A business that creates a good User Experience will help customers stick with the brand more.

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What is user experience

?User experience is what users feel when using a product such as a website, application, software. The details of interface design – like performance, layout, layout, navigation, content, images… all directly affect user experience, whether positive or negative.

UX is a dilemma for all brands, but not impossible. In fact, some brands have done this very well such as Grap, Shopee… these are brands that are competing with each other in the Vietnamese e-commerce market. However, some brands are probably due to the specifics of their profession. especially banks do not do well in this issue, causing “discomfort” for the majority of customers. Let’s see, what are the “nothing but money” banks doing!

How bad is a bad user experience

The leader in terms of worst user experience is probably Sacombank. There is no mobile UX. If accessing to approve orders, it must be called a great disaster. Super small buttons and text. Browse each order because the function of browsing all cannot work. Consequence: A small company that approves 30 such bonus orders will cost 30 times = 30p plus . The bank will suffer because it costs 90 SMS (OTP, balance report) instead of just 3 SMS (1 command). Multiplying by 300vnd: SMS will cost the bank 27,000 VND more, multiplied by 100k business customers, the total loss in a month is 2 billion 700, a year is 32 billion 400 And with the amount of 2 billion 700, Saccombank can do the whole web + mobile has smooth UX and ro ro function.

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How bad is the user experience

?Many other banks have better UX, but not to a good level. Most will be:

Confusing a pile of links and buttons. If you’re not familiar, you don’t know what to do. Lack of basic utilities: save recipients, query recipient history. Enter a bunch of fields for nothing. At this point, TIMO does it too well. Transfer money in 10 seconds with 3 steps is the same


Bored customer, change to another bank Error I don’t know where to look

User experience is more than just web or mobile

The general situation in banks today is that every time a procedure is done, it is a disaster

Going to the counter to wait 1 hour just to make 1 piece of paper 5 minutes. Time is really cheap Want to renew the card, the battery also goes to the counter to do a lot of procedures Calling the hotline is almost never possible

The question arises, how to improve the user experience?

Operational Excellence The ability to execute is excellent, so even if the opponent knows the strategy, they can only breathe smoke. The mobile world 10 years ago only had about 100 stores, not much more than VienThong A. At that time, Viettelstore also started. opened the chain, a few years later to Vinpro, Fptshop. However, up to now, Mobile World has thousands of stores, and the other 3 (except Fptshop) are almost closed. Bachoasinh announced to open 1000 stores 3 years ago, it sounds like a myth. But now they’ve hit it, and are starting to make a profit. That’s incredible.

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Customer IntimacyCustomer satisfaction does not mean discounts or low prices. In fact, many men play low-priced cards. The satisfaction factor here is:

Always make customers comfortable: on this point Mobile world is the boss. Care & after-sales: Grab is number 1, the more you go, the more attractive codes and points you get Listen to and resolve complaints: Grab is the number 1, there is a problem, call the hotline to handle it right away, and also get a code for a classy experience: Zara, Uniqlo make people queue. In addition to the delicious goods, the premises & eye-catching design are important factors. Being yourself: Starbuck/ Higland/The Coffee House always makes customers want to visit and sit comfortably all day.

Product Leadership Product leadership means that there is always something that surprises customers and competitors. The biggest boss is Apple. Nevermind. Samsung can too. But the surprise is Xiaomi: if you have used Xiaomi products, you will be surprised by its convenience.

Leading the way: fashion houses are a prime example, they make us spin every year Technological breakthroughs: exclusive (unique) things

What to do with SMB? It’s hard to compete with the big boys. However, SMB still has something not inferior, even very good in its niche.

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User experience is not simply done at a certain step or stage, but must change continuously. Based on data and user behavior, thereby analyzing and finding new directions for the brand.

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