The project of Vinhomes Cau Rao 2 – Marina Hai Phong is one of the miniature models of the new world that is under construction in Hai Phong city in the North of our country. Vinhomes at the Fence Bridge is conducted under the investment of the floating Vingroup – promising to be a bright spot to continue heating up the Hai Phong real estate market in the near future. Towards a luxurious, comfortable and classy life is probably the dream of many people, but to find an ideal, convenient and safe place to live, you cannot ignore the Vinhomes Cau Rao project. Hai Phong. At the same time, opening a “hot” real estate investment and business opportunity in this port land in the near future.

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Customers will enjoy a 5-star resort standard life right in the port city of Hai Phong and have received attractive offers to buy commercial townhouses from the Investor. In particular, to express gratitude to all customers and investors who have trusted in choosing Vingroup products, in early 2020 Vinhomes Marina Cau Rao 2 is pleased to announce the launch of phase 2 with a system of 39 Shophouses. expensive service. In addition to the preferential policies according to the current Vinhomes project’s insurance policy at Marina Cau Rao, customers who close the house will receive great incentives from the investor.. Types of Shophouse townhouses that are open for sale include:

Shophouse Hai Au street : 150 m2, construction 85%, 4 floors

Shophouse Front light avenue Hai Dang : 126 m2, construction 85%, 4 floors

Shophouse Coral Street: 126 m2, construction 85%, 4 floors

Highlights of the shophouse, shophouse Vinhomes, the fence is open for sale in this period:

– Shophouse has the most beautiful location in the center of the project, which is built synchronously

– Shophouse has 2 facades

– The shophoue apartments are located in the complex with a separate swimming pool and landscape garden system

– New design style with 2 floors of glass, extremely optimal for commercial business

– There are only 39 apartments with frontage of 6m or more

– Diverse uses: You can make Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets … that combine to stay extremely classy.

Note: Limited quantity, only 39 Shophouses, Vinhomes serviced apartments, please download a quote or contact us to keep the original price right away!


*Sales policy : Own capital only need 30% of value added >> Bank disbursed 65% with interest rate support package from investors ( HTLS ) 0% in 24 months Customers who do not borrow from Bank : Discount up to 6 % VAT. Customers who do not receive the Bank Guarantee: 1.5% GTBT discount. Customers who pay early are directed to interest rates up to 9.5%/year.* Special Gift

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Single Villa: Customers are given Giftcard 150 million/unit, interior package 300 million/unit… (deduct from selling price)

Duplex Villa: Customers are given a Giftcard of 100 million/unit (deducted from the selling price)

Adjacent Apartment/Shophouse: Customers are given a Gift Card worth 50 million/unit (deducted from the selling price)

*Project payment progress :- 1st time: 300 million deposit with investor- 2nd time : After 10 days from the date of signing the Document. Pay 15% of VAT (not including VAT and include the 1st time) – 3rd time: After 30 days from the date of signing the Agreement to pay 10% (not including VAT) – 4th time: Customer Sign the sales contract, pay additional 5% VAT to ensure 30% VAT after VAT.

– Bank disbursed 65% after 15 days of signing KDMB with interest rate support package and grace period of 0% principal for 18 months.

Location of Vinhomes project at Cau Rao 2: Located in Vinh Niem ward, Le Chan district, Hai Phong city. This is a model urban area along the river with the most favorable location of the port city.

Vinhomes Cau Rao 2 (Vinhomes Marina) was officially built to bring a resort paradise in Hai Phong city. Hai Phong is known as the Red Phoenix City, also known as the largest port city in the North. The large tourist center in Hai Phong has winding beaches, famous domestic and foreign resorts and entertainment areas of international standards or beautiful Vinhomes that flutter people’s hearts.


– Hai Au subdivision.- Sao Bien subdivision.- Coral subdivision.- Pearl subdivision.

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Project name: Vinhomes Marina Cau Rao 2

Demolition of real estate in Vinhomes Bridge-fence 2: Owning a long-term red book

Project location at Cau Rao 2, Vinh Niem Ward, Le Chan District, City. Hai Phong.

– The project investor is Vingroup

– The area of ​​Vinhomes urban area at the fence 2 is 49.2 hectares

– Main subdivisions: Hai Au area, Sao Bien area, Coral area, Pearl area

– Building density: 50%

– Vinhomes urban area – Fence bridge 2 with air-conditioning lake: 10ha

– Scale of urban planning with fence 2: 1153 Adjacent apartments, Villas, Shophouses

Vinhomes Cau Rao is the number 1 high-class 5 * urban area in Hai Phong Port City. Featured with a cool 7.2ha wide air conditioning system taken from natural water source of Lach Tray river. The project is divided into two subdivisions “Closed Area” – a peaceful space for customers to live a private, isolated life with a 24/24 security gate and “Open area” which is an active but still close life. Close to nature for owners who prefer vibrant style.

