Wannacry Ransomware. Working mechanism of Ransomware Wannacry

Wannacry ransomware is known to be a piece of malware. Since appearing and making a series of computers around the world for nearly 3 years. So what is really wannacry Ransomware? And why is this show so scary?

What is the working mechanism of wannacry ransomware after infecting the victim’s computer? If unfortunately, my computer is infected with Wannacry Ransomware, what to do? Don’t worry too much, because after detecting Wannacry Ransomware, computer engineers have fixed the errors and fixed these vulnerabilities.

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However, before the strong development of computer technology. Improper use of the computer can lead to mistakes that cause you to lose important data. Learning the details of some viruses and how they work will help you use your computer more safely.

This article riclix.com will help you answer questions about Wannacry Ransomware. General knowledge about the infection mechanism of Wannacry Ransomware virus. Thereby, there are effective ways to protect your data.

What is Wannacry Ransomware?

What is Wannacry Ransomware

Wannacry ransomware, scientifically known as WannaCrypt, is a virus, also known as ransomware. This program refers to malware that encrypts files after having entered the user’s computer system. Especially businesses or governments and require payment (ransom) in bitcoin to decrypt as well as retrieve data from the computer.

If you don’t send them money, all data will be lost. Wannacry is one of the most famous ransomware virus strains today. Stirring up the online community in recent years.

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The Wannacry Ransomware Comes From the Beginning

Although currently there is no 100% accurate information about where this virus comes from. But the cybersecurity community believes that this type of software comes from hackers of the Lazarus corporation. The FBI along with cybersecurity researchers have found clues hidden in the background of the codes. From there find out the origin of this virus.

What is the working mechanism of wannacry ransomware after infecting the victim’s computer

Since its appearance, the Wannacry Ransomware virus has many mechanisms and ways to infiltrate your computer. For example, when you visit websites such as the dark web, the perverse web.. or a fake website. Or when you download and install crack software of unknown origin. Your computer may also be infected with this virus.

In addition, when hackers send emails with strange links or a file containing malicious code. If you curiously click on it, immediately all data on your computer will be encrypted. This virus can also infect from one computer to another if it is connected to the same Internet system. This is one of the most common causes today. But there are still many people suffering from it, even though they have knowledge, it is still unavoidable.

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How to prevent and deal with Wannacry Ransomware

This is something that many interested readers worry about and send emails to riclix.com so they can protect their computers. However, this malware is known to be one of the fastest spreading software. Therefore, the temporary prevention is to lose the ability of the SMB feature to work. Regularly update the latest patches with the Windows operating system, especially the servers. You can also update software such as Antivirus or other anti-virus software.

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In addition, computer users should be aware of caution, limit access to the dark web, prohibited web.. Do not click on strange links in emails or files of unknown origin. Do not log in to important public accounts. Do not share your account, credit card with others..

Operation mechanism of Wannacry Ransomware when infiltrating computers

How to deal with Wannacry Ransomware

What to do when the computer is infected with Wannacry Ransomware? The first thing is not to worry too much. You need to ask someone you know who is familiar with technology to check if it is really infected or not and then handle it further.

According to cybersecurity experts, IT technicians said. The first thing when infected with this virus is that you immediately disconnect your computer from the Internet to avoid spreading to other computers.

When you receive emails from someone who has infiltrated your computer through Wannacry Ransomware You do not need to rush to pay ransom to the people behind Wannacry to receive the computer rescue code. Since there is no guarantee that you will actually get the decryption code if you pay. Even if they send you the key to decrypt, they still have plans plan to encourage others to propagate ransomware. Engaging in fundraising for other illegal activities.

According to leading experts in data technology and computer troubleshooting. If your hard drive is not important, reformat the whole thing and reinstall Windows on your computer. Only when you reformat the entire hard drive can you completely remove Wannacry from your computer.

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Above is the useful information you need to know about the Wannacry Ransomware virus. As well as its mechanism of action when infecting the victim’s machine. Hopefully, through the above knowledge, you will know how to protect your computer against this type of malicious code.