Papaya leaf (on the male papaya), dried or fresh, the cooking water which helps to avoid dangerous diseases such as cancer, but it also makes the body more healthy looking.

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Leaf Papaya (preferably on papaya male) probably everyone was very familiar because papaya is a fruit very nutritious and popular but little-known leaf papaya also carries many benefits for human health sections no less effective.

Especially papaya leaves has a lot of great healing for many different tips according to folklore handed down. To learn more about the characteristics and uses as well as folk medicine uses this appropriately, let’s find out the article below!

HoDu enough. This lacaythan big draft, not or rarely branched, 3-10 m high. Big leaf propeller shaped, long stalk, 50-70 cm in diameter, around 7 dimensions. White or blue flowers, small radios, rims to Pentagram. Quadu duto round, long, soft when ripe, seeds dark brown or black, yellow flowers, large leaves.

Parts used for drug
Papaya, papaya leaf, flower papaya, papaya seeds.

WHAT IS ENOUGH is enough ? La Papaya is a plant parts enough enough, there Carica Papaya scientific name L., belonging to Papaya (Papayaceae). Papaya leaves is not merely a normal leaves that ancient folklore it has been likened to a miracle medicines known if used correctly.

Leaves papaya male:
Leaf Papaya Ducco tiny leaves, green dark, substance in leaves of papaya male better papaya caicotac supports treatment of prostate, good for digestion, helps digestion, prevent cancer, relieve menstrual cramps. In addition, male papaya leaves also make hair strong, smooth smoothly.

Leaves papaya ones:
Papaya leaf blade Caico large, green leaves paler corruption male papaya, also works as a male but papaya leaf substance in the leaves of papaya papaya nhula not many males.

Papaya leaves are usually very big and long, dark green, grow in clusters at the ends themselves, leaf-style single, helical. Papaya petiole is also very long, wide range of blade 20-50 cm, thin, soft, and is divided into 6-10 lobes, the lobes will occasionally divided into smaller lobes.

Part underside of leaves of papaya have clearly connected tendons, on average, after about 3-5 days in growth period, plants will grow a papaya leaf from the top of the body.

Papaya leaves after drying can be brown, co twisted, brittle, easily broken.


The distribution of papaya leaf
Papaya originated from South America, with preferred features warm and hot so the plant is often grown in countries with tropical climates. In our country, papayas are distributed fairly widely, not hard to find a papaya tree backyard of each family, especially in the countryside.

The process of harvesting the leaves of papaya
Inside the plastic foil containing papaya leaves easy to accidentally so when harvested, you should wear gloves on. Choose fresh papaya leaves, avoid picking the wrong leaf fall withering prepared because we have lost almost all of pus inside and not healing well.

The processing and storage of papaya leaf
After picking papaya leaf finish, bringing in clean, drain, then brought forward to cross in the direction of living leaves, then brought out the sun dried or dryer can be used for drying.

Papaya leaves after drying must be carefully preserved, avoiding broken, moldy, crushed leaves. You should let the leaves in plastic bags sealed, stored in a dry, cool and bring gradually used.

RECOMMENDED LEAF fresh papaya or dried THEN GOOD ? Use leaves fresh papaya or dried are also good at all, but as experience using leaves as full of people as well as the physician is recommended incentives should choose to use dry leaves. Because, the fresh papaya leaf has many excellent nhuathuong for the country at a very bitter, it will be difficult to drink more and also difficult to measure the amount of plastic in the water more.

Meanwhile, the leaves were dried papaya will likely relieve some minor damage in papaya leaves, and reduce the bitterness of the leaves.

Inside papaya leaves contain many chemical ingredients beneficial for human health. Among them, we can not mention the active ancaloid carpain, killing amoeba effect, stabilize heart rhythm.

Papaya leaves in plastic also has a papain enzyme is capable of promoting protein digestion, and inhibits the formation and growth of bacteria.

Not only that, in papaya leaves also contain many other important compounds that help strengthen the immune system in the blood and improve antioxidant.

According to Oriental medicine, papaya leaf with welding, slightly bitter, pungent smell, which uses help clear heat, detoxification, liver, spleen tonic and laxative.

Leaf Papaya is an excellent choice for diseases related to respiratory, digestive, sores, blisters, … Most importantly, the leaves of papaya also use support treatment of some cancers is extremely effective.

From past to present, healing tips from papaya leaves were folk legends and used a lot. Practice has proved that the The medicinal use of papaya leaves is completely real, not only that, its use is increasingly being exploited more and more significantly and widely used.

What are the effects of papaya leaves

?As a fairly familiar medicine in Eastern medicine, papaya leaves are increasingly trusted by many people with many surprisingly effective healing effects. The following are some typical medicinal uses of papaya leaves:

Papaya leaves can help improve intestinal problems

Papaya leaves contain papain, which is effective in hydrolyzing indigestible proteins in the stomach, making it easier for the body to digest the protein inside.

