Panax ginseng is a precious and very common medicine used to treat mouth fatigue, anorexia, lactation, breast engorgement, open wounds, physical weakness, severe cough, dysentery, fever, etc. However, in some cases, the medicine can have adverse effects on health if used in the wrong dosage or with people who are sensitive to the components of the medicinal plant.

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In this article, we would like to introduce to you detailed information, uses and instructions on how to treat diseases from Panax ginseng.

Introduction of cloves

Panax ginseng is a species of flowering plant with many scientific names such as: Polyscias fruticosa (L.) Harms (Panax fruticosum L, Nothopanax fruticosum (L.) Miq., Tieghemopanax fruticosus (L.) R. Vig., belonging to the Pentateaceae family. Araliaceae, in folklore, this plant is often called fish salad, Nam Duong Lam …

Today, people use Panax ginseng to make medicine and process a number of daily dishes and drinks such as: eating cloves with fish salad, drinking water from cloves leaves…

Detailed description of cloves

An image of a clove tree

It is a small tree that grows upright, the stem is quite smooth, the adult tree is up to 1.5m tall.

Compound leaves are split 3 times, lobed, about 20-40cm long, petiole 3-10mm long, leaf blade is serrated, leaves are lightly fragrant. The inflorescence is cylindric and has compartments from 7-18mm, including many crowns, many small flowers, usually with 5 small petals. Flat fruit about 3-4mm long, 1mm thick, with a spout. The roots are cylindrical and long, yellow-brown, often branched, with a bitter, sweet, and mucilaginous taste.

Distribution, collection and processing

The plant can grow wild or is grown as an ornamental, making medicine very popular in many regions, especially in the countryside of our country. Plants are usually harvested all year round if only leaves are used, but if roots are used, the life span must be at least 3 years before harvesting, in autumn or winter is the best because then the roots are soft and have a lot of medicinal properties. than.

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After harvesting, the roots are dried and cut into small pieces. Flowers are harvested when they have just bloomed, dried to make medicine.

Chemical composition of cloves

According to published documents of Prof. Dr. Do Tat Loi (winner of the Ho Chi Minh Prize), in the clove tree, the following ingredients were found:

Alkaloids, glucosides, saponins, flavonoids, tannins, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and 20 essential amino acids for the body. Amino acids including lysine, xystei, methionine

What is the use of Panax ginseng

What are the uses of cloves?

In terms of pharmacology, according to many research documents, Panax ginseng has the following main effects:

Panax ginseng has the effect of increasing endurance for the body, similar to ginseng (used a lot for soldiers, sports athletes, people who regularly practice at high intensity). Large doses can reduce the activity of the human body compared to animals. In certain doses, it can reduce myocardial tone, make the heart contract weak and sparse, leading to cardiac arrest Increase respiration in amplitude and frequency numbers, help lower blood pressure quickly Increase urinary 5 times more than normal Less toxic, less than ginseng Increase the body’s resistance to the harmful effects of ultra-high frequency radiation, prolong life Good effects on the body in a zero gravity environment (astronauts) Increase physical strength, stimulate the brain, relieve anxiety, anti-oxidant, stimulate the immune system

Thus, it can be seen that the nail is really useful for human health, but the harmful effects of Panax ginseng can occur in case of use in large doses. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully learn information before use to avoid possible complications.

What disease does Panax ginseng cure?

In the past, Panax ginseng was rarely used to make medicine, but recently people have researched and applied medicinal plants to treat diseases very effectively. Here we would like to guide in detail some effective methods of treatment from ginseng through the following remedies:

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Dandelion cures fatigue and anorexia for children


Dried Panax ginseng root 0.5g thinly sliced ​​and 100ml of water Boil for about 15 minutes Use 2-3 times a day to be extremely effective

Land cloves help to benefit milk, lactation, and breast enlargement for women with small children


Fenugreek root 30-40g and 500ml of water Sac until the amount of water is half, then drink it hot. Divide and drink for 2-3 days, the breast pain will be gone and the milk will flow normally.

Healing open wounds with fenugreek leaves

Similar to xuan chi, fenugreek leaves are used to heal wounds with bleeding wounds, skin scratches…

1 pinch of fenugreek leaves moderate to the wound Wash, crush and apply on open wounds Helps to stop bleeding, antibacterial, soothing and healing

Language soaked in alcohol helps increase stamina

Dingling soaked in alcohol helps to increase endurance

Remedy 1:

Prepare 0.23g to 0.5g of Panax ginseng, 200ml of Concentrated water to drink every day

Remedy 2:

Prepare 0.23g to 0.5g dried, finely chopped, glutinous rice wine about 30° Soak with alcohol and drink 1 cup per day

Two remedies have the effect of replenishment Nourish and increase body endurance.

Cure cough, hemoptysis with clove leaves


Preparation: 1 small pinch of dried fenugreek leaves and 2 liters of water. Roast the leaves, then decoct them with water. Drinking daily will treat cough effectively.

Helps with diuretics, cures kidney pain


Preparation: 10g dried fenugreek leaves, 10g fenugreek leaves, 10g geranium needles, 10g fenugreek seeds Mix well cooked with water Can be used as a daily water change to help diuretics or treat kidney pain

Cinga root cures osteoarthritis


Preparation: 1 pinch of fresh cloves, washed, 1 pinch of salt just enough Crush the leaves, mix with salt, heat and then roll with a bandage, apply to painful joints Apply this method until When symptoms are completely gone, usually about 1 week will have an effect.

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Linguache for cooking water every day

Use dried lentils to cook daily drink to nourish, increase resistance and flexibility for the body.

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There are many types of cloves

Dandelion leaves teeth: also known as bonsai, ornamental clover … often used as ornamental and decorative. Coniferous fenugreek: also known as fine-leaf clover, the leaves are thin and small, few blades and unknown. This plant is rarely used medicinally. Silver-rimmed hemlock: used as an ornamental, the tree has a pretty shape. Round-leaf clover: the plant has a small stem, round leaves, often used for ornamental purposes Glutinous Panax ginseng is used as medicine

Products extracted from Panax ginseng

The psychotropic drug Cebraton of Traphaco pharmaceutical company

Currently on the market there are quite a few products produced/processed from cloves, such as:

Panax ginseng root: usually made from roots and tubers of medicinal plants, currently being sold on the market for about 180,000 VND / 1 box of 100g Dinh Lang tea: made from leaves, sold for about 60,000 VND / 1 box 30 bags of Panax ginseng root: Currently, the price of dried roots is sold for about 180,000 VND / 1kg

Where to buy clover

?Buy fenugreek seeds: Currently, seedlings are sold at medicinal and ornamental plant markets across the country. Dried Fenugreek Root: Dried Panax ginseng root is popularly sold in traditional medicine stores nationwide or on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc. To buy products of clear origin, clean processing. , good quality, you need to pay attention to choose reputable stores in the business of medicinal herbs. You can find dried ginseng roots under the brand name Bup Xanh, this is a reliable herbal medicine store that is highly appreciated by many users.

Above has brought to you all information about Panax ginseng as well as instructions on how to cure this medicinal plant. Hopefully, through the article, readers will understand more and have the most effective way to use medicinal plants.