Vingroup is the largest multi-industry economic group in Vietnam today. To better understand what Vingroup is and the main areas of activity of Vingroup, let’s find out with news.timviec carefully!

If you are a Vietnamese citizen, you are certainly very interested in economics, football and certainly will not be unfamiliar with the name Vingroup. This is a great sponsor for the Vietnamese football team and is also the only Vietnamese brand of motorbikes and automobiles that is Vinfast.

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What fields does Vingroup operate in

?What is Vingroup?

Vingroup is a large economic group in Vietnam. This is the forerunner of the group, which is Techn, founded and built by Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong in 1993 in Ukraine. After establishing a business process that achieved an outstanding level beyond the imagination and acceptance of consumers, in early 2000, Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong returned to Vietnam with the desire to return to his homeland to establish a career in such fields as: : Real estate, tourism.

What is Vingroup?

In 2012, the merger between Vi company and Vinpearl created a business form of economic group with the familiar name as it is now Vingroup. With a total capitalization of up to 16 billion USD, Vingroup has become the largest economic group in Vietnam as well as in the region.

What areas does Vingroup operate in?

Vingroup is one of the largest private corporations in Vietnam. When participating in any field, it proves to be a pioneer and leader for changes to catch up with consumer trends in the market and specializes in providing standard products and services. international.

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With the goal of developing in a professional manner, Vingroup also focuses on building the largest diversified ecosystem with 3 main areas: technology, industry and trade and tourism.

Vingroup’s fields of activity

Currently, in the market, Vingroup is managing up to 45 real estate projects, 25 hotels, 60 Vi commercial centers and many golf courses, amusement parks and more than 1475 VinMart and VinMart+ supermarkets, 14 VinEco farms. and 9 VinMec international hospitals, polyclinics, 27 Vinschool schools and a huge number of customers on the VinID system and a large workforce.

Vingroup has always been at the forefront of industries in the market with international standards and recently Vingroup founded the first Vietnamese-branded VinFast brand to break all records in the manufacturing and manufacturing industries. automobile manufacturer in the world and this is a pride of Vietnamese people.

With financial advantages and prestige, operational capacity, Vingroup is implementing many orientations to be able to become the most developed Technology – Industry – Service Group in the future.

Vingroup’s fields of activity include:

Trade in services

Vinhomes VinCity ViRetail

Vinhomes Real Estate

Travel – entertainment

Vinpearl Land Vinpearl Vinpearl Golf VinTaTa

Consumer products

VinMart and VinMart+ VinPro Adayroi VinID

Health care

Vinmec VinFa

Vinmec health service


Vinschool VinUni






VinFast VinSmart

Vinfast automobile industry

With many branches spreading from the North to the South, there are all areas of Vingroup appearing everywhere. This is definitely the group that is dominating the market with no competitors in the business market or any other field in Vietnam.

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Community activities of Vingroup

Besides the economic process, Vingroup also carries out many community activities and is a leading charity organization in Vietnam and some of the key activities of Vingroup are:

Thien Tam Charity Fund was established and operated in 2006 and the operating expenses are all from Vingroup. Participated in the VTV Cup women’s volleyball tournament. Financial support for Vietnam Television Station up to 5 million USD to buy the rights to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Support VTC, VOV buy the copyright of ASIAD 2018 in Indonesia