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1.1 Noun 1.1.1 Sleeve; sleeve 1.1.2 (technical) sleeve, sleeve, sleeve 1.1.3 Outer sleeve (a cable rod..) 1.1.4 Hard case for record (such as) jacket 1.2 Construction from 1.2. 1 to have plan up one”s sleeve 1.2.2 to turn (roll) up one”s sleeves 2 Specialization 2.1 Mechanical – Electronic 2.1.1 == 2.2 Mechanical & Construction 2.2.1 Conical tube space 2.2.2 engraved tube (of micrometer) 2.2.3 body shell 2.2.4 outer cylinder (drill drill) 2.3 Automobile 2.3.1 cylinder liner 2.4 Construction 2.4.1 pcs tube cover 2.4.2 box ( connection) cable 2.4.3 flexible sleeve 2.4.4 sliding sleeve 2.4.5 mine fuselage 2.4.6 connecting spool 2.4.7 sliding splicer 2.4.8 fuselage 2.5 Electrical 2.5.1 sleeve (at plug phon) 2.6 General technique 2.6.1 coupling 2.6.2 clamping fixture 2.6.3 movable holder 2.6.4 holder 2.6.5 bushing, sleeve 2.6.6 connecting bush 2.6.7 sleeve 2.6.8 sleeve river 2.6.9 outer pipe 2.6.10 branch pipe 2.6.11 pipe 2.6.12 sleeve 2.6.13 insulating pipe 2.6.14 collet 2.6.15 sleeve 2.6.16 bushing 2.6.17 shaft sleeve 2.6.18 spindle bushing 2.6.19 housing tube 2.6.20 tube g connection 2.6.21 ceramic liner 2.6.22 slide 2.6.23 bushing 2.6.24 slide 2.6.25 hollow shaft 2.6.26 disc cover 2.6.27 clamping ring



Sleeve; to put something up one”s sleeve to pluck someone”s sleeve to pluck someone”s sleeve

(technical) outer tube, sleeve, sleeve Outer sleeve (a cable rod..) Hard case for record (as) jacket

Word structure

to have a plan up one”s sleeve prepare a plan

to turn (roll) up one”s sleeves (to fight, to work…)





Engineering & Construction tapered pipe space engraved tube (of micrometer) outer cylinder body (drill drill)

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cylinder liner


fuselage sleeve (connector) cable flexible sleeve fuselage slide sleeve fuselage sleeve connector slide fuselage cover


sleeve (at the phone socket)

General technique

parallel-joint sleeveYsleeve couplingSleeve couplingssleeve jointsCage couplingsleeve jointsSplicing sleeve couplings cable couplings

movable sleeve holder sleeve, sleeve adjustment sleeve, adjustable sleeve, sleeve, sleeve, outer sleeve, sleeve, sleeve, sleeve, threaded sleeve, sleeve double knurled lace

Sleeve Adjusting Sleevesleeve Sleeve Insulation Sleevesleeve Sleevesleeve Sleeve Sleevesleeve Sleevesleeve Sleevesleeve Sleevesleeve Sleevesleeve Sleevesleeves

outer tube filling sleeve outer tube stuffed with air

branch pipe sleeve sleeve insulation sleeve telescopic sleeve connecting sleeveCage coupling sleeveSliding sleeve slip-on sleeveSlip-on sleeveSlip-on sleeveSlip-on sleeve sleeveTwo-connectorthreaded sleeveTempered sleeve

quill sleeve bushing spindle sleeve

main shaft sleeve ceramic sleeve clutch release bearing sleeve clutch release bearing sleeve

hollow shaft slide bushing plate clamp ring housing