I. Overview of the horoscope of the year of the Tiger year 2021 male network 1998

This year, the horoscope 2021 shows that you do not need to worry about financial problems, your fortune will be very lucky. This year is a great sand, there is a heavenly body that rules, so everything will be smooth and convenient

Male network 1998 in 2021 can promote his talent to put it to good use at work and get good results. Those of you who are still in school will also get high marks when you use all your intelligence.

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At the beginning of the year, when encountering black buffalo in the way of doing anything, one should be careful, when the bad luck has passed, there is nothing to worry about anymore. Happy and good year.

II. Interpretation of the horoscope of the Year of the Tiger in 2021 in all aspects

The horoscope 2021 of the 1998 male network has the following developments:

1. Work, career

Tigers of Tho (Hu Tho) often have a high desire to succeed at work, so they always try their best and devote 100% of their energy to their work. That helps you seize important opportunities as well as achieve great success in your career.

This year is your year of great sand, however, if you are ruled by Venus, you need to be careful with your words. This year you are very easy to get caught up in controversy, more or less it can affect your work. You need to be more careful in your communication as well as calm down before communicating to do something

2. Finance

2021 is a relatively good year of fortune, great fortune, so in addition to meeting your daily needs, your money is still abundant.

In 2021, the year of the Tiger horoscope shows that you have a winning number, such as a lucky draw or winning a prize at a supermarket program… However, don’t expect too much but cultivate your heart and accumulate wealth. . Good fortune from heaven will come.

3. Love, family religion

This year, if there is a wedding, it will be a great benefit. Your love life has a great chance to meet someone you really like and have a good relationship. The person with a partner should also be more tolerant of the other’s shortcomings to make the relationship last longer.

Your family life this year has nothing to worry about, loving families understanding each other will make everything easier and stick together. If you get married this year, you can have more children, see What is Born in 2021? Is it age-appropriate for you?

4. Health

In terms of your health this year, you will normally have illness, but if you cultivate virtue, your illness will not fly away. This year, the year of the Tiger year 2021 shows that you often have a headache, but thanks to God’s blessing, the two words of peace, without medicine, you should not be too depressed.

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You need to work hard to exercise and keep your mind stable and relaxed

III. See what the term of the year of the Tiger is in the year of 2021

1. Online mirroring

You this year are ruled by the star Van Hon

That’s why the bad guy is very bad for the two and the eight words, which means February and August are very taboo. Therefore, the person suffering from this star should be careful with his words, to avoid adverse disputes leading to litigation.

It is only said that if a person suffers from Van Hon star, every month on the 29th day of the lunar calendar, use 15 candles (candles), fruits, tea, fruit cakes and burn 3 incense sticks, turn to the South direction and pray. : “Nam Phuong Binh Dinh Hoa Duc Tinh Quan”, will be somewhat lighter.

2. Age limit

Term: Thien La

“That term of Thien La is strange.

Demons that disturb the mind are not safe.”

This term is about your health situation during the year is not good. Sickness is mainly caused by demons and evil influences, adversely affecting life and work.

3. The Four Pillars

Thien Thuan, Dia Sinh: It means that you have noble people to help you, in business, you will be convenient, lucky, and be guided by talented people.

However, during the year you also have many sorrows about love affairs, especially love between couples.

4. Fortune

Ma Chong Dao is the scene of the wounded war horse. This year shows that you need to be very careful in everything, being impatient will bring bad results. On the contrary, if you control yourself well, your career will be successful.

During the year, you should limit going far, avoid ferry bridges, rivers and pay attention when participating in traffic.

5. Solve the term star

Sao Van Hon’s owner is sick, his health is not good. You again encounter the term Thien La, sickness caused by demons and ghosts. Therefore, in order to neutralize bad luck, it is best that you cultivate your mind to accumulate virtue and keep an optimistic spirit.

Every month on the 1st, you should go to the temple or sincerely pray to Buddha to drive away evil spirits. There will be no sorrows for the whole year.

You should also focus on exercise and nutrition for daily meals.

IV. Feng shui year of the year of the Tiger male network in 2021

1. Age appropriate color

In 2021, to prevent bad luck from wrapping your body, you should use a feng shui stone bracelet or wear a Buddha face. They have the effect of improving luck for the owner, thereby increasing luck in work and daily life.