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Expected completion time of the whole project: Quarter IV/2021

Vinhomes Cau Giay 2 project is deployed and built by Vingroup on a location with 1.0.2 applied to a residential complex urban area in Vinh Niem Ward, Len Chan District, Hai Phong City.

Over 49.2ha is the area of ​​a high-class urban area with the East bordering Cau Rao 2, the South facing the beautiful Lach Tray River… It is planned to be the largest urban complex in Hai Phong – Vinhomes Marina Cau Rao 2 has a very scientific spatial development orientation, bringing into full play what is considered the “golden advantage” of the land of Hai Phong Port.

Not only is a high-class residential area, Vinhomes Marina Cau Rao also combines with an Eonmall commercial center, Chuo hotel complex, Chiyoda 5 * and The Minato apartment complex in Japan, Vinmec Hospital… international stature.

With a favorable feng shui location, “like a painting facing the water”, Vinhomes Cau Giay 2 Hai Phong gathers strong vitality, the source of peace and prosperity. From Vinhomes marina at the fence, looking back, you will see a “great water” – the beautiful and gentle Lach Tray river. Moreover, according to the design in the project, an artificial lake of 8.2 hectares will be built, which will become a new symbol of resort-class life in the Port City.


– Shophouse commercial townhouse: Front: 7m-10m Land area: 105m2 – 139m2 Apartment construction area: 390m2 – 420m2. Price: 7 billion – 14.5 billion Handover: Raw house, finishing the exterior.

– Single Villa: Front: 15m – 22m Land area: 300m2 – 420m2 Apartment construction area: 400m2 – 510m2. Price: From 10 billion/unit or more Handover: Raw house, finishing the outside.

– Song Lap Villa: Front: 9m – 12m Land area: 165m2, 183m2, 226 m2. Apartment construction area: 330m2 – 400m2. Price: From 7 billion/unit or more Handover: Raw house, finishing the exterior.

– Adjacent Villa: Front: 5m-7m Land area: 75m2, 87.5m2, 90m2, 97.8m2, 105m2. Apartment construction area: 240m2 – 380m2. Price: From 4.2 billion/apartment or more Handover: Rough house, finished exterior.

Some beautiful apartments at Vinhomes Bridge 2 are interested: Apartment HD.161 – Shophouse owns the main road of the project with convenient traffic, one of the golden factors in business and trade in Vinhomes. Hai Phong fence bridge.- Direction: North – Land area: 135.8m2- DTXD: 386.1m2- Price after VAT + PBT: 8,750,101,978 (not applied policy) Apartment NT10.05 one of the apartments is located at the right location. The top of the block is convenient for transportation, close to the central utility strip, the owner can easily join the river utilities with the residential community- Land area: 226.7m2- DTXD: 384.4m2- Direction: East – Price with VAT + PBT: 10,766,052,081 without policy SH1.33 < Vinhomes bridge fence Hai Phong> Shophouse adjacent to the corner lot, near the main road of the project, direction to school.- Direction: North – Land area: 105m2- DTXD : 430.8m2 – Price after VAT + PBT: 7,435,041,656 (not applied policy) Apartment NT.10 BT Twin lake view, corner unit, facing main road NT7.- Land area: 210m2 – Construction area: 351.3m2 – Direction: East- Price after VAT + P BT: 9,722,578,960 (not yet applied policy) Apartment NT6.01 The only adjacent corner unit at the NT4 road surface project, near the school.- Land area: 152.5m2 – Construction area: 348.2m2 – Direction: West-North- Price after VAT + PBT: 7,697,429,725… (no policy applied yet)

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* The duplex is afraid to assign Vip. 1 of 6 most beautiful duplex apartments in Vinhomes Marina Cau Rao project.– Nhat Can Thi : Near the city center, Project, Santorini Restaurant, Utilities 5.- Nhi Can Giang: Phu Quy Sinh Tai-Next to peach river landscape.- Tam near road: Near Vo Nguyen Giap street. * Price: More than 12 billion. Support 70% Loan, With preferential interest rate support until 11/2020.

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HOTLINE 2: 0906888882

Please send the information you are interested in about the projects of Vinhomes Marina Cau Rao 2, our consultants will directly send the information and forward it to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Located next to Lach Tray river – a cool natural river and will bring an extremely fresh breath of life to the future owners living here. Vinhomes at Cau Rao 2 will be a beautiful new urban area, the center of busy and vibrant commercial business of the city, a place to stop to enjoy the peak and modern lifestyle.

SPECIAL: Future investors and residents in the Vinhomes Cau Rao 2 urban area in Hai Phong will fully enjoy 5-star facilities and services from Vingroup products such as completed projects. previous facilities in Hai Phong such as: Vinhomes Imperia, Vinhomes Royal City, Vincom mega mall, Vinpro, Vinfashion, Central High-class commercial, Vinshool inter-school system, green park area, Vinmec clinic…


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