Vinhomes Riverside is a luxury villa area located in Long Bien district, Hanoi city, invested by Vingroup. Possessing a luxurious Western European architecture and a unique “Venice Italia – Riverside city” model, Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien villas bring a high-class and high-class life to successful people in Hanoi.

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Overview of Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien

Investor: Sai Dong Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company

Total project land area: About 281 ha

Building density: About 20%

Scale of development: 1 office building, 6 apartments and about 3,000 low-rise houses

Type of development: Apartment, detached villa, duplex villa, quadrangle villa, garden house, adjacent, shophouse

Start date: May 2011

Time of handover: 2017

Vinhomes Riverside Villa

Long Bien

Vinhomes Riverside project location

Vinhomes Riverside urban area is located on the territory of 4 wards Viet Hung, Phuc Loi, Phuc Dong, Sai Dong, Long Bien district, Hanoi. With the advantage of being located at the eastern gateway of the capital, Vinhomes Long Bien has the advantage of perfect connection to the city center as well as neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hai Room…

Key roads connecting to Vinhomes Riverside villas such as Doan Khue, Ngo Gia Tu, Nguyen Van Cu, Nguyen Van Linh, Vanh Dai 2… have all been expanded with 6-8 lanes, helping residents save money Maximize travel time, improve work efficiency…

Location of Vinhomes Riverside project

Vinhomes Riverside urban area planning

Vinhomes Riverside urban area is developed with 2 main phases:

In addition, at the end of 2019, Vingroup will build more Vinhomes Symphony apartments, including 1 office building, 6 apartment buildings, located inside the Vinhomes Riverside phase 1 villa. Vinhomes Symphony is designed in the style of Vinhomes Riverside. The “resort” with the highlight is the outdoor swimming pool, tennis, basketball, and badminton courts, interspersed with gardens and ecological rivers. Vinhomes Symphony along with Times City Park Hill are considered the most luxurious and livable apartments in the East of Hanoi.

The overall plan of Vinhomes Riverside urban area

Villa Vinhomes Riverside

Villa is the main type of development at both Vinhomes Riverside phase 1 and Vinhomes The Harmony, divided into 3 types: single-family villas, duplex villas, and quadrangle villas. In there:

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Single-family villa Vinhomes Riverside is located at both phase 1 & phase 2 The Harmony, 3.5 storeys high, area from 275 – 2000 m2, selling price from 22 – 164 billion VND. Duplex Vinhomes Riverside villa is located in both phases. Phase 1 & phase 2 The Harmony, 3.5 storeys high, area from 140 – 301 m2, selling price from 9 – 24 billion. Vinhomes Riverside quadrangle villa is located only at phase 2 The Harmony, 3.5 storeys high , area 180 m2, selling price from 13 to 15 billion.

Vinhomes Riverside villas are designed according to 4 architectures: Italy, Greece, France, Indochina. In which, 100% of the villas in phase 1 are of Italian architecture, while phase 2 is mainly Greek architecture. The villas in both phases are designed with a large garden, of which 80% of the villas are located on the ecological river and large lake. With great advantages both in living space and design architecture, Vinhomes Long Bien villa deserves a long-term residence, exclusively for Hanoi’s elite.

Riverfront villas with classic Greek architecture in Nguyet Que sub-area

Adjacent to Vinhomes Riverside

Adjacent to Vinhomes Riverside is located at phase 2 The Harmony, 3.5 floors high, area from 88 – 146 m2, selling price from 8 to 11 billion. The adjacent apartments of The Harmony are designed in 3 architectures: French, Greek, Italian, with gardens in front and behind. The Harmony townhouse is the ideal choice for those who want to live in the “peaceful land” of Vinhomes Riverside, but do not have enough money to own expensive villas.

