For a business, the position of material accountant is an indispensable position. And let’s find out with news.timviec what materials are, what are the things a materials accountant needs to know?

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What are supplies?

Supplies in English are called supplies. In simple terms, a material is a short-term asset listed in the balance sheet to be used for the purpose of serving the business process or providing any service to the user. .

Should understand exactly what materials are

Concepts related to materials

Besides what is the material, we also need to pay attention to a few different concepts such as:


This is the labor object used to combine the labor of the product maker and different materials to create the final product.

Raw materials are products that have gone through the initial production process and are continued to be applied in production and business activities of organizations and enterprises.

Raw materials only participate in a certain process in the entire production and business activities. The value of raw materials is used only once and will translate into the value of the final product created.

What are the concepts related to materials?

Tools, tools

It can be understood that these are labor documents that do not meet the prescribed standards in terms of value and time of use.

Tasks of a material accountant to do

In a manufacturing enterprise, the position of material accountant is a particularly important personnel position in the business. Material accounting will often have to summarize and evaluate information about the business’s consumption of materials in a business cycle. From there, this information can be included in the balance sheet to recommend different solutions for business leaders.

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The position of material accountant is a particularly important position in the enterprise

During a working day, material accountants usually have to take on the following tasks:

Organize, classify and evaluate materials in accordance with the provisions of accounting standards and at the request of business leaders. Manage, create and arrange documents; document; accounting books consistent with the enterprise’s inventory accounting method.

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Record, classify, and promptly update the fluctuations in the increase and counterfeiting of supplies during the business operation of the enterprise. Check and evaluate the implementation of the targets on the plan to use materials for production tasks of the enterprise. Giving suggestions to the leadership on the plans to use materials in production and business activities of the enterprise.

Materials management requirements to pay attention to

Material accountants also need to pay close attention to the requirements of the business’s material management

In addition to the daily work, the material accountants also need to pay close attention to the requirements of the business’s material management as follows:

For the purchasing stage: You need to have a method of inventory and strict management in terms of quantity, quality as well as types of materials. In particular, it is necessary to pay special attention to the type and cost of purchasing so that it is most suitable for the production plan of the enterprise. For the preservation stage: It is necessary to coordinate with different parties to organize well the warehousing problem. In particular, you need to determine the minimum and maximum reserve norms for each certain item of materials. These contribute to helping businesses not face a crisis of excess as well as shortage of input materials. With the use of materials: It is necessary to have a plan to use it reasonably and economically. In addition, the accountants of materials also need to calculate certain production costs in order to give an appropriate selling price; help increase revenue for your business.

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Materials can be said to be a very diverse concept. Besides, the material accounting work also needs to complete a lot of different jobs. Hopefully, the article has given you a clearer view of the position of material accountants in today’s businesses.