivered Ex-Quay (DEQ): delivered at the jetty

172. Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) : Delivered without tax

173. Cost: cost

174. Risk: risk

175. Freighter: cargo plane

176. Express airplane: express plane

177. Delivered Ex-Ship (DES): Delivered Ex-Ship

178. Seaport: seaport

179. Airport: airport

180. Handle: make goods

181. In transit: in transit

182. Hub: transit station

183. Oversize: oversized

184. Overweight: overload

185. Pre-carriage: Inland transportation of the export container before the container is loaded onto the ship.

186. Carriage: Sea freight operations from the time the Container is loaded onto the vessel at the port of loading to the port of discharge

187. On-carriage: Inland transportation of imported containers after the Container is unloaded from the ship.

188. Intermodal: Combined transport

189. Trailer: trailer

190. Clean: perfect

191. Place of return: the place to return the shell after packing the goods (according to the EIR voucher)

192. Dimension: size

193. Tonnage: Tonnage of a vessel

194. Deadweight– DWT: Vessel tonnage

195. FIATA: International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations: International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

196. IATA: International Air Transport Association: International Air Transport Association

197. Net weight: net weight

198. Slot: is there a seat (on the train) available?

199. Equipment: equipment (meaning whether the ship has a hull or not)

200. Empty container: empty container

201. Container condition: condition of container (heavy or light)

202. DC- dried container: dry cargo container

203. Weather working day: good weather working day

204. Customary Quick dispatch (CQD): fast unloading (as is customary at the port)

205. Laycan: time of ship to port

206. Full vessel’s capacity: full vessel (not specified quantity)

207. Weather in berth or not – WIBON: bad weather

208. Proof read copy: the shipper reads and rechecks

209. Free in (FI): no ranking

210. Free out (FO): free of charge

211. Free in and Out (FIO): Free loading and unloading

212. Free in and out stowed (FIOS): free loading and unloading

213. Shipped in apparent good order: the goods that have been loaded on the ship appear to be in good condition

214. Laden on board: loaded on board

215. Clean on board: perfectly loaded on board

216. BL draft: draft bill of lading

217. BL revised: edited bill of lading

218. Shipping agent: shipping agent

219. Shipping note – Shipping note

220. Stowage plan–Stowage plan

221. Remarks: special notes/notes

222. International ship and port security charges (ISPS): security surcharge for ships and international ports

223. Amendment fee: bill of lading modification fee BL

224. AMS (Advanced Manifest System fee): requires detailed declaration of goods before these goods are loaded on board the ship (USA, Canada)

225. BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor): Fuel price fluctuation surcharge

226. BAF fee: fuel surcharge (for Europe route)

227. FAF (Fuel Adjustment Factor) = Bunker Adjustment Factor

228. CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor): Surcharge for foreign exchange rate fluctuations

229. Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS): fuel surcharge (for Asia route)

230. Peak Season Surcharge (PSS): Peak Season Surcharge.

231. CIC (Container Imbalance Charge) or “Equipment Imbalance Surcharge”: unbalanced surcharge for the container/extra charge for imported goods

232. GRI (General Rate Increase): freight surcharge (occurs during peak season)

233. PCS (Port Congestion Surcharge): Port Congestion Surcharge

234. SCS (Suez Canal Surcharge): Suez Canal Surcharge

235. COD (Change of Destination): Surcharge for change of destination

236. Free time = Combined free days demurrage & detention

237. AFR fee: Japan Advance Filling Rules Surcharge (AFR): advance declaration fee (Japanese AFR rules)

238. CCL (Container Cleaning Fee): container cleaning fee

239. WRS (War Risk Surcharge): War Surcharge

240. Fuel Surcharges (FSC): material surcharge = BAF

241. PCS (Panama Canal Surcharge): Panama Canal Surcharge

242. X-ray charges: scanner surcharge (air cargo)

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243. Labor fee: Labor fee

244. International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code): dangerous goods code

245. Estimated schedule: the estimated schedule of the ship

246. Ship flag: ship’s flag

247. Weightcharge = chargeable weight

248. Chargeable weight: chargeable weight

249. Tracking and tracing: check the status of goods/mails

250. Security Surcharges (SSC): security surcharge (air cargo)


1. Payment terms/method: international payment method

2. Terms of payment = Payment terms

3. Cash: cash

4. Honor = payment: payment

5. Cash against documents (CAD): cash for documents

6. Open-account: bookkeeping

7. Letter of credit: letter of credit

8. Reference no: reference number

9. Documentary credit: documentary credit

10. Collection: Thanks

11. Clean collection: thanks to smooth ballot collection

12. Documentary collection: By collecting documents together

13. Financial documents: financial documents

14. Commercial documents: commercial documents

15. D/P: Documents against payment: ask for immediate payment

16. D/A: Documents agains acceptance: deferred collection

17. Issuing bank: the bank that issues the LC

18. Advising bank: the advising bank (of the beneficiary)

19. Confirming bank: the bank reconfirms the LC

20. Negotiating bank/negotiation: negotiating bank/negotiating payment (discounting)

21. Revolving letter of credit: cyclic LC

22. Advanced letter of credit/ Red clause letter of credit: LC red clause

23. Stand by letter of credit: Standby LC

24. Beneficiary: beneficiary

25. Applicant: the person requesting the opening of the LC (usually Buyer)

26. Accountee = Applicant


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Applicant bank: the bank requesting the issue