That is also the reason that papaya leaves are likened to a laxative, especially it is very beneficial for people who are often constipated. In addition, the inside of papaya leaves is also rich in protese, papain, chymopapain, amylase to help strengthen the body’s digestive system.

Papaya leaves inhibit bacteria and enhance immunity

Many studies by experts show that papaya leaves contain more than 50 active ingredients, including karpain, which is capable of inhibiting the growth of many dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria. , parasites,…

Inside papaya leaves also contain many powerful antioxidant compounds, which play an important role in strengthening the body’s immune system, preventing many dangerous diseases.

Papaya leaves have the effect of supporting the liver

Since ancient times, papaya leaves have been used by grandparents as a medicine to support the treatment of many different liver diseases such as liver cancer, cirrhosis or jaundice.

A commonly used way to support the treatment of these diseases is to squeeze papaya leaves into water and drink regularly every day.

Papaya leaves help protect heart health

One of the top benefits of papaya leaves is to help protect the heart. Because papaya leaves contain many powerful antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system while protecting a healthy cardiovascular system.

Papaya leaves are effective in treating dengue

The decoction of papaya leaves into drinking water is a fairly common remedy for people suffering from dengue fever. Dengue fever is a very dangerous form of fever, often appearing in young children, it reduces a large number of platelets in the blood, for treatment it is necessary to find a way to replenish this lost platelet count.

An Indian nutritionist said that the juice from papaya leaves plays a huge role in the production of platelets, so if you are suffering from this condition then supplement with papaya leaf juice to help increase it again. platelet count and improve disease.

Papaya leaves help reduce blood sugar

Drinking papaya leaf juice every day will reduce insulin sensitivity in the blood and help control blood sugar optimally.

In addition, drinking papaya leaf juice for a long time can also prevent the risk of diabetes very well.

Papaya leaves have the effect of reducing menstrual cramps

When it comes to menstruation, if you experience severe abdominal pain, papaya leaves are the perfect choice for you. The decoction of papaya leaves into drinking water helps relieve abdominal pain as well as reduce the amount of menstruation, making you feel more comfortable.

Besides, papaya leaf juice also works to balance hormones, and at the same time contributes to the reduction of premenstrual syndrome.

Papaya leaves promote hair growth

Papaya leaves not only have healing effects but also have extremely effective beauty uses, especially promoting hair growth, bringing healthy, beautiful and full of life hair.

Using enough leaves to cook shampoo can also prevent hair loss and baldness.

Drink papaya leaf juice for healthier skin

Papaya leaves are rich in vitamins A and C, especially when decocted into drinking water, it has the ability to improve skin, enhance skin health, and help skin become younger and more beautiful.

Papaya leaf juice also works to prevent the activity and development of free radicals that are harmful to the skin. The karpain compound inside papaya leaves also helps to clean the toxins on the skin, preventing skin problems such as acne, freckles very effectively.

Can papaya leaves cure cancer


Papaya leaves reduce the risk of cancer

The inside of papaya leaves has strong anti-cancer properties thanks to the compound acetogenin. In addition, papaya leaves also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate the side effects caused by chemotherapy in cancer treatment.

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According to folklore, many people have cured themselves of some cancers just by drinking papaya leaf juice for a long time.

However, papaya leaves only help prevent and reduce the risk of cancer, like green tea leaves, and also contribute to the treatment of diseases, but do not have a complete effect on the definitive cure of cancer. letters.

How to use papaya leaves to reduce cancer risk

One of the most used remedies in reducing the risk of cancer is the decoction of papaya leaves to drink. People usually take 8-10 chopped papaya leaves with 2 liters of water and boil until When the medicine thickens, turn off the stove and let it cool for the same day.

In order for the drug to be most effective, you should take it regularly every day, and in the long run, you will see a marked improvement in your condition.

Papaya Leaves Cure Stomach Pain Very Well – A-Z GUIDELINES

Why papaya leaves can cure stomach ache

?With the speed of development of medicine today, it has been proved that papaya leaves have very good medicinal uses, especially in treating pain. stomach, because papaya leaves contain a large amount of papain, which has the ability to destroy protein in the body.

This helps promote protein digestion in the body faster and easier, limiting the working frequency of the stomach.

In addition, the active ingredient papain in papaya leaves also has the ability to stimulate the elimination of toxins inside the body and strengthen the healthy immune system.

That is also the reason why papaya leaves have the effect of supporting the treatment and quickly reducing the symptoms of such stomach pain.

