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Learning to program on Coursera is currently very attractive to many young people. So what is Coursera? Should you learn programming on Coursera or not? Find the most accurate answer in this article!

1. What is Coursera

?What is Coursera?

Coursera is a company that links top universities around the world to offer free and online courses. Create opportunities for learners to easily access a world-class education.

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Coursera was founded by two Stanford University computer science professors, Andrew Ngo An Dat and Daphne Koller.

2. Should I learn programming on Coursera?

?To answer this question, I will list out some of the benefits of learning to program on Coursera.

Coursera is one of the best providers of public, online and open courses available today. Coursera was founded in 2012. Currently the site is offering more than 1000 courses from 119 different institutions.

Some of Coursera’s coding courses are completely free, and there are some coding courses you have to pay to learn. Courses last between 4 and 6 weeks and typically cost around $29 to $99. It’s not only online, but it’s available to anyone with access to a computer. But in return you will receive a certificate for that course.

The site still has a lot of free courses for programmers. These courses come from famous universities in the world such as: University of Toronto, University of Washington, Stanford University and Vanderbilt University.

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Every course on Coursera is taught by the world’s best educational institutions. And is made up of video lectures, community discussion forums. Therefore, this is an online programming learning website you should learn and join to learn programming better.

3. Online learning experience on Coursera

Experience learning Programming on Coursera

Below I will share my experiences to learn effective online programming on Coursera:

3.1. Choose a course suitable for your level and expertise

This is the most important experience when learning on Coursera. You should choose the right course for your major to make it easier to understand and complete faster.

In my opinion, the courses related to the knowledge that you have already studied, or are studying will be the right courses for you. They help to improve or reinforce knowledge.

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3.2. Listening while taking notes

Usually teachers will talk about the main ideas first, what is this lesson about? For example, week 1 emphasizes entrepreneurial thinking and business thinking, it is best to take notes in English. Sub-points explain, paraphrase, and illustrate the main idea.

3.3. See the course review

It is important that you consult with those who have gone before because they have a lot of experience, especially those who have completed the course.

3.4. Watch the lecture before doing Assignment

You need to complete all the required Assignments to receive the certificate. Of course, since this is an online course, the video lectures are very important. If you don’t watch the video, don’t learn what to do.

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3.5. Do maximum homework

You should try to do as many exercises as possible to understand better. If you make a mistake, do it again. If you are careful, record your wrong answers and listen to the relevant lecture again to understand where you went wrong. Usually this question is also easy to answer, it helps you remember the main lesson.

3.6. Testing and thinking

It is important that you rethink how you apply to work? Learning is for application, so you need to remember the main concepts to understand and apply in your work. The higher the score, the better.

Just do a lot of homework, if it’s wrong, don’t worry, as long as you do it before the deadline. You should listen and then do the exercises. Then listen again if you have time. It is advisable to record the wrong answers for note and attack next time. The multiple choice questions are usually unchanged, you can test 3 times if you want.

3.7. Motivate yourself

No one checks your work, no one looks at your code, everyone makes their own efforts. Online learning is an advanced learning method, requiring you to be serious and self-effort, self-motivated to complete.

The first course is a bit stressful because you are not familiar, but the next time you will catch up with knowledge and be more successful.

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3.8. Putting it into practice

Apply and practice what you learn. You should invest time in learning and helping yourself to be more successful and better at handling problems.

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Learning to program online on Coursera requires people Learners must create self-motivation to study, learn with a plan, know how to apply it in practice to be more successful. Above is the information about Coursera, hope to help you understand the concept of what Coursera is and choose the most effective online programming course on Coursera!