Lightroom software is quite familiar to graphic design and image editing professionals. The goal is to help you create high-quality products and support many other useful tools.

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Explain what Lightroom is

?Lightroom is known as one of the specialized software used for professional image editing. People must not confuse this image editing software with Photoshop software, it is completely different and maximum support in each person’s work.

Learn the best concept of Adobe Lightroom section

Accordingly, Lightroom software has integrated support on 2 areas including: MacOS and Windows. Currently, Adobe Lightroom also supports mobile phones and helps people create beautiful and fancy products.

The most basic function of Lightroom software will help you manage and edit images at the same time, especially digital ones. So has taken the process of image editing and image composing to a new level.

Summing up the outstanding features of Lightroom software

Each application software will have corresponding features to maximize the use of the user.

The outstanding feature of Lightroom will make you fall in love with it the first time you work it

For light room too, this software includes the following accompanying features:

Good collection management

Lightroom software has the ability to manage images intelligently. With LR feature every image before editing will be stored will be saved as an original. At that time, LR is considered an intermediate stage of editing, which means that the images before and after editing will be saved in separate files.

With smart incrementing tools, managing your collection is a breeze

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With the feature, so during use, you can easily change the name, update the note or the easiest search keywords. In addition, you can also create your own folders, catalogs more easily. The sets of images will be stored in albums. Edited before and after photos will also have lighter traffic and quick retrieval. LR only needs 1 file to save all changes.

The ability to lend quality image colors

Lightroom also allows image editing with hundreds of different color filters. The visual effects, presets are also perfectly designed and built-in. Therefore, you do not need to sit and drag each color bar to select and apply each eyebrow effect like in Photoshop software.

Extremely impressive coloring

All parameters of color calibration, color balance, contrast, white balance are also made easier. In addition, the interface on Lightroom software is also quite user-friendly. Tabs, gallery management, control panel, editor, photo editor, slideshow and visualization.

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RAW image processing

For photographers, RAW images are one of the most important things. Lightroom software allows perfect RAW image editing. Changing the color of the photo almost does not change the details in the original image. RAW images will be processed directly without the need to undergo image compression.

Easy and simple to read and process RAW images with Adobe Lightroom

You can imagine how the process of changing the image remains the same of the RAW image. RAW images will contain a lot of information, originality and a high level of detail. So, in case you want to compress to another format like jpeg, then it will change a lot in the quality of the image. Light room cc’s RAW image processing is pretty amazing.

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What is the difference between light room software and Photoshop

?Lightroom and Photoshop are both digital image editing software owned by Adobe. This is one of the publishers, with the same image editing features. So what is the difference between these two software?

According to HP Connect experts, these two application software have the most obvious difference in terms of handling and software usage. Lightroom has an information management tool with a specific sorting and categorization process for each collection and is capable of batch image processing. In particular, this software has a RAW image format that needs fast processing and an informative image editing mechanism and keeps the original file to ensure the original image.

The difference and outstanding advantages of Lightroom software compared to Photoshop are quite clear

In fact, there are quite a few graphic designers and photographers who prefer to use either Lightroom or Photoshop software to do their work. But knowing how to use the priority combination of these two software will produce quality products. It’s best to edit photos with Photoshop software first, then use our tools, presets, and color blends. Lightroom to serve in the process of processing many photos at the same time.

What are the benefits of learning Lightroom

?What can learning Lightroom do? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. In case you are oriented to become a photographer, or have a passion for photography, it is best to learn Lightroom software, it will give you maximum support.

The great benefits that the software brings are indisputable

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Or those who are pursuing a career in design is also a perfect choice. Light room cc software has the ability to combine with other software. However, it is important that you have the right orientation about your work.

Download the latest Lightroom CC 2019 only at HP Connect

Adobe Lightroom CC 2019 is the latest version, the result of great improvements in transcendent image processing.

Download and download Lightroom CC 2019 only at HP Connect

Today you can completely download Adobe Lightroom CC 2019 here.

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Coming to HP Connect, you will experience the software completely free of charge through the most detailed download and installation instructions at

Detailed and simple video installation instructions

Summarize all the information provided above related to Lightroom software and the knowledge everyone needs to know about this software. If you really have a passion, take the time to learn and practice a lot to gain experience, in order to create high-quality products. Hope this will be useful information, much support for you in your work.