Van Phuc City urban area is a high-class urban area invested by Dai Phuc Group. Van Phuc City urban area is located in Hiep Binh Phuoc Thu Duc ward. Address of Van Phuc urban area: National Highway 13 Thu Duc, with a scale of 198 hectares with 3 sides bordering the Saigon River.

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Van Phuc City is divided into 6 subdivisions and 1 landscape lake of 21.5ha wide. Van Phuc City promises to be the most luxurious urban area in Ho Chi Minh City. Van Phuc city project includes: townhouses, luxury villas, hospitals, schools, landscape lakes, sports areas, 24/24 security, …


-> BUSINESS DEPARTMENT OF INVESTORS<- *Open for sale European style pedestrian street: area 7x20m, 7x22m. (Payment only 30% until receiving house) SUPPORT 70% BANK LOANS: SCB, VCB, BIDV, MB, ACB, LVP,… L/s: 0%/18 months. Sales department hotline: 0938.888.938 (Germany- 24/7) Project name: Van Phuc urban area (Van Phuc City). Investor: Dai Phuc Housing Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company (Dai Phuc Group). Location: is one of the three most beautiful peninsulas along the Saigon River. Address: 375 National Highway 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District. Scale: 198 hectares, construction density is only 40%. Population: 38,000 people. Type: Townhouse, shophouse, apartment, Saigon riverside villa. Total investment capital: 2 billion USD Van Phuc urban area - Golden masterpiece on the Saigon River Van Phuc City urban area promises to be the most beautiful urban area in Saigon. Rare feng shui: Van Phuc city is embraced by 3 sides of the Saigon River. With the land of the Dragon holding the pearl, it brings a life of abundance, happiness, and fullness. Van Phuc City is also known as the land where plum trees are planted - the land of gathering energy. Van Phuc is a symbol of luck, good fortune, good luck, happiness, prosperity, reunion, peace and prosperity.

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Scale of Van Phuc City urban area is up to 198 hectares. Only 1.3km from Pham Van Dong street. LOCATION VAN PHUC CITY URBAN AREA Where is the address of Van Phuc urban area? Address of Van Phuc City urban area: 375 National Road 13, Quarter 5, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District. Van Phuc City with 3-sided strengths borders a green riverside park. Each location is an architectural highlight with a clear view, filled with wind and light. With the complete infrastructure has been meticulous. Investors choose from specialized suppliers for high-end projects in the city. Definitely for peace of mind and bring satisfaction to customers. Van Phuc City urban area has a rare location: Van Phuc City is only 1.3km from Binh Trieu Bridge. Van Phuc City urban area is only 1km from Pham Van Dong street (Tan Son Nhat - Binh Loi). Connecting to Tan Son Nhat airport is only 10 minutes and 6km. Only 3.5km from Hang Xanh intersection and about District 1 center, Ben Thanh market is only 7Km. Van Phuc City urban area is only 2.5km from National Highway 1A at Binh Phuoc intersection, convenient to Western and Southeast provinces. From Van Phuc City, it is convenient to go anywhere, close to everywhere. Video introducing Van Phuc urban area. Van Phuc City is part of the urban area planning and Hiep Binh Phuoc - Thu Duc cultural and entertainment park. Van Phuc Urban Area - The greenest and most modern urban area in Ho Chi Minh City. Covering an area of ​​198 hectares, a population of 38,000 people, with full modern and synchronous construction infrastructure. Architectural planning of Van Phuc City: The area of ​​​​thi van phuc with nearly half of the area is devoted to green trees, water surface, traffic, public service works and utilities. Area due to examination van Phuc with planning criteria includes:
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Construction area: 50.43%. Density of green land and water surface: 16.8% Land area for public works and services: 7.78% Land for traffic and technical infrastructure: 20.66% Total area of ​​Van Phuc project is 198ha. Investor's Sales Department: 0938.888,938 (Mr.Germany 24/7) UTILITIES VAN PHUC CITY PROJECT . See also: What is a Projector – Meaning of the word Projector Van Phuc Riverside City Thu Duc urban area is also a luxurious architectural complex, impressive ecological park. Van Phuc Riverside emphasizes the importance of green infrastructure and local amenities. The green space creates a picture when the city is filled with natural inspiration. Dai Nhat Lake 21 ha combined with the internal landscape of the project area. Van Phuc urban area has a lake of up to 16.5 hectares connected to a 1.5 km long radial canal system. Dai Nhat Lake plays a central role in creating a fresh and endless source of vitality for the whole project. Dai Nhat lake contributes to climate regulation, smog purification... Dai Nhat Lake is up to 21ha inside Van Phuc urban area Ocean World Van Phuc water park with thrilling games. Modern water park in Van Phuc urban area Here, you can enjoy the cool blue water like a resort: Ocean World water park is invested by Korea with a capital of 300 million USD. With games such as: Super-speed slide, deep pit of death. The fast 6-lane slide gives players the feeling of free fall in the air. Experience the majestic river, artificial sea with 3m high waves. For the first time, the largest and most impressive water park model in the world like Aquatica (USA) or Caribbean Bay (Korea)…will be available in Vietnam and located in the heart of Ocean World park. You will have impressive experiences, being immersed in the 300m long lazy river with undulating waves….side the impressive European architectural works. Lakeside Water Park in Van Phuc urban area
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Square – modern water music. Water music in Van Phuc City urban area. The modern water music project is based on the idea from the famous Bellagio Fountains (Las Vegas) water music area. Boating by the lake Kayaking, rowing on the lake Boating along the lake Van Phuc urban area Modern 4D cinema All family members can have fun at the amusement park for all ages. Or go to the 18-storey commercial center, modern cinema system, commercial center, food, shopping, Trade Center Van Phuc Urban Area Swimming pool overflowing lake You will enjoy relaxing moments by the overflowing swimming pool right at the project. Make customers feel refreshed after 1 working day. Swimming pool overflowing in Van Phuc urban area International standard hospital in Van Phuc City Van Phuc - Saigon is a general hospital with an area of ​​​​15,233 m2, scale of 500 beds according to international standards. Van Phuc Internal General Hospital in Saigon has a scale of up to 500 beds. Sports Center Multi-purpose sports center for all ages such as tennis, table tennis, volleyball, football, gym, spa, etc. Multi-sports area in Van Phuc City for all ages. School in the area of ​​international standards At Van Phuc City with the planning of an educational land fund of up to 16ha with a system of 10 school clusters. Your children will learn in the school system (kindergarten, primary school, 2nd grade, 3rd grade) of international standards EMASI International School opened September 2019 Classy Dragon Bay marina. Dragon Bay marina along the Saigon River right in Van Phuc urban area. Saigon Riverfront Park The Long Park is 3.4 km long The landscape along the lake and riverside is elaborated a bit. Living in Van Phuc urban area, you can enjoy the freshest air with the longest riverside park The Long Park in Ho Chi Minh City up to 3.4km. See also: What is Apk – Learn About Android Apk Packages The longest riverside park in Saigon is up to 3.4 km. ACTUAL PICTURE OF VAN PHUC CITY Website: Investor's Sales Department: 0938.888,938 (Mr.Germany 24/7) DAI PHUC HOUSE BUSINESS AND CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Head office: 617-621, Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City (If you are interested in Van Phuc Urban Area, please fill out the form below) Loading…