Vinhomes Thang Long was built right on the road of Thang Long Boulevard, in An Khanh commune – Hoai Duc – Hanoi. This project is currently the focal point of real estate in the western area of ​​the city and is highly appreciated by customers and experts, creating a positive effect of heating up the real estate market in the west of the capital. .

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Thang Long – the familiar name of Hanoi for many generations has entered the subconscious of every Vietnamese. Vinhomes under Vingroup has also become a leading luxury housing brand with great reputation in our country’s real estate market today. The combination of those two factors has created a complex project including adjacent villas, garden villas and high-class shophouse named Vinhomes Thang Long.

With a convenient location, it only takes less than 10 minutes to move to the city center, residents of Thang Long villas will not have to worry about troubles due to bad weather, traffic congestion, dust. pollution, … when moving to the inner city. In addition, the villas in this Vinhomes Thang Long project have a fresh space with a lush green system and a 10-hectare lake, creating a very peaceful and quiet natural setting that will be a place to live. wonderful, peaceful place to return to everyone after a day of hard study or work full of stress and hustle.

Vinhomes Thang Long villa project is a combination of unique, new and modern architectural works, which will bring residents a modern, dynamic, harmonious and close to nature life. It is integrated with the most modern 5-star facilities in the world today, such as: Vinschool school, Vinmec health care system, Vinmart shopping center, Vincom Mega Mall, sports and entertainment areas, entertainment, beauty care, …

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According to the design, Thang Long villas are built with a total area of ​​about 26 hectares, the conditioning lake is 10 hectares wide, the green land is 2.5 hectares, the construction density is less than 30%. The construction model of the project includes duplex, single-family villas and shophouses … built with an area of ​​90m2 – 250m2 with luxurious, sophisticated and elegant architecture in the style of leading resort paradises. The world will bring the residents of Thang Long villa the convenience, relaxation, space and perfect living environment every time they return home.

Vinhomes Thang Long villa area

With prestige and strong financial potential and extensive experience in the high-end real estate field of the investor and reliable partners: Coteccons construction contractor, Artelia Group supervisor, Rincons Consultant, … The construction progress of Vinhomes Thang Long is always right and exceeded the plan. More than 600 villas have completed the foundation, and will be handed over to the owner in December 2016.


Vinhomes Thang Long is located in Nam An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi – the gateway to the capital, the most vibrant area in the real estate market today. This place is considered as a place located right in the land of dragon veins, the position of “dragon’s head”, which holds the power and majesty of the sacred land of Thang Long.

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In terms of geographical location, Thang Long street belongs to the area of ​​Le Trong Tan intersection crossing with Thang Long Boulevard and located on the road of Thang Long – Tran Duy Hung – Lieu Giai Boulevard, the North: adjacent to Sudico residential area. and Thang Long Nam An Khanh Regulating Reservoir, South: Adjacent to A2 Road, East: Adjacent to A8 Road, West: Roundabout No. 2.

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The location of Vinhomes Thang Long villa is extremely convenient, specifically:

– About 2.0km from North An Khanh Splendora Urban Area.– About 6.0km from Park City Urban Area.– Only about 5 minutes drive from National Convention Center.– About 7 miles from Japan International School ,0km.– About 4.5km from My Dinh Stadium.– 10km from Military Medical Hospital 103.

In terms of traffic at Thang Long Villa, we can see that the connectivity is very flexible thanks to the synchronous and comprehensive social infrastructure development with the city’s arterial roads such as: Huu, Le Trong Tan, Nguyen Trai, … In addition, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway line which is about to be completed is also located near the project, which will create the effect of enhancing the real estate value here. The proximity to Lang – Hoa Lac route also gives Vinhomes Thang Long villas strong connectivity with other urban areas: Quoc Oai, Xuan Mai, Mieu Mon, Hoa Lac, Son Tay, …

In addition, according to the future development planning and strategy of the region and the city’s vicinity, Vinhomes Thang Long villas will be located between Ring Road 3 and Ring Road 4, along with National Highway 70 connecting Hanoi with other provinces. Neighborhood creates favorable conditions for Vinhomes villa residents to easily move to areas throughout the North.

Moreover, with the current situation of planning points, industrial clusters, tourist and entertainment areas in the west of the city such as: Dong Mo golf course, Suoi Hai, Ngoc Liep eco-tourism area, Van village culture of nations Vietnam, Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Hanoi National University, Van Canh Urban Area, … Vinhomes Thang Long will be an attractive destination for many tourists from all over the world to go for a walk, have fun and relax. mind. Therefore, this place will be able to be both a residence, rest and relaxation place for the whole family, as well as an investment and business development point that brings great profits.

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It can be said that the prime location advantage of Thang Long villa is the premise for outstanding profitable investment opportunities over time along with bringing a luxurious, classy, ​​comfortable and modern life to the people. residents here.