Viral Marketing, or viral marketing is a term that is used a lot in this day and age when people want to refer to a successful campaign that gets people’s attention and attention “naturally”. No need to use too many advertising techniques. So what is Viral marketing, do you know?

It is interesting to use the word “viral” marketing – the effect is contagious as the growth of a virus, but it is absolutely true when it comes to the positive impact when marketers successfully navigate and execute ideas. . This “spreading virus” doesn’t even need a “friend of the opposite sex”, on its own it can multiply and multiply its power exponentially:

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In the following article, Marketing AI will work with you to find out what specifically is the concept of Viral Marketing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this form of viral marketing? Along with that, you can refer to the most impressive Viral Marketing campaigns of all time that you may not have known before!

Table of contents:

2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of viral marketing?4 What are the elements of viral marketing campaigns?5 The Most Impressive Viral Marketing Campaigns of All Time

So what is Viral Marketing

?Viral marketing, or viral marketing describes communication strategies that encourage an individual to share and further spread marketing messages to others, generate the potential for exponential growth through marketing channels to achieve some brand or sales goal. Like viruses, viral marketing takes advantage of rapid replication to create an explosion of messages to thousands and millions of people.

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What is viral marketing meaning? What is viral marketing? What are the pros and cons of Viral marketing?

Advantages of Viral Marketing

Save costs, budgetBuild brand for business effectivelyReach customer, large market

Disadvantage of Viral Marketing

Can cause negative reputation for products and services of the business Quite difficult to build loyal customers

Good example of Viral Marketing campaign

After the information that we have learned together above, surely you also have a basic understanding of the concept of Viral Marketing, right?. A good example of viral marketing campaigns is, one of the first free web-based email services. This strategy is very simple:

Free email address and services;Attach a small tag under every free message sent: “Get your private, free email at”;Then step back for users to send private and personal messages to their list of friends and colleagues. Those who see the message; Will sign up for their own free email service; And promote the wider message this message to the connected circles of their friends.

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Like small waves rippling wider and farther from a small oscillation of a pebble in a puddle, carefully designed viral marketing implementation steps will help grow product sales. product and resonate very strongly.

What are the elements of viral marketing campaigns?

Please accept this fact. There are viral marketing campaigns that work better than others. Some operate similar to’s strategy, but here are 6 basic elements to constitute a highly effective viral marketing campaign. So what are those 6 elements of viral marketing? A viral marketing campaign does not necessarily include all these 6 elements, but the more elements it includes, the more viral the strategy will be.

Donate a product or service of value.Provide easy sharing utility to others.Scroll easily from small to large.Exploit behavior and motivation.Use existing communication networks.Leverage. advantage of other resources.

Now let’s clarify these 6 factors more clearly:

1. Offer a valuable product or service

“Free” is a powerful word if your brand follows a selling concept. Most viral marketing programs often give away valuable products or services for free to attract attention. Free email service, free information, freeware programs have many features but not as many as in the pro version. An unwritten rule in marketing is the “law of giving and selling”. The low price creates a wave of interest, but the freebies usually have a much quicker effect.

Viral marketing will leave you unprofitable forever, but if you can create a wave of interest then you will benefit in the long run. Why? Go viral for free, get people’s attention and engagement, and you’ll get valuable emails, ad revenue, and business opportunities. e-commerce business. Give something away, sell something at a special price.

2. Provide easy sharing facilities for others

What is a viral marketing strategic plan? Tapping into behavior and motivation

Viral marketing plans often focus on behavior and motivation. They yearn to be famous, loved, and understood. The urge is the driving force behind the actions that lead to the transmission. Design a marketing strategy based on basic human motivation and you will be the winner.

5. Use existing communication network

Everyone is a social network. On average, each person has 8-12 people in his or her network of friends, family, and associates. A person’s wider network can range from hundreds or thousands of people, depending on one’s position in society. For example, a customer service specialist may be in regular contact with hundreds of customers a week.