28. Reimbursing bank: reimbursement bank

29. Drafts: bill of exchange

30. Bill of exchange: bill of exchange

31. UCP – The uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary credit: uniform rules of practice for documentary credits

32. ISPB- International Standard banking practice for the examination of documents under documentary credits: international standard banking practice on examining documents under a letter of credit

33. Remitting bank: remittance bank/collection bank

34. Collecting bank: collection bank

35. Paying bank: paying bank

36. Claiming bank: the bank claiming money

37. Presenting Bank: Presenting Bank

38. Nominated Bank : Designated Bank

39. Credit: credit

40. Presentation: to present

41. Banking days: banking days (Saturday is not considered a working day)

42. Remittance: money transfer

43. Protest for Non-payment: Appeal for non-payment

44. Telegraphic transfer/Mail transfer: transfer money by phone/mail

45. Telegraphic transfer reimbursement (TTR):

46. ​​Deposit: deposit

47. Advance = Deposit

48. Down payment = Deposit

49. The balance payment: the amount remaining after the deposit

50. LC notification = Advising of credit: notification of letter of credit

51. Maximum credit amount: maximum amount of credit

52. Applicable rules: applicable rules

53. Amendments: edit (edit)

54. Discrepancy: disagreement of documents

55. Period of presentation: period of presentation

56. Drawee: the party drawing the bill of exchange

57. Drawer: the person who draws the bill of exchange

58. Latest date of shipment: the last delivery date on board

59. Irrevocable L/C: irrevocable letter of credit (revocable: revocable)

60. Defered LC: deferred letter of credit

61. Usance LC = Defered LC

62. LC transferable: transferable letter of credit

63. Bank Identified Code(BIC): bank identification code

64. Exchange rate: exchange rate

65. Swift code: bank format code (in swift system)

66. Message Type (MT): command code

67. Form of documentary credit: form/type of letter of credit

68. Available with…: to be paid at…

69. Blank endorsed: endorse leave blank

70. Endorsement: endorsement

71. Account : account

72. Basic Bank Account number (BBAN): base account number

73. International Bank Account Number (IBAN): international account number

74. Application for Documentary credits: letter of credit application form

75. Application for Remittance: request money transfer

76. Application for Collection: Application for collection

77. Delivery authorization: Authorization to receive goods

78. Undertaking: commitment

79. Disclaimer: disclaimer

80. Charges: bank charges

81. Intermediary bank: intermediary bank

82. Uniform Rules for Collection (URC): Uniform Rules for Collections

83. Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements Under Documentary Credit (URR) Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Documentary Credit

84. Promissory note: promissory note

85. Third party documents: Third party documents

86. Check: check

87. Tolerance: tolerance

88. Expiry date: effective expiration date

89. Correction: corrections

90. Issuer: issuer

91. Mispelling: misspelling

92. Typing errors: typo

93. Originals: originals

94. Duplicate: two identical originals

95. Triplicate: the same three originals

96. Quadricate: the same four originals

97. Fold: …how many originals (Example: 2 folds: 2 originals)

98. First original: first original

99. Second original: second original

100. Third original: third original

101. International Standby Letter of Credit: International Standby Credit Code of Practice (ISP 98)

102. Copy: copy

103. Shipment period: delivery term

104. Dispatch: send goods

105. Taking in charge at: receiving goods for transportation at…

106. Comply with: obey

107. Field: field (information)

108. Transfer: transfer money

109. Bank slip: money transfer receipt

110. Bank receipt = bank slip

111. Signed: signed (fresh)

112. Drawing: the signing

113. Advise-through bank = Advising bank: advising bank

114. Currency code: currency code

115. Sender : sender (electrical)

116. Receiver: receiver (electrical)

117. Value Date: value date

118. Ordering Customer: requested by the customer (~applicant)

119. Instruction : instructions (with any bank)

120. Interest rate: interest rate

121. Telex: Telex electricity in the credit system

122. Domestic L/C: domestic letter of credit

123. Import L/C: import letter of credit

124. Documentary credit number: letter of credit number

125. Mixed Payment: Mixed Payment

126. Abandonment: abandonment of goods

127. Particular average: Particular loss

128. General average: General average

129. Declaration under open cover: Declaration under an insurance cover

130. Society for Worldwide Interbank and Financial Telecomunication (SWIFT): association of interbank telecommunications and international financial institutions


