Soda is a summer drink that helps bring a feeling of refreshment and comfort to people who enjoy it. Have you ever wondered what soda is or what ingredients make up attractive sodas? Where to buy soda water, what is the quality and secret to preserving soda to keep its inherent flavor? Let’s find out right away with the Eurasian Mixing Teaching Center.

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Soda water is known as a famous drink of Italy but actually originated in the US. Many people think that soda is a combination of chemistry and art. It does not carry the bitter taste of coffee, is not arrogant like tea, does not cause excitement like beer, but has an attractive and unique charm that is not inferior to any other drink.

Cool fruit soda for hot days (Photo: Internet)

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Simple Soda Ingredients And Method

What is soda water

?Soda water is a carbonated water, commonly known as a soft drink. Most popular sodas will have a flavor (sweet or fruity). However, soda is essentially colorless and contains no sugar. Sugar-free soda is the main ingredient for making drinks associated with the name soda in current drink models.

Some familiar brands of sugar-free soda are must-visits: Soda Evervess and Soda Schweppes.

Soda is a carbonated drink in general (Photo: Internet)

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What Can Soda Do

?With a can of soda you can make a delicious fruit soda. The simplest is the “divine” sugar lemon soda.

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Sugar lemon soda makes summer days more refreshing

Since soda water has no sugar, it won’t taste at all. If you don’t drink it, it will be very boring, the best way is to combine it with a syrup or fruit to enhance the taste. In particular, soda goes well with lemon. The proof is that lemon soda versions like 7up or Sprite sell very well around the world. So no matter what dish, you should add a little lemon.

Where to Buy Soda

?You can easily buy bottled soda water at supermarkets or grocery stores. If your purpose is to buy to sell, buy to supply the restaurant you own, then it is best to choose suppliers with wholesale prices to reduce costs and not cut off supplies.

Soda cans of Schweppes without sugar (Image: Internet)

How to Store Soda

?What is the best way to preserve soda water? In fact, Soda does not need to be refrigerated, just stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. In particular, do not leave soda near an explosive heat source.

Simple Ingredients And How To Make Soda

Gas water is indispensable

To make soda you need to prepare carbonated water, usually those that do not contain sugar. This is considered the base material to complete a glass of soda water.

The most commonly used carbonated water is club soda. After adding the other necessary ingredients, the bartender will fill the drink glass with soda to complete. Because of the gas, this ingredient helps to create a great feeling of refreshment, good for digestion. However, you should not abuse too much soda is not good.

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A Variation With Syrups

The ingredients that give soda its flavor, taste and color are none other than syrups. Each syrup will form a corresponding soda. You can make your own syrup or buy bottled syrups to use, both convenient and the taste and color are also outstanding. However, to ensure hygiene and health, you need to choose reputable brands, carefully watch the expiration date.

Soda is mixed with syrup to create many different flavors (Photo: Internet)

The nature of the syrup is very sweet, so you need to pay attention to the quantity when making it. Depending on the preferences of the drinker, you will choose the right syrup flavor and adjust the amount of syrup to reduce or increase the sweetness.

Ice Cube

This is an indispensable ingredient to help soda have a refreshing and refreshing effect on hot summer days. Ice cubes also have the effect of regulating the taste of the finished soda glass, which will be more balanced and delicious.

Put fresh fruit in the freezer for ice cubes to make the soda more beautiful (Photo: Internet)

You need to choose clean ice or make your own ice to ensure hygiene, make a beautiful variation by putting fresh fruit or mint leaves inside the stones.

Mint Leaves And Fruits

One ingredient that makes up the unique flavor of soda is mint leaves. When preparing, you need to crush mint leaves so that the aroma from menthol will help bring a refreshing, pleasant feeling to the soda glass. In Vietnam, basil leaves are often used instead. Although the appearance is quite similar, in fact, if you are observant, you will notice the flavor that mint leaves bring out completely different from basil leaves.

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Mint leaves are used for soda, in Vietnam you can use basil (Photo: Internet)

In addition to the above ingredients, soda will be more attractive if there are fruits. If you use the same fruit as the syrup, it will be even more attractive. Fresh fruit provides a delicious, refreshing taste and affirms your soda’s quality.

Simple passion fruit soda (Photo: Internet)

How to Make Soda Simple

Place 2 tablespoons syrup with your favorite flavor in a tall glass. Add the juice of ½ fresh lemon and ½ teaspoon of sugar. If you don’t have syrup, you can use sugar and fruit in a ratio of 1 sugar: 1 fruit (eg. : 1 tbsp of sugar and 1 tbsp of passion fruit juice). Stir the ingredients well, add ice cubes. Fill with club soda, add basil leaves and you’re done.

With just a few basic ingredients and easy to find, you can make yourself a refreshing glass of soda water on hot summer days. Knowledge of what soda water is, ingredients and how to make soda water is the basic knowledge for you to make effective carbonated drinks. If you want to learn more about the Professional Bartender program, for more recipes, knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Please contact hotline 1800 6148 or fill out the form below for advice and support.

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Wish you will make delicious and beautiful soda glasses! Next, let’s explore what chia seeds are in the beverage mix.