Gasoline is an indispensable material for car engines, currently on the market there are many types of gasoline that we do not notice and distinguish them. So what is Ron 95 gasoline?

Gasoline is an indispensable material for car engines, currently on the market there are many types of gasoline that we do not notice and distinguish them. There are many people who go to the gas station to fill up, just go to the gas station and fill it up, regardless of what type of gasoline their motorbike is suitable for and what types of gasoline are available. So the following article will answer your questions about Ron gasoline. What is 95? The types of cars that are suitable for this type of gasoline, let’s find out.

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1. What is Ron 95 gasoline

?Ron 95 gasoline also has two other names, which are Mogas 95 and A95. In which A95 is more commonly used. What is Ron 95 gasoline?

Ron 95 gasoline is a high-class gasoline in which the octane index is 95 and it has a yellow color, indicating the resistance to detonation of the gasoline, the higher the octane number, the better the resistance to detonation. and vice versa.

Gasoline 95 was born from the date of June 2009, at that time, the first gasoline ron 95 was born at Dung Quat oil refinery and put on the market, It was born based on the formula of three types of gasoline: Ron 90, Ron 91 and reformate gasoline. It is thanks to this combination that gave birth to the 95 gasoline that is widely used today.

2. Vehicles suitable for Ron 95 gasoline

The choice of which car engine is suitable for which gasoline depends on the relationship between the compression ratio and the octane number to choose the right type of gasoline, below is some analysis of the compression ratio of some car engines popular machine today.

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To know the octane number of gasoline, we notice the name of the gasoline, for example, gasoline named A95. A92… means that the number after the letter A is the octane number of gasoline, it represents the detonation of gasoline, with higher octane gasoline, the higher the anti-knock properties, not motorcycles It’s good to always fill up with high explosive fuel, choose the right gasoline for your car’s engine, you need to rely on the compression ratio of the car engine, this ratio is proportional to the octane number of the car. gasoline.

Because Ron 95 is a high octane gasoline, it is recommended for use in high-end motorcycles and cars. And these high-end cars will have a high compression ratio above 10:1.

Some high-class cars are recommended to use Ron 95 gasoline such as: Dylan, Piaggio, SH, Air Blade, … When motorcycles with high compression ratio use Ron 95 gasoline, it will help the engine. of these vehicles can operate smoothly, the car runs more smoothly and has a high resistance to detonation. Some car and gasoline experts said that Ron 95 gasoline also helps the car to accelerate more quickly, shortening the fuel supply time of the engine and thus helping to save fuel in the long run. during operation.

For conventional motorcycles with low compression ratios below 10:1 such as Nouvo or Sirius, Jupiter, Honda Future, Wave, Super Dream, Yamaha Classico… the manufacturer recommends that consumers use RON 92 gasoline. In principle, any gasoline when put into a motorcycle engine will still work normally, but if it is put into a car engine with a low compression ratio, it will not bring benefits, and compared to the economic benefits, it will not bring any benefits. effective. The use of the right type of gasoline helps the engine operate more smoothly with high efficiency, the car is less damaged, and saves fuel.

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I believe that after reading this article, you will have the right choice of the right type of gasoline for your vehicle to bring economic efficiency to help protect the engine and promote its full performance.

3. Things to know about Ron 95 gasoline

To know the advantages and disadvantages of a type of gasoline, we have to go get user reviews, we get information at a gas station, we can see that there are many modern motorbikes with strong engines but Many people only pour ron 92 gasoline but ignore ron 95 so it will make your motorcycle engine quickly broken, the car will not run smoothly and glide. Therefore, for engines with high compression ratios, gasoline ron 95 should be chosen.

Pay attention a little bit we will see the price of gasoline on the trees, looking at the price list of gasoline we will see that 95 ron gasoline has a slightly higher price than other gasoline, usually fluctuating and 500 times higher than other gasoline copper/liter. So sometimes because of the price, consumers choose gasoline ron 92 first. That is why the amount of gasoline sold in different regions is slow and there is a large amount of inventory left. A major drawback that we need to talk about with ron 95 is that gasoline is quite light, volatile, and has a lot of loss, so stores often import in small quantities, and that means businesses also do not like to invest much in this type of gasoline.

It is also this that makes the number of RON 95 petrol pump columns inferior to other fuels. Normally, at each store, there is only one RON 95 pump for every 3 RON 92 pumps or even not selling this type of gasoline, making those in need are difficult to reach.

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Therefore, it is very necessary to propagate and raise consumer awareness in this regard, not only prolonging the life of the vehicle’s engine, but also helping businesses diversify supply sources, take advantage of supply RON 95 gasoline from Dung Quat oil refinery.

It must also be added that, at present, most consumers often fill gasoline out of habit. They often choose a gas station on the way from home to work, or if the car runs out of gas along the way, they will stop at the nearest gas station to pump, and of course with the modest number of RON 95 petrol pumps today, the having to choose RON 92 gasoline is understandable. Therefore, on the business side, it is also necessary to increase investment in facilities and RON 95 petrol pump to meet the needs of the people.

4. What is the current price of Ron 95 gasoline? Currently, the current price of RON 95 gasoline is 718 VND/liter, and the management agency has adjusted the setting aside for the stabilization fund of RON 95 gasoline to be 500 VND/liter. With the current increase in gasoline, it will have a great impact on people’s lives, when gasoline increases, all other items will also increase, so you should choose the right type of gasoline for your car to save fuel. during the move.

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Hopefully the above sharing has helped you better understand Ron 95 gasoline so that you can make the best and most suitable choices about your car’s gasoline type to bring economic efficiency and protect the engine. his car.