Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam

What is Vietinbank

?Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (English transaction name: Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade for short) is one of the banks. Vietnamese state-traded goods. Vietinbank’s head office is located in Hanoi.

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All activities related to banking and finance are present here, in addition to innovative and innovative financial products, bringing great benefits to customers.

The system of branches and transaction offices of Vietinbank has covered all 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Through this network, customers’ transactions always receive the highest convenience and convenience. Especially, in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh… the number of Vietinbank’s transaction points is always focused on developing in all districts.

Is Vietinbank good?

Is Vietinbank’s service quality good? Is Vietinbank reputable? This is a question many people are interested in

Vietinbank is the leading commercial bank today, providing a wide range of modern banking and financial products and services that meet international standards. This is also the first Vietnamese commercial bank to open a branch in Europe.

Last year, Vietinbank was in the top 300 most valuable banks in the world according to the consulting firm Brand Finance in its prestigious annual ranking. This is not only a welcome achievement for Vietinbank but also the pride of the Vietnamese financial system when it is the first time a domestic bank has achieved this noble ranking.

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In addition, Vietinbank is also in the 8th position in the top 20 banks around the world with the strongest brand value growth in 2019. Domestically, Vietinbank holds the leading position in terms of brand value development. .

This great achievement is the clearest proof of the quality and trust of customers around the world for Vietinbank.

Key products and services of Vietinbank

Among hundreds of financial products provided to customers, these are the most appreciated Vietinbank’s key products.

Individual customers

1, Savings deposit

Vietinbank is always flexible to launch many savings products to suit different needs, namely

Term / Demand / Multi-term Savings Deposits Preferential Rate Deposits Cumulative Savings Deposits Online Savings Deposits

2, Bank card

Various card products for individuals

Domestic / International Debit Cards Domestic / International Credit Cards Co-branded Cards Prepaid Cards

bring convenience not only to domestic customers but also international customers with global transaction scope

3, Loan transaction

Consumer Loans Production and Business Loans

There are two main groups of personal loans, in each group there are specific products such as home loans, car purchases, study abroad loans, small and medium business loans.

4, Personal insurance

Currently there are two insurance plans

VBI Non-Life Insurance: provided by Joint Stock Insurance Corporation of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, AVIVA Life Insurance: this is the world’s leading insurance service provider, developing very strongly in markets schools in Europe, Asia and Canada

Corporate customers

1, Savings deposit

Deposit products for businesses include:

Regular/Automated Term Deposits Demand Deposits Based on Current AccountsMulti-Purpose Investment Deposits Margin Deposits

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2, International payment and trade finance

Products for export/import businesses, typically opening L/Cs, handling import and export documents, etc. Foreign currency transfer upon receipt or payment of goods, Guarantee for import-export business activities, Domestic trade finance for serving. domestic trading activities

3, Loan to businesses

Loans for businesses apply both domestically and internationally

Specialized loans on request to serve production activities of enterprises International credit programs to meet the needs of foreign trade Serve other business purposes with short / medium / long-term loans.

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4, Foreign currency trading and capital market

Foreign currency trading and professional advice on capital markets such as stocks and securities are the main goals of this product type Investment banking service specializes in consulting solutions related to the listing of businesses on the stock exchange Trading in foreign currencies and interest rate derivatives for the trading of foreign currencies Commodity derivatives products specializes in trading futures / options / swaps.

The above is the most concise summary of key issues related to Vietinbank to help readers find their answers. You should experience Vietinbank’s services because this is a reputable and transparent bank worth trying. Wish you always have good control of your finances self.