Italian-style semi-detached house in Tulip . sub-area

Shophouse Vinhomes Riverside

Shophouse Vinhomes Riverside is located in phase 2 The Harmony, 3.5 floors high, area from 165 – 218 m2, selling price from 13-18 billion. The Harmony shophouses are designed in three architectures: French, Indochinese, Greek, with a large sidewalk in front, making it easy for owners to do business and trade. With a scale of up to more than 3,000 adjacent villas, plus surrounded by Sai Dong and Viet Hung urban areas, The Harmony shophouse business potential is highly appreciated, not inferior to the busy neighborhoods in the city. inner city.

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Shophouse The Harmony is designed like a duplex villa, but in front of the house there is no fence, but a large sidewalk.

Utilities Vinhomes Long Bien

Original ecological environment

Vinhomes Riverside is a rare urban area in Hanoi, both located near the inner city center and possessing a large ecological environment. With more than 100 hectares of green space, including 12.4 hectares of lakes With air conditioning and 18.6 km of ecological river, each resident of Vinhomes Riverside will enjoy a green density of up to 60 – 70 m2/person, something that no other urban area in Vietnam has.

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In the sub-areas of Bang Lang, Hoa Lan, Hoa Sua, Hoa Phuong, all villas are in direct contact with the vast ecological river.

Jura Park Dinosaur Park

Located on Hoa Phuong Street, Jura Park is the most well-invested dinosaur park in Hanoi, a very unique utility that Vingroup wants to send to each “child resident” of Vinhomes Long Bien. Jura Park was built on a scale of about 10,000 m2, inside there are many wax dinosaur models: Tyrannosaurus tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus long-necked dinosaur, Dimorphodon flying dinosaur…. Jura Park has been officially opened since September 2016, only open to residents of Vinhomes Long Bien.

Vincom Plaza

Located at the intersection between Chu Huy Man and Hoi Xa, Vincom Plaza has a total area of ​​​​up to 45,000 m2, a convergence of fashion brands, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, and furniture. , culinary…. prevalent in the world.

Coming to Vincom Long Bien, you will be immersed in a comfortable and modern shopping space, enjoy the culinary quintessence from 20 stalls of KFC, Jolibee, Al Fresco Highland Coffee, have fun and relax. at the diverse entertainment area World Games….

Vincom Plaza Long Bien was officially opened in December 2012. Since then, this commercial center has always been one of the leading relaxation and entertainment destinations for residents of Vinhomes Riverside villas in particular and people living in the East of Hanoi in general.

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Almaz International Convention and Culinary Center

Almaz International Conference & Culinary Center is located inside Vinhomes Riverside phase 1, which is home to 6 high-class restaurants: Huong Xua, Tunglok Heen, Topaza Club, Tuby, Kimono Elegance, Bow Thai; the high-class food market Almaz Market; Convention Center with 7 large meeting rooms, accommodating up to 1,600 people.

Coming to Almaz Long Bien, diners will enjoy the quintessence of culinary culture from four directions, in a luxurious, elegant and classy space. Almaz Long Bien has officially opened since December 2014. This place promises to meet all requirements of customers, even the most fastidious ones.

BVIS British-Vietnamese International School

BVIS British-Vietnamese International School, located at Lot H3, H4, Hoa Lan Street, is one of the schools with the most modern and methodical learning facilities in Vietnam. BVIS Long Bien has 4 levels of education: preschool, primary school, middle school, and high school.

At BVIS Long Bien, 100% of classrooms are equipped with projectors and smart whiteboards. On campus, there is a large library with more than 15,000 books and mini football, basketball, and tennis courts for students’ sports activities. With a tuition fee of up to 200-400 million/year, perhaps only Vinhomes Long Bien residents can send their children to this school.

Up to now, there have been many villas branded “Vinhomes” appearing in Hanoi such as Vinhomes Green Villas Dai Mo, Vinhomes Green Bay Me Tri, Vinhomes Gardenia Ham Nghi…. However, Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien is always the most livable villa area, the top priority of successful people in the capital.

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The Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien project has been officially opened for sale by investor Vingroup since 2011. For in-depth advice and the latest price list, please contact us via the Hotline on the website or leave a message. Personal information according to the registration form below.