1. Inquiry: Inquiry

2. Inquiry = inquiry = query

3. Purchase: purchase goods

4. Procurement: the acquisition of goods

5. Inventory: inventory

6. Sales off: discount

7. Free of charge (FOC)

8. Buying request = order request = inquiry

9. Negotiate/negotiation: negotiation

10. Price countering: refund, exchange price (~ bargain: bargain)

11. Transaction: transaction

12. Discussion/discuss: exchange, discuss

13. Co-operate: cooperate

14. Sign: sign

15. Quote: quote

16. Release order: order (who)

17. Give sb order: give someone an order

18. Assurance: guarantee

19. Sample: sample goods (quality check)

20. Discount: a discount (request for discount/offer a discount)

21. Trial order : trial order

22. Underbilling: reduce the value of goods on the invoice

23. Undervalue = Underbilling

24. PIC – person in contact: contact person

25. Person in charge: person in charge

26. Quotation: quotation

27. Offer = quotation

28. Validity: validity period (of the quotation)

29. Price list: unit price

30. RFQ = request for quotation = inquiry: request for price/inquiry

31. Requirements: requirements

32. Commission Agreement: commission agreement

33. Non-circumvention, non-disclosure (NCND): non-fraud, non-disclosure agreement

34. Memorandum of Agreement: Memorandum of Agreement

35. Deal: deal

36. Fix: latch

37. Deduct = reduce: discount

38. Bargain: haggling

39. Rate: rate/price

40. Throat-cut price: exorbitant price

41. Match: can match

42. Target price: target price

43. Terms and conditions: terms and conditions

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44. Feedback: customer feedback

45. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): minimum order quantity

46. ​​Complaints: complaints, complaints

47. Company Profile: company profile

48. Input /raw material: input material

49. Quality assurance (QA): quality management department

50. Quality Control (QC): quality management department


1. Contract: Contract

2. Purchase contract: purchase contract

3. Sale Contract: purchase and sale contract

4. Sales contract = Sales contract

5. Sales and Purchase contract: foreign trade purchase and sale contract

6. Principle agreement

7. Expiry date: contract expiration date

8. Come into effect/come into force: take effect

9. Article: terms

10. Validity: validity period

11. Authenticated: confirmed (by whom. eg: embassy)

12. Goods description: description of goods

13. Commodity = Goods description

14. Items: goods

15. Cargo: goods (shipped on vehicles)

16. Quantity: number quantity

17. Quality specifications: quality standards

18. Documents required: required documents

19. Shipping documents: delivery documents

20. Terms of payment: payment terms

21. Unit price: unit price

22. Amount: contract value

23. Grand amount: total value

24. Settlement: payment

25. Delivery time: delivery time

26. Institute cargo clause A/B/C : type A/B/C . insurance conditions

27. Lead time: time to make goods

28. Packing/packaging: packaging, packing

29. Standard packing: standard packing

30. Arbitration: arbitration terms

31. Force mejeure: force majeure clause

32. Terms of maintenance: terms of maintenance

33. Terms of guarantee/warranty: warranty terms

34. Terms of installation and operation: terms of installation and operation

35. Terms of test running: terms of test running

36. Model number: code/model number

37. Heat treatment: heat treatment

38. Dosage: dosage

39. Exposure period: exposure/incubation time (for goods to be fumigated)

40. Penalty: penalty clause

41. Claims: Claims

42. Disclaimer: disclaimer

43. Act of God = force majeure: force majeure

44. Inspection: inspection

45. Dispute: controversy

46. ​​Liability : responsibility

47. On behalf of: represent/on behalf of

48. Subject to: comply with

49. Brandnew: completely new

50. General Conditions: general terms

51. Vietnam International Arbitration Center at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VIAC): Vietnam’s international arbitration center at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