How to cure stomachache with papaya leaves

Cook papaya leaf juice to drink every day

Ingredients: Green or dried papaya leaves (50g), water (2 liters).

Method: Wash the prepared papaya leaves and then put them in a pot with 2 liters of water, boil for 15-20 minutes, let it cool and then use it. Persevering in the practice every day, stomach pain will definitely decrease significantly.

Use papaya leaf juice

Ingredients: Papaya leaves (30g), filtered water (300ml).

Method: Wash papaya leaves, puree with filtered water and collect the juice to drink. Regular use of the drug every day will quickly promote its effectiveness.


The remedy using papaya leaves to treat cancer was translated from a foreign article about an Australian named Stan Sheldon suffering from serious lung cancer that was known by a man named Hung and he himself cured the cancer from the above remedy.

Dosage and method of taking the remedy

After drying papaya leaves (male), use about 90g, dry lemongrass 10g, wash these 2 flavors with clean water, put them in a kettle to boil with about 1.5 liters of water, boil for about 30 minutes in low heat until dry. essence in papaya and lemongrass infuse.

Turn off the stove to warm and use all day, drink instead of tea. After 3 days, if the stool is black and foul, it means it has been effective.

Papaya leaves and lemongrass root cure cancer

Below is the autobiography of the hero when he learned the remedy online and then passed it on to cancer patients

Anh Hung is from Dat Do district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. Hung said he worked as a cook at a restaurant for 10 years. Recently, he saw so many people suffering from cancer that he went online to search for herbal cancer cures.

Hung is interested in the remedy of papaya leaves and lemongrass. He decided to try to follow his remedy which is to take 6 yellow papaya leaves, 2 lemongrass plants, 2 liters of water and drink carrot juice once every 2 days.

Hung said this remedy he has tried for 10 patients with cancer and has completely recovered. This made Hung very happy, so he thought of a way to go to Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital to find patients to share his remedy.

Fresh papaya leaves cure cancer

Cancer cures are distributed like leaflets in the Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Institute.

However, when he entered Hung’s Hospital, he couldn’t see any patients because there were too many patients and almost everyone had surgery and radiation therapy, so Hung decided to spread ” leaflets ” to let patients know about this remedy.

Hung said that after a week of spreading information about the remedy, hundreds of people call him every day to ask how to make medicine to treat cancer. Hung shared for patients as well as their family members to understand.

Too many calls made him take time off work to stay at home to explain to the sick. Hung hopes this is a great remedy for cancer patients.

Behind that, Hung is also “researching” on other cancer drugs to help people with cancer.

How to use papaya leaves effectively

How to cook dried papaya leaf juice

Ingredients: Dried papaya leaves, filtered water (2 liters).

How to do: put papaya leaves and water in a pot to boil, then lower the heat to low, boil until the amount of water is reduced by half, then filter the residue to get drinking water.

How to cook papaya leaf juice with lemon

Ingredients: Fresh papaya leaves (10 leaves), broth (1/2 fruit), sugar (2 tablespoons), water (300 ml).

Method: Wash papaya leaves and then grind with warm water, use a sieve to filter the mixture to get the water and add to the prepared lemon juice and sugar, stir well and can be used immediately or put in the refrigerator to cool. .

How to cook papaya leaf juice with lemongrass

Ingredients: Dried papaya leaves (50g), dried lemongrass (30g), filtered water (2 liters).

How to do: Put lemongrass, papaya leaves in a pot and then pour water to boil. After boiling, lower the heat to low, cook again for 30 minutes, then turn off the stove, filter the water to drink during the day.

WHAT IS THE RIGHT way to drink papaya leaf juice

?There are many ways to use papaya leaves, but how is the right way, very few people know. One of them is using dried papaya leaves as a daily tea, this is the most popular and optimal use today.

In addition, you can boil fresh papaya leaves to drink or squeeze papaya leaves You can use a blender.

Who SHOULD USE Papaya Leaves

?People who are having problems with the liver, digestive system, cardiovascular system, skin, menstrual pain, dengue fever or stage cancer. head,…

Ordinary people can also take enough leaves to drink every day to improve long-term health.


Although papaya leaves have very good medicinal uses, do not exceed the dosage, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

If used to treat cancer-related diseases, you should consult with professionals for the most effective use.

WHERE TO BUY DRY Papaya Leaves

?Caythuoc is the address for selling perennial and prestigious dried papaya leaves. Our products have been trusted by many pharmacies, restaurants, hotels and consumers across the country for many years. The male papaya leaf product in Caythuoc is of completely natural origin. You can rest assured when using our products.

Selling price of fresh papaya leaves: 120,000/1kg

Selling price of male papaya flowers: 800,000/1kg

The price of dried papaya leaves does not include shipping.

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Note: The effect of the product may vary from person to person

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