Have you ever wondered if your man is patriarchal? signs of patriarchy, is it good to marry the patriarch?

In this article, I will help you answer all those questions in detail.

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What is patriarchy?

What is patriarchy?

Patriarchal is often used to refer to men in the family whose character and actions are only for their own benefit, but restrict and control the freedom of others. In a broader sense, patriarchal often refers to a type of human personality, always forcing other people’s thoughts to be the same as their own, always believing themselves to be right and refuting most of the opinions of others. other.


Marrying a patriarchal husband is the big and small work in the family is decided by the husband. The decision may be wrong, it may be right, it may be big, it may be small, but always reject the opinions of others. Always consider yourself right and suppress your thoughts on your wife and children, causing them to lose their freedom, thinking locked in a narrow wall.

Relation between patriarchy and selfishness:

From a personality perspective, patriarchy and selfishness are both used to refer to the authoritarianism that considers himself the navel of the universe, disregarding any criticism.

In modern life, patriarchal and selfish people are often easy to recognize through words and actions. We always have to pay attention when dealing with this type of person because they will not be for the collective but they will only be for the individual and themselves. Therefore, if you intend to do business with those who are patriarchal and selfish, you should consider it.

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Are patriarchal men good

?This is a question that many women are asking. You can talk to each other about that person before getting married. Depending on the level of patriarchy, we will know whether it is good or bad.

The patriarchy often originates from the ancient feudal society in which the man is also considered the breadwinner of the family. However, society is now different, men and women are also less likely to meet patriarchal people than before.

Maybe the gentlemen in the countryside go to the city to study and live, so they may still have a bit of patriarchal character in them.

The expression of the patriarch

4 signs to identify a patriarch:

With these 4 signs, you need to read carefully to be able to choose a good husband:

People who always want to control others:

This is the first manifestation of the family, the mentality that always imposes and controls others from the smallest things. It can be most easily seen in family life that a well-to-do man often “measures fish sauce, counts onions and cucumbers” with his wife. Always want to control the actions of his wife and children.

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In family life, the couple also need to have their own space and freedom, do not be too patriarchal to affect family happiness.

People who are always blindly jealous:

It is most evident in the husband in the family, always checking and examining his wife’s actions. See where your wife goes today, what to do, who to go with, who to call, text, …

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Blind jealousy only shows that you are a man of low self-esteem, always afraid of losing his wife, and do not trust his wife. Act a little less patriarchal, a little more generous, and you will find that “softly tied”, married and family life is more durable.

People who always think they are right:

This type of person is found quite a lot in society from work to family. People who always think that their decisions are right, standard, infallible and oppress everyone around them to follow.

In the family, if the wife opposes too strongly, she will surely be touched by these patriarchal husbands or say vulgar words.

People who always blame others:

This symptom is common. Especially in the working environment, always blame someone or a certain situation, but never admit the fault on yourself.

Although I myself have made a mistake, I still “obstinate” to push the fault to others. This expression is extremely recognizable.

In summary:

Patriarchy is a bad trait in the modern man. As a smart woman, you need to recognize and choose your future husband to avoid the patriarchs. Your future married life will be happy and happy.

Some of my friends asked me if I was the head of the family. Of course yes, but you need to be a very smart and clever wife to be able to improve your patriarchal husband with small daily actions.

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As a man, you should avoid breaking the wall without ruining your life. Read immediately What is a wall collapse?

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If you have any tips to cure the “patriarchal” disease, you can leave a comment under this article to share with other sisters.