Perhaps recently, you often hear about the concept of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) on the radio or the media. This concept is increasingly popular among businesses and students. So what are SGDs and how does it affect the students’ decision to choose a company to apply for this year? Find out through the article below.

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In a survey on university students who are expected to graduate next spring by the job placement company Disco, over 70% of the respondents said they know about the concept of SDGs.

When asked about their level of understanding of the SDGs, 3 out of 4 people answered “know well” or “know to a certain extent” (76.4%), this rate has increased by 23.5 points compared to last year. .

Graph Comparison of students’ understanding of the SDGs between this year and last year

So what are SDGs? SDGs (short for “Sustainable Development Goals”, also known as sustainable development goals have been agreed upon and put into use by 193 member countries of the United Nations Council at the Sustainable Development Conference held by the United Nations. 2015.

With the long-term goal of creating a society of sustainable development until 2030, countries around the world including developed countries must work together to solve the problems of the Earth, especially is towards action to protect the Earth. There are a total of 17 goals set forth to end poverty, disseminate education and health care, namely:

The list of 17 goals is given

In a time when everyone expects companies to contribute to society, how companies contribute to the SDGs also has a certain influence on the decision to choose where to apply. student friend.

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Before the question: “How does the company’s contribution to society affect the decision to apply?”, up to 65.2% of the respondents chose the answer as “great influence” and “influence”. a little bit”, only a few chose to answer that this was “absolutely no effect”. That said, the company’s level of contribution to the goals outlined in the SGDs is also one of the basic criteria that many students consider when choosing a business to work for.

Graph How the company’s contribution to society affects students’ application decisions

Below are the top 10 goals chosen by most students for the question “Can the company you apply for contribute to any of the 17 goals outlined by the SDGs”.

Top 10 goals chosen by the most students

The most chosen target is “Creating a foundation for industry and technology innovation” with 43.8% of the votes. Next, is the goal of “Promoting long-term economic development” (43.6%). Fourth place is the goal of “Achieving the same goal by building a partnership” (31.4%). In addition to the goals mentioned above, there are also other items that receive great attention from students.

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The issues raised by the SGDs are issues that are closely related to each of us individually. This is also one of the criteria that is focused on when choosing a business to work for and is also given by many businesses when interviewing. So, when preparing for the interview, remember to learn more about this concept as well as the company’s efforts in achieving the goals set out in the SGDs!

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By: Translation: Thu Huyen

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