(riclix.com) Born in 1995, what is the fate: Menh Son Dau Hoa, the age of Can Chi At Hoi, Pig bones, deer, the Red Emperor, the poor…

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View par by year of birth, View par for all ages from 1930 to 2067 View par by year of birth to know what the destiny is in the five elements, what the par with the five elements is. That is the basis to see the horoscope, good and bad days, see the age of marriage

Choose a car color that suits your destiny, if you don’t get promoted, you will also get promoted. Therefore, when choosing a car color that matches At Hoi 1995, you should choose the color of the destiny or the color of the birth above. Avoid taboo colors.

+ Direction: Northeast (Birth Qi) – Northwest (Phuc Duc) – West (Thien Y) – Southwest (Fu Vi). As follows:

Northeast direction – Vitality: This house direction is very good for wealth and estate, but due to the influence of Jupiter, it will be a little worse later.

Northwest direction – Phuc Duc: This direction of the house is prosperous, business is favorable, successful children and grandchildren, long-term harmonious family.

West direction – Thien Y: This house direction is yin and yang, so boys are few and girls are many, at first the business is also good, but then it gradually decreases. The biggest advantage is a happy family.

+ Unsuitable direction: North (Tuyet Menh) – Southeast (Five Ghosts) – East (Hoa Ha) – South (Luc Sat). As follows:

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North direction – End of life: This direction is in decline, the economy is in decline, health is poor, the second son’s life is short.

South direction – Luc Kill: This direction is only good for a while, later suffers many disasters, the yang is too weak, so few sons, if any, also die young.

East direction – Harm: This direction of the house looks good because at first the business is doing well but then it declines, hiding many disasters, poor health, easy to get sick.

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Southeast direction – Five ghosts: This house direction is bad enough, the economy is poor, the work is not favorable, the fortune is not good, there are disputes and quarrels over property, few people, the mother is sick.

Southeast – Sinh Chi: This house is rich and precious; children are all intelligent and expressive; harmony husband and wife, filial children; lasting happiness; To be long-lived.

Nam – Phuc Duc: At first, the house seemed to have a favorable birth, but after the fortune dwindled, the descendants had poor luck, especially the middle-aged men.

Dong – Thien Y: This house prospered at first, but then gradually decreased, the population did not increase. Family harmony, humane life. Because the house is pure yang, yin decline, so the woman will be inferior to the man, the woman is prone to diseases.

North – Phuc Vi: This house was prosperous and wealthy at first. But because the house is pure yang, so yin decline, wife and children are in poor health.

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+ Cavalry direction: Southwest (Tuyet Menh) – Northeast (Five Ghosts) – West (Hoa Hai) – Northwest (Luc Sat). As follows:

Southwest – Absolute Men: This house is prone to personal damage, a lot of gossip, housing insecurity, and property deterioration.

Northwest – Luc Sat: This house at first had food to eat, but then it declined, business failed, economic difficulties. Because the house is pure yang and yin decline, women are easily weakened.

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West – Hoa Har: This house has many stories of male and female, gambling, property failure, business troubles and failures.

Northeast – Five Demons: This house has many discord, brothers discord, or disputes and lawsuits. Economically, they are often poor, not rich. Don’t miss: Tell the people of the Year of the Pig to see the direction of the altar in accordance with feng shui for good fortune.

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