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In the previous article, I have guided you to use the dng file for lightroom mobile, basically use dropbox or some intermediary cloud to sync presets to the phone because the operation on the phone is quite complicated. complicated, especially with iphone.

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If you haven’t read it, you can review it here: Add Lightroom Mobile Preset Using DNG Files – No Creative Cloud membership required

Today I write another article on how to extract directly on iphone without using dropbox, so that anyone who downloads presets for lightroom mobile on my website can use it directly easily, let’s start:

Step 1:

First you need to install lightroom mobile and the second app is unzip (go to the appstore and search for the icon like the picture is correct)

Step 2:

Open the zip file download link in chrome or firefox, open it with safari it says the file is not supported, won’t download.

Click the download icon as shown.

Step 3:

Open the zip file in unzip, click on it and it will automatically extract a new folder containing the .dng . files

Oki remembered the name of the saved folder, turned to lightroom mobile and started applying colors:

Step 4: Create a folder to save Presets in Lightroom CC

Open the Lightroom CC app on your phone and press the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Albums’ section and then create a new folder. Name the folder so that it’s easy for you to remember what’s inside, for example: ‘Sarahannabella Presets.

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Go to the folder and create two albums inside: one named ‘Photos’ and the other named ‘Presets’.

Step 5: Import files

Tap the three dots next to your ‘Presets’ album, then select ‘Add Photos’ and go to ‘From Camera Roll’. Import all the preset files you just downloaded.

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Then repeat the step with the ‘Photos’ album, but this time select the images you want to edit.

Step 6: Save each Preset

For convenience and time-free editing, you need to save your Preset and lightroom, each time you just need to select a Preset and you’re done, you don’t need to download the Preset again.

Click on the image Click the three dots in the top right corner Select ‘Create Preset’ Enter a preset name and optionally a folder to save. Click the check mark in the top right corner to save.

Step 7: Edit photos

Open any photo you want to edit. Then click on ‘Preset’ and then on ‘Color’ to see a list of all the presets, search the list for the preset you are looking for. By default, it is ‘User Presets’. Open the folder and select any preset you want to apply from the list. When you find the right preset, select it and edit the image with those presets.

Wish you have excellent photos with Lightroom CC Mobile.

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Also you can refer to the video tutorial

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