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What is the Executive Board and Standing Committee? Do you know the functions and duties of the Executive Committee and Standing Committee of the Party? If you still do not know the information about these two positions, do not worry, let help you immediately answer these questions through the following article.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Standing Committee and Executive Committee of the Party Committee 1.1. What is the Executive Board? 1.2. What is the Standing Committee? 2. What is the power of the Executive Committee and Standing Committee? 2.1. Central Executive Committee 2.2. Provincial Executive Committee and Standing Committee 3. Qualities and standards of a member 3.1. Political thought 3.2. Ethics and lifestyle of party members n 3.3. Competence and keeping credibility 3.4. Some other criteria for becoming a trustee

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1. Introduction to Standing Committee and Executive Committee of the Party Committee

It is a fact that the Standing Committee and Executive Committee are both names and titles in the State apparatus. However, these two concepts are not the same and have a certain division of power. To better understand this, let’s take a look at a few concepts of these two Friends.

1.1. What is the Executive Board?

What is the Executive Board?

Compliance is a verb to indicate what must be done as prescribed in legal documents, documents set forth by competent authorities or decisions from higher authorities. This is a deeply meaningful concept of collectivism in a State apparatus, and at the same time, the use of this verb also shows the solemnity that makes it easy for listeners to understand.

Explaining the meaning of this word to arrive at the concept that the executive committee is a collective performing important tasks for the State. To be able to have a position in this position, it is necessary to be selected by the Congress of a Party organization or a certain organization with authority and carry out the voting process based on the resolutions of the Congress.

The most common task of the Executive Committee is to comply with the resolutions of the Congress, at the same time implement the guidelines set forth by the State and direct the work for the next congresses. That is also the duty of the Executive Committee of the Party

1.2. What is the Standing Committee?

What is the Standing Committee?

In addition, our country’s Party organization is divided into many different levels to serve the purpose of managing the country, taking care of the entire people. The Standing Committee is no exception, as the grassroots Party Committee elects the Party committee’s executive committee, and then the standing committees.

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The Standing Committee is usually organized with the following titles:

Provincial Secretary, Deputy Secretaries Vice Presidents of People’s Committees and Provincial/City People’s Councils Control Committee, Organizing Committee, …. Provincial-level Public Security Director, Provincial-level City Secretary….

The Standing Committee usually focuses on issues at the provincial, district and commune levels. Usually the tasks to promote development and approve the benefits in So specifically, what are the standing committees? What are the duties and responsibilities of each party? Do not rush to skip the following items.


2. What is the power of the Executive Committee and Standing Committee?

The structure of the Party that our state has divided, the highest with the Central Executive Committee followed by 3 levels of the Executive Committee and 3 levels of standing committees, perform tasks almost parallel to each other and complement each other. The most typical is the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee at the central and district levels.

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What Executive Committees and Standing Committees are there?

2.1. Central Executive Committee

In the organizational structure of the Communist Party of Vietnam, this is the leading authority with the highest authority. Members who are nominated and elected by the National Congress of Deputies will have to perform their duties and functions in a leadership role for 5 consecutive years.

Partial structure of the Central Executive Committee includes the General Secretary of the Central Executive Committee as the highest level.

The main tasks of the Central Executive Committee are:

Through the Political Platform, the Party’s charters, guidelines and policies, the Agency will perform the task of organizing and directing to build external affairs in combination with public and public affairs. Party building work. The agency has the task of electing agencies such as the Politburo, the General Secretary, the Central Inspection Committee, etc. It is responsible for convening the National Congress of Deputies, which usually takes place within 5 years.

2.2. Provincial Executive Committee and Standing Committee

Provincial Executive Committee and Standing Committee

With the head being the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Executive Committee of the Party Committee performs the tasks of the provincial leaders and performs the following functions and powers:

Make a decision on a full-time program of work, or perhaps annually. Prepare content and work out implementation plans for local assembly programs and election of provincial Party Executive Committees… Discuss and propose new policies and implement directions according to the resolution of the Party Central Committee ….

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At the same time to support the Executive Committee At the provincial level, the standing committee of the province also contributes as much as the duties of the standing committees of the province, which are:

Proposing policies on building, renovating and repairing works related to Party organs in terms of material. Policy on using expenditures from support sources Directing programs, plans, external activities in localities…

3. Qualities and standards of a trustee

3.1. Political thought

Political thought

According to the Party’s Resolution, the members must first be loyal to the Party and nation. Based on Marxism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought, forming a goal of national independence

Having the courage and stance to protect the Cuong Linh and the Party’s lines so that they can refute arguments that are distorted and not true.

Especially in the heart of the commissioner must always be filled with love for the country, putting the interests of the Party and nation above personal interests. The lack of love for the country is a lack of sincerity, it will be easy to lose the people’s hearts, lose the trust of the people… In addition, the commissioner must also be a person who can say, can do, speak must go hand in hand with action. for the people to serve.

3.2. Ethics and lifestyle of party members

For a trustee, honesty has moral qualities, humility, sincerity in work as well as ensuring all 5 factors: need, thrift, integrity, justice, impartiality…

Because working in state party agencies is being a servant to the people, always for the people, by the people.

In addition, they must have a high sense of responsibility at work, take the lead in solidarity, for the country for the people, be exemplary in all aspects.

Currently, there are a number of elements in the state apparatus that tend to be corrupt, taking advantage of opportunities to benefit themselves, which leads to the deterioration of political thought, morality, and the way of life. wrong and incorrect path. Therefore, within the Party apparatus, there are always drastic instructions to combat evils such as bureaucracy, corruption, and waste. Especially in the work, cadres must always self-criticize – criticize, publicize transparent information so that they can find out how to love their weak points and thereby overcome and perfect the strong and stable Party organization. strong.

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3.3. Competence and keeping credibility

In terms of professional qualifications, the members of the executive committees and standing committees must have university degrees or higher, have been trained through political theory programs with bachelor’s degrees, or advanced degrees.

To be able to be named, hold a title in any congress, the elected person must be a person with out-of-the-box thinking. Those are innovative thinking, sharp strategic eyes must be people with scientific, modern and politically sensitive working style.

Next, there must be those who firmly grasp the general situation from economics, politics, and fields in the district, province, commune… Actively grasp conflicts and challenges to be able to keep up with them. promptly troubleshoot and solve all problems.

Doing the Party’s work is doing work for the people, a person who does a good job is a person who receives a lot of trust from the people and is highly trusted by his predecessors.

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3.4. Some other criteria for becoming a trustee

Some other criteria for becoming a trustee

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Deep understanding of the general situation of the country, the region as well as the world. One of the criteria for the Central Committee to nominate a party member is consciousness. A person with a sense of responsibility, willing to contribute, joins with everyone to propose strategic options. Not only to be able to join the Politburo, it must also be accompanied by a requirement to join the Central Executive Committee for a full term or more. Excellent performance of tasks at leadership positions be it at provincial level, party committee level or heads of departments, other departments… Must have certain standards of opinion, based on available bravery and knowledge knowledge drawn from politics, economics, will, etc. to be able to repel false statements of morals, to eliminate the elements that “mouth faster than think” causing confusion and loss of society. trust with the Party. A member must also be a person of sufficient health and age to be appointed to a position of the Party according to regulations. At the same time, they must perform and complete the tasks that are organized and assigned important responsibilities.

Above is the basic information about what is the executive board and standing committee? If you have any questions that need to be answered, do not hesitate to send questions to, your questions will be answered immediately.