52. Signature: signature

53. Stamp: stamp

54. Printed seaworthy cartons packing: Packing in cartons suitable for sea transportation

55. Date of manufacturing: production date

56. Label/labelling: label/labeling goods

57. Inner Packing: inner packing details

58. Outer packing: outer packing

59. Unit: unit

60. Piece: pcs, pieces

61. Sheet: sheet, sheet

62. Pallets: pallets

63. Roll: roll

64. Bundle: bundle

65. Set: set

66. Cbm: cubic meter (M3): cubic meter

67. Case: crate, crate

68. Jar: jar

69. Box: box

70. Bag: bag

71. Basket: basket, barrel

72. Drum: barrel (wine)

73. Barrel: barrel (oil, chemical)

74. Can: can

75. Carton: carton

76. Bottle: bottle

77. Bar: bar

78. Crate: parcels

79. Package: package

80. Combo: product set

81. Pair: pair

82. Carboy: average

83. Offset: row offset

84. Free of charge (FOC): free goods

85. Compensation: compensation, compensation

86. All risks: all risks

87. War risk: war insurance

88. Protest/strike: strike

89. Processing Contract: processing contract

90. Loss: loss rate (processed goods/production)

91. FOB contract: FOB contract (usually for SXXK goods)


1. Telex release: power release (for Bill Surrender)

2. Telex fee: electricity fee for goods release

3. Airway bill: Air waybill

4. Master Airway bill (MAWB): Air waybill (owner)

5. House Airway bill (HAWB): Air waybill (house)

6. Express release: quick release of goods (for seaway bill)

7. Sea waybill: sea waybill

8. Surrender B/L: electric release bill of lading/pre-presentation bill of lading

9. Bill of Lading (BL): bill of lading

10. Ocean Bill of Lading = BL

11. Marine Bill of Lading = BL

12. Switch Bill of Lading: the bill of lading changes compared to the original bill of lading

13. Receipt for shipment BL: bill of lading to receive goods for shipment

14. Railway bill: Railway bill of lading

15. Cargo receipt: Delivery receipt

16. Bill of truck: Car bill of lading

17. Booking note/booking confirmation: agreement to save compartments/rent slots

18. Shipping instruction: instructions for making BL

19. Shipping advice/shipment advice: Shipping information

20. Sales Contract/Sale contract/Contract/Purchase contract: Foreign trade contract

21. Purchase order: purchase order

22. Delivery order: delivery order

23. Proforma invoice: proforma invoice

24. Commercial invoice: commercial invoice

25. Non-commercial invoice: non-commercial invoice (FOC)

26. Provisional Invoice: Provisional Invoice (temporary for shipments, unpaid)

27. Final invoice: Official invoice

28. Certified Invoice: Certified Invoice (usually from the embassy or VCCI)

29. Consular Invoice: Consular invoice (confirmed by the embassy)

30. Customs invoice: customs invoice (only for customs clearance)

31. Tax invoice: tax invoice

32. Arrival notice: Incoming/coming goods notice

33. Notice of arrival = Arrival notice

34. Notice of readiness: notice that the goods are ready to be shipped

35. Test certificate: test certificate

36. Certificate of phytosanitary: phytosanitary certificate

37. Certificate of fumigation: certificate of fumigation

38. Certificate of origin: certificate of origin

39. Goods consigned from: from whom

40. Goods consigned to: to whom the goods are shipped

41. Third country invoicing: third party invoices

42. Authorized Certificate of origin: Authorized CO

43. Back-to-back CO: Back-to-back CO

44. Specific processes: processing stages Specifically

45. Product Specific Rules (PSRs): Item Specific Rules

46. ​​Regional Value content – ​​RVC: regional value content (according to percentage criteria)

47. Change in Tariff classification: change commodity codes

48. CTH: Change in Tariff Heading: convert 4-digit commodity codes (groups)

49. CTSH: Change in Tariff Sub-heading: change commodity codes at the 6-digit level (subheading)

50. CC: Change in Tariff of Chapter changes chapter-level commodity codes

51. Issue retroactively: CO level later

52. Accumulation: cumulative provenance

53. De minimis: De Minimis criteria

54. Certified true copy: confirm the reissue is true to the original

55. Direct consignment: direct shipping rules

56. Partial cumulation: adding each part

57. Exhibitions: goods for exhibitions

58. Origin criteria: origin criteria

59. Wholly obtained (WO): pure origin

60. Not wholly obtained: not wholly obtained

61. Rules of Origin (ROO): rules of origin

62. Shelf Life List: list of shelf life of goods (food goods)

63. Production List: list of production processes

64. Inspection report: inspection report

65. Certificate of weight: certificate of cargo weight

66. Certificate of quantity: certificate of quantity

67. Certificate of quality: certificate of quality

68. Certificate of weight and quality: certificate of weight and quality

69. Certificate of analysis: Certificate of test analysis

70. Certificate of health: certificate of food hygiene and safety

71. Certificate of sanitary = Certificate of health

72. Veterinary Certificate – Certificate of animal quarantine

73. Insurance Policy/Certificate: policy/deed of insurance

74. Benefiary’s certificate: certificate of the beneficiary

75. Cargo insurance policy: cargo insurance policy

76. Packing list: packing slip

77. Detailed Packing List: detailed packing list

78. Weight List: weight sheet of goods

79. Mates’ receipt: mate’s receipt

80. List of containers: list of containers

81. Debit note: debit note

82. Beneficiary’s receipt: beneficiary’s receipt

83. Certificate of Free Sales: Certificate of Free Sale

84. Letter of guarantee: Letter of guarantee

85. Letter of indemnity: Letter of commitment

86. Mat