What are the components of a viral marketing campaign? Plan to use the communication network

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Network marketers have long understood the power of human relations networks. Everyone on the internet develops networks of relationships. They collect email addresses and favorite websites. Affiliate programs exploit such networks, as well as email lists. Learn to put your message in existing communication between people and you quickly disperse it.

6. Take advantage of other resources

The most creative viral marketing plans use other people’s resources to get viral. For example, placing text or graphic links on other people’s websites. Authors give away articles for free, and post them on other people’s websites. A message can be picked up by hundreds of magazines and forms the basis for hundreds of thousands of readers to see. The print press or website will relay your marketing message.

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The Most Impressive Viral Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

After understanding what Viral Marketing is as well as the basic elements that help constitute a successful viral marketing campaign, below, let’s take a look at the most creative and impressive Viral Marketing campaigns from before to now.

1. Old Spice – February 2010

No viral video marketing ranking would be complete without this gem that, with its full of amusing humour, makes Old Spice a brand that marketers around the world want to work with. . The original video has over 53.5 million views to date.

What is Buzz Marketing? What is viral campaign? Examples of viral marketing – Old Spice 2010

2. TNT Add Drama – April 2012

One of the most surprising viral videos is TNT’s “Push To Add Drama” Video in Belgium. The video has over 54.6 million views at the moment, and the Dutch remake is also very successful with over 15.4 million views.

Video Viral Marketing What is Viral Marketing? What is push marketing? Viral Video “Push To Add Drama” by TNT

3. Dove – True Women, True Values ​​– April 2013

What is viral marketing? The difference between viral video and viral marketing video – dove viral marketing

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign is the new face of Viral Marketing success. The video broke records with more than 114 million views in the first month of its release. That success is thanks in part to Unilever’s efforts to spread this message around the world: Dove has uploaded videos in 25 languages ​​on 33 official YouTube channels, reaching and reaching consumers. in 110 countries.

4. Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die – November 2012

One of the most innovative public safety warning videos in history. Instead of boring, rigid posters and slogans, the song “Dumb Ways To Die” has been received very positively worldwide. The original video now has over 142 million views since its release.

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What is viral advertising? What is Viral Marketing Project? Dumb Ways To Die Song

5. #ALSIceBucketChallenge – August 2014

Perhaps this is the campaign that deserves to be on this list the most because it attracts the attention and enthusiastic response of many famous people around the world. Most importantly, this campaign not only raises awareness for people about ALS but also helps to raise money for people with ALS around the world. According to the BBC, over 2.4 million challenge videos have been uploaded to Facebook, raising $98.2 million in the US and £2.7 million in the UK.

What is the relationship of SEO and Viral Marketing

?SEO and Viral Marketing have a very strong impact on each other. Of the four main factors that help SEO grow on search engines, the backlink factor cannot be ignored. When implementing successful Viral Marketing campaigns, the medium will have an impact generate a huge amount of backlinks and quality for the website. Each click leading to the website through Viral Marketing will help increase the number of visits, create credibility for the website, thereby making SEO work to increase website rankings easier.

In the opposite direction, doing SEO marketing work also supports Viral Marketing very well. Through SEO to the top of search engines, users can access Viral Marketing campaigns easily. With engaging constructive content that touches readers’ emotions, it motivates readers to share more about your campaign.

So, it is not difficult to understand that today’s marketing campaigns of businesses have a combination of SEO and Viral Marketing to increase effectiveness. The relationship of Viral Marketing and SEO helps the Viral campaign to spread better and promote the business process, building a brand through your website.

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So the above is the entire share to help you understand what Viral Marketing is? as well as put outstanding Viral Marketing campaigns for your reference. It can be seen that Viral Marketing campaigns have a very strong spread in the community today. Hopefully, this will be useful information to share with readers so that readers can answer the question of what is Viral Marketing and can also be helpful for your business’ marketing campaigns.