What support features does Eyesight have

?Frequently asked questions about Subaru’s Eyesight Technology


What is Subaru’s EyeSight technology

?EyeSight is not the name of a single safety feature, but rather a package of active safety technologies that includes six controlled safety features. electronic. Includes: Pre-collision Braking feature, adaptive cruise control feature, accelerator pedal adjustment feature (Pre-collision Throttle Management), deviation warning feature Lane Departure Warning, Lane Sway Warning, Lead Vehicle Start Alert (when the vehicle ahead has moved).

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Eyesight Drive Assist is the pinnacle of Subaru’s vehicle development and is also a collection of leading safety features. Holding Eyesight in hand, one can be completely confident when holding the steering wheel. EyeSight monitors the entire movement of surrounding traffic, optimizes your electronic cruise, and also alerts you immediately if your vehicle is tending to veer out of its lane.

EyeSight Technology was developed to minimize rear-end collisions, when according to safety data, this technology has helped reduce passenger injuries by up to 85% (in 2017).

Equipped with Eyesight technology, all vehicle versions manufactured from 2019 and later are rated as the safest in preventing accidents by IIHS. Collision prediction can activate the emergency braking system to avoid a collision, helping you avoid or mitigate the impact of a collision.

What support features does Eyesight have?

The operating core of Eyesight driver assistance technology is a pair of dual color cameras located in front of the cockpit right next to the rearview mirror. Their job is to scan the road ahead for signs of danger.

This high-tech system provides a wide range, through which microprocessor diagnostics can predict traffic situations. In addition, it is also an auxiliary ‘eye’ for a series of other safety features under the Eyesight technology package

Adaptive Cruise Control – Custom Cruise Control

Allows automatic accelerator pedal adjustment to keep the right speed and distance with the vehicle in front.

Features Adaptive Cruise Control

Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control – the more advanced function of custom cruise control. It links with other features such as lane warning, rear vehicle sensors to always keep the right speed with all surrounding vehicles as well as keep the car always in its lane.

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Lane keep Assist & Sway warning – Lane departure control & warning

This is another safety feature of Eyesight, which uses cameras and sensors to monitor road markings on both sides, thereby keeping the vehicle in its lane. If the driver is drowsy or the vehicle is swerving out of the lane, the warning system will work for the owner to take timely action.

Lane departure warning

Pre-Collision braking – Automatic braking to avoid collision

Based on the parameters of the Front Camera, all speeds of the vehicle in front will be observed. If the vehicle in front has a sudden deceleration, the brake force assist system will immediately intervene so that the Subaru vehicle can avoid or reduce the force of a damaged collision with the vehicle in front.

Active collision avoidance emergency braking and emergency throttle adjustment of modern Subaru models equipped with EyeSight

Pre-Collision Throttle Management – ​​Adjust the accelerator pedal automatically to avoid collision

This feature works in harmony with the automatic braking system to reduce the vehicle’s speed as quickly as possible to avoid a collision.

Frequently asked questions about Subaru’s EyeSight Technology

Subaru is the only car company currently using dual cameras to scan the object in front, providing information to the vehicle’s processing system.

What are the pros and cons of EyeSight

?EyeSight uses two front color cameras to get information for the controller. Therefore, this system has the function of recognizing direction, measuring distance and object size of many types of vehicles – cars (passengers, trucks, buses) and bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians. , lane and color of road markings.

In addition, Camera Eyesight has the ability to process data faster, with a wider field of vision (to both side lanes) than the system using sensor radar. However, EyeSight is heavily affected by fog, drizzle or too strong bounce light (high-intensity headlights from oncoming vehicles, the sun …), the same is for tall objects low, completely below the front of the car (making the camera hidden). Of course, there is no way to completely limit the blind spot of one eye.

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Subaru models are equipped with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

How does the anti-mistake function of the accelerator pedal work

?To avoid a collision in the event the accelerator pedal is depressed more than necessary due to driver error while the front of the vehicle has a collision. obstacles are other vehicles. And this feature only works with the car in front because the EyeSight system uses the front camera to pick up the signal.

When the turn signal is on and lane change is on, does the lane warning system sound again

?No. Because then the system confirms that you changed lanes on purpose, rather than drifting out of lane or staggering due to drowsiness.

Can the accident prevention brake assist system startle the driver because the brakes are too strong & sudden

?This feature is divided into 4 different stages, depending on the situation. of the target ahead of which EyeSight will choose the appropriate action to assist the driver.

Note, the system will prioritize the actions of the driver and will cancel this feature automatically when it detects that the driver is pressing the brake and steering hard (to avoid obstacles).

Notably, EyeSight controls both engine power / traction in these cases, to ensure optimal braking force, helping the vehicle to stop as quickly as possible. This is the feature of Pre-Collision Throttle Management mentioned above.

Is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) an autopilot system?

This is a driver assistance system on the highway, so it does not support the automatic steering wheel at all. Its feature is to automatically keep the distance to the vehicle in front (the driver can choose the distance according to the pre-calculated speed ranges), including accelerating / decelerating according to the vehicle’s actions. in front, you can even brake to a complete stop and then continue to roll along with the vehicle in front.

So what’s the difference between the ACC adaptive cruise control system and the conventional cruise control system?

Eyesight controls the ACC adaptive cruise control system that operates in the speed range from 0 to 200 km/h if a vehicle is ahead, while the conventional cruise control system has a set speed range from 0 to 200 km/h. 30 – 180 km/h (no vehicle ahead). This said, ACC works more efficiently than conventional Cruise Control. Even in the case of traffic in big cities at a time when cars are having to follow each other.

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Besides foggy and light conditions, are there other conditions that make EyeSight’s camera less effective

?Vehicles with special shapes; low-rise sports racing cars, other vehicles located on the side of the vehicle, trucks or forklifts with low, flat floors. Visibility beyond 110m, or there are many vehicles approaching at the same time, pedestrians in the dark (not enough light to respond to the Camera), passers-by height less than 1m, animals (dogs, cats, pigs…) . Such cases make it difficult for the Camera to identify and take proper action.

In addition, it also limits the “vision” of the camera due to dirt on the windshield, reflective objects on the windshield, even cracks in the windshield.

Can EyeSight be toggled off

? Absolutely.

EyeSight is activated by default when the car is started, but you can turn this feature off with the press of a button. At that time, some features included in the Drive Assist support package will not be available. However, at this time, the Cruise Control system is still operating normally without the adaptive cruise control feature (Adaptive Cruise Control) according to the speed of the vehicle in front.

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EyeSight is just a support feature, you should not rely on

Vehicle users always have to be proactive in traffic situations, cannot completely entrust their own safety to the “vision” of the camera, and especially must always control the steering wheel as well as the accelerator and foot pedals. brake at all times. No matter how sophisticated the technology is, errors cannot be avoided, and errors when traveling at high speed must pay a price that is not cheap at all.