Promulgating legal documents is an activity of competent state agencies and social organizations when empowered by the state to perform according to a strictly regulated order showing the steps and each job. must do to produce legal documents, from proposing legislative initiatives, setting up a program to develop legal documents to drafting legal document projects, appraising and verifying legal documents. legal document projects, publicize, organize to collect comments from agencies, organizations, individuals and classes of the population related to the synthesis, analysis, research and acquisition of opinions. suggestions, submissions to competent state agencies for consideration, comments or approval of the project legal documents.

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Special Economic Zone Export Processing Enterprise Mining Artificial insemination General record-keeping documents Time off sightseeing Preferential shares Refundable circulation documents Riverbank Rung Advertising company Motor vehicle driving Criminal conviction Obscenity Investment Economic Zone Advertising Officials Party Members Criminal Cases National Defense Contracts Road Traffic Administrative Sanctions Establishing a Business

Traffic – Transportation <2091> Administrative violations; Government <1287> Education <1169> Other fields <856> Civil rights <697> Automobiles <535> Taxes – Fees; – Fees; <399> Special purpose vehicles – tractors <362> Motorcycles <351> Legal proceedings <337> Administrative apparatus <332> Other violations <321> Criminal liability <311> Labor – Money salary <307> Enterprise <294> Commercial <281> Natural Resources – Environment <255> Road – Corridor <247> Railway <242> Real Estate <224>

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