Villa is now a type of high-class accommodation that receives a lot of attention from tourists. Along with luxurious amenities, you can experience a lot of interesting services at a reasonable price compared to high-end, expensive resorts. Villa is a model of accommodation chosen by many tourists. So what is Villa?

Here, ezCloud would like to share with you “What is Villa? The 3 most popular villa types in 2019”

1. What is a Villa

?Villa is also known as a villa. This is a type of house built completely and isolated on a large area of ​​land, with large architecture and space, luxuriously and perfectly designed but still ensuring harmony and closeness to nature. However, the surrounding is surrounded by the exit and the garden. A Villa must meet the following standards: living room, multiple bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, common living space, garden and private swimming pool…

In addition, some luxury villas also have other facilities such as reading room, gym, swimming pool, on-site garage…

Criteria for a villa to have:

– Low construction density: In addition to the main villa, the surrounding area needs a quiet space, many trees, a lake, ..

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– Luxurious exterior architecture, high-class interior, perfect space

– Quiet and clean living space

– Managed security and high safety

Full range of utility services from basic to advanced

2. The most popular type of villa 2019

Currently, there are many types of villas that investors as well as customers can freely choose.

2.1. Single Villa

Is a type built on an independent architecture, creating a separate block. Its sides are divided into areas with a harmonious whole, divided into separate functions such as front, back, right side, left side. With independent architecture, the feature of this architecture is that all living spaces are located in the villa.

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Isolated villas often have a simple, unfussy but independent architecture. The feature of a detached villa is that all living and relaxing spaces are in the villa itself. Surrounded by a fence, the construction part must not be adjacent to any fence of the villa, and at the same time, the surrounding walkway must be wide for easy access. The campus has a garden, landscape,…

2.2. Duplex Villa

Unlike single villas, duplex villas depend on the neighboring villa to create a complete and harmonious block in terms of design, color, decoration and general landscape. The two villas are located next to each other, creating a harmonious connection of architectural lines. Besides, it will increase the area, take advantage of the space to build surrounding auxiliary works.

Duplex Villa is a modern design based on the shape of the land to design. This type of villa offers a luxurious and spacious space that adds to the aesthetics of the design.

2.3. Adjacent Villa

Villas built next to each other in a series are called adjacent villas. In addition, some investors also build and name other types of villas such as beach villas, garden villas, resort villas, etc.

In addition to Villa types such as single and duplex, there are also villas such as: beach villas, garden villas, block villas, quadrangle villas, resort villas.

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Beach villa is a type of villa built around beautiful beaches, this model has full facilities like a regular villa. However, beach villas not only serve the owner, but also serve domestic and foreign tourists.

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– Garden villa is the Vietnamese name to refer to the villa built on a large area, 4 facades adjacent to nature, the surrounding space is garden and ornamental plants. This type of villa has a large garden, low construction density, is more resort than business and is often built in rural areas rather than urban areas.

– Block villas refer to individual villas that are put together to form a unified block with high aesthetics, block villas still ensure the same aesthetics and luxury as other villas.

– Quadruple villa is a villa consisting of 4 apartments, these 4 units form an overall architectural block with the same architectural and interior design. The reason the quadrangle villa design is used is because this design will minimize the partitions between the rooms to have the largest view.

Resort villa is a type of villa for tourists to relax and visit to help people regain their health and spirit after stressful working days.

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Above, ezCloud shared with you “What is a Villa? The 3 most popular types of villas in 2019”. Hopefully, the article will help investors consider and choose in villa business investment.