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The Face of Buddha, Destiny, Void Bodhisattva, will be a lucky charm destiny for you to develop your own capacity, maintain your stance, persistently pursue your goals to succeed.

Wearing red, orange, pink, yellow, brown feng shui stone bracelets will attract a lot of luck in terms of money, health and happiness for you.

2. Departure direction

3. Age of breaking into the house

At the beginning of the year, the owner of the year of the Tiger, the male network, should invite homeowners born in the years of the Ox, the Pig, the Horse, and the Horse to come to the house at the beginning of the year so that everything in 2021 will be favorable, have a lot of luck, full of fortune. home, the whole year business is prosperous and smooth.

IV. Interpretation of the horoscopes for the year 2021 of the Year of the Tiger

1. Bow of fortune

Stars: Long Duc, Thien Hy, Da La, Tuyet.

This set of stars is about fortune and wealth in the year, “Money comes in like water in the Da River” indicating a prosperous year. In the year to receive many happy and joyful news.

2. Conjunctive bow

Stars: Thien Khoi, Thieu Duong, Duong Phu, Lam Quan, Hy Than, Thien Khong, Co Than Kiep Sat, Hong Loan.

This set of stars is about the love story in the family with a bit of conflict and disagreement with each other. You need to keep the peace and increase your tolerance will help to improve somewhat.

3. The dual sign

Stars: Thien Phuc, Quoc An, Long Tri, Quan Phu, Thien Khoc, Triet, Tuan, Trang Sinh, General

This set of stars means that you are supported by the nobles, the work has a talented person to guide you, so your career is favorable and developed. During the year there may be bad news but it passes very quickly.

4. Zodiac sign

Stars: Shao Yin, Thien La, Moc Duc, Tuan, Triet, Luu Nien Van Tinh, Suy, Truc Phu, Dai Hao

Health star, this year you may experience a slightly lack of vitality, stomach or gastrointestinal diseases.

VI. Horoscope evolution of the year of the Tiger year 2021 by month of the year

1. Spring

January: This month welcomes spring with joy, but work is not flourishing, you should keep your job instead of looking for new investment directions.

February: By February, your financial fortune will be very lucky. With the support of noble people, the work is more convenient. During the month you may have a change to a new place of residence. See the best departure date to receive the full fortune.

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March: Your family has instability in peace, conflicts increase tension between family members. You need to pay more attention.

2. Summer

April: This month, according to the year of the Tiger year 2021, you will meet the loss of wealth, so pay attention to your means of transportation or money.

May: Your money has a loss, because the output is larger, it is a bit difficult to accumulate savings. This month, you need to be careful on the road.

June: Destiny has a change in work, this month you can expand business investment to increase income.

3. Autumn

July: This month, you are led by a talented person, your work has improved significantly, but it is recommended that you do not expand your business this July.

August: Do you have bad news in your family or there is an old sick person in the house?

September: Business in September may not be smooth, destiny should pay attention to papers.

4. Winter

October: Your study or work career is favorable, this month you will not encounter economic obstacles but pay attention to the gate.

November: The month near the end of the year, your love life has a good change. The family has more good news or relatives welcome a new member.

December: You should pay attention because someone destroys you behind your back and speaks ill of you. This month you should also pay attention to love affairs to avoid conflicts

VII. Some reference information

1. Pham Thai Tu?

In the year of 2021, the year of the year of the year of the year of the Tiger, 1998, does not violate the term Thai Tue

2. Pham three ears not?

In the year of 2021, the 1998 year of the year of the Tiger does not violate the term Tam Tai

3. Pham Kim long?

In 2021, the year of the 1998 Tiger is 24 years old – You commit the age of Kim Lau – Kim Lau Tu (This is the term Kim Lau can bring great drought to the children in the house).

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4. Pham wild snail?

In 2021, the age of the year of the Tiger in 1998 is 24 yin years old, violating the age limit of Hoang Oc – Luc Hoang Oc (This age is also violated, difficult to achieve)

See the horoscope for the year of the Tiger year 2021 – Male network 1998 has sent readers an overview of the 1998 Tiger year program this year. The above reference information is evaluated objectively, hopefully readers will apply positive things in life.

In the New Year of the Ox 2021, riclix.com would like to wish all readers a happy and prosperous new year, all things go well!