The article was professionally consulted by Specialist Doctor II Quach Nguyen Thu Thuy – Pediatrician – Pediatric Center – Vinmec Times City International Hospital.

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It is really necessary to vaccinate children against tuberculosis BCG. The best time to vaccinate children against TB is from birth to less than a month old.

BCG (bacille Calmette-Guerin) is known as a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis (TB). The BCG vaccine contains a form of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. However, this bacterium has been weakened so it is not pathogenic and has a protective effect.

The BCG vaccine is generally recommended for infants and young children, and it is particularly effective in preventing dangerous forms of TB, including meningitis, with up to 70% protection. Adults who do not have TB and have not been previously immunized but are regularly exposed to these factors should also be vaccinated. In addition, BCG is also very effective in preventing infection with Buruli ulcer and other atypical tuberculosis bacteria. However, this TB vaccine requires only a single dose of vaccination, without the need for additional doses.

BCG TB vaccine helps prevent and control TB, creating active immunity against TB. BCG is assigned to the following subjects:

Unvaccinated population (without the characteristic scar of TB vaccine) Subjects with a negative tuberculin response Having tuberculosis caused by strains resistant to isoniazid and rifampin.

BCG TB vaccine should not be used in the following cases:

People who have been infected with tuberculosis, Purulent dermatitis, fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius, people who are hypersensitive to the vaccine, people with a highly positive skin tuberculin reaction, people who have recently received smallpox vaccine, people with burns, people who are pregnant or suspected pregnancy People whose immune response has been suppressed by prolonged treatment with immunosuppressive therapy, eg antineoplastic agents, radiation, corticosteroids.

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Before vaccination, the children will be fully examined and screened by pediatricians – vaccines

4.1 Routes of use

BCG TB vaccine is indicated for injection into the skin, on the outer surface of the upper arm or in the left shoulder. Healthcare workers need to use separate syringes when administering BCG.

4.2 Dosage and usage:

Before mixing the vaccine, medical staff need to be careful when opening the vaccine tube, to avoid the medicine being spilled. ml of isotonic saline into each tube containing 0.5 mg of BCG, then shake until well dissolved. Administer 0.1 ml intradermal injection (this results in 0.05 mg BCG)For children over 1 year: mix 0.5 ml of isotonic saline in each ampoule with 0.5 mg of BCG shaken until evenly melted. Then, make 0.1 ml intradermal injection (so there will be 0.1 mg BCG). After reconstitution, the drug must be stored in cold conditions at a temperature of 2 – 8 degrees C within 6 hours. The portion of vaccine remaining after each vaccination session or after 6 hours needs to be discarded.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting the BCG vaccine:

BCG tuberculosis vaccine is recommended for infants within 30 days of birth as soon as possible BCG vaccine is given as a single dose, does not require a booster and is injected in 0.1 ml injection volume Precise intradermal injection and separate needles and syringes are required when administering vaccines. Do not administer expired, damp, or sticky vaccines.

Serious side effects are rare. Most children who receive the BCG vaccine have a reaction at the injection site. There is usually only redness, swelling, and mild pain at the injection site. Immediately after injection, there are usually small nodules at the injection site and it disappears after about 30 minutes. After 2 weeks, a small ulcer, however, will heal on its own and leave a small scar 5mm in diameter. This is proof that the child has immunity. In people with poor immune function, side effects are more common and severe.

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There may be other side effects after receiving the BCG TB vaccine, including:

Mild fever, lymphadenopathy or local abscess: lymph nodes may appear in the armpit or elbow. Abscess is often caused by an unsterilized syringe or injection of too much vaccine, typically by subcutaneous injection instead of intradermal injection. These symptoms usually appear 24 hours after injection and disappear within 1-3 days without the need for treatment intervention Rare reactions (only 1 in 1,000,000 cases are acquired). ): systemic BCG infection, myelitis, purulent lymphadenitis (appearing 2-6 months after BCG injection).

After receiving the BCG TB vaccine, you should note the following:

The injection site should be kept clean and dry Only clean water or warm water should be used to clean the injection site when necessary Absolutely do not use antiseptics, ointments or creams Do not use direct wound dressings directly on the injection site. In cases where a dressing is required, a dry bandage should be used with adhesive tape taped along the sides, allowing air to circulate.

Vinmec International General Hospital Currently providing BCG vaccination service, produced by Vaccines and Medical Biologicals Company, suitable for the age to be vaccinated, ensuring safety from import, storage to use.

The advantages of vaccination at Vinmec include:

Children will be examined by pediatricians – vaccines, fully screened for physical and health problems, advised on vaccines – preventive vaccines and injection regimens, how to monitor and care for children. After vaccination, before giving the indication for vaccination according to the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Health & World Health Organization to ensure the best effectiveness and safety for children. A team of pediatric doctors and nurses experienced, professional, understand child psychology and apply effective pain relief for children during vaccination. 100% of vaccinated children are monitored 30 minutes after vaccination and re-assessed their health before leaving. Underwent general supervision before, during and after vaccination at Vinmec Health System and always have an emergency team ready to coordinate with the vaccination department to handle cases of anaphylaxis, respiratory failure – circulatory arrest, ensuring Ensure timely and correct handling when an incident occurs. Vaccination room is cool, has a play area, helps children feel comfortable as if they are walking and has a good mentality before and after vaccination.V Vaccines are imported and stored in a modern cold storage system, with a cold chain that meets GSP standards, keeping vaccines in the best conditions to ensure quality. Parents will receive them. Schedule reminder messages before the vaccination date and the baby’s vaccination information will be synchronized with the national immunization information system.

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Vinmec International General Hospital is currently providing a Package Immunization Program with a variety of vaccines for different audiences, from infants, young children, adults, and women before and during pregnancy pregnant.

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To register for vaccinations for children at Vinmec International General Hospital system. Please make an appointment at the website to be served.