Homestay is a new and unique type of tourism in the world and also in Vietnam. People’s demand for resort tourism is increasing and the need to “explore and experience new things” is constantly increasing. And the Homestay model has features to meet these needs!

You can learn the basics of “Homestay” in this article!


1 – What is Homestay


2 – Features of Homestay

2.1 – Features of Homestay

2.2 – Location of Homestay

2.3 – Size of Homestay

2.4 – Benefits of Homestay

2.5 – Some disadvantages of staying at Homestay

3 – Challenges when investing in Homestay

1 – What is Homestay?

Homestay is a type of accommodation at local people’s houses when traveling. Homestay is more simply understood as “green tourism”, suitable for those who love to travel and experience culture in new lands.

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Homestay is identified by the phrase “Home from home”. That is, during the trip, you will stay at the house of local residents, live and work like a family member.

2 – Features of Homestay

2.1 – Features of Homestay

At Homestay, instead of staying at hotels and motels, guests will stay at homestays and become a member of their family. Visitors will have a closer and more realistic view of the life, culture, and customs of the indigenous people.

Homestay is like a kind of independent guesthouse, but with a personal touch. Visitors also have to do the same rental procedures as hotel rooms, motels.

The terms of the Homestay are usually agreed between the host and the visitor, including items such as: accommodation type, room, sleeping time, housekeeping, household amenities, food – food and other amenities. other rules.

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Indigenous people are those who provide products to tourists. Accommodation, food service and can also act as a tour guide to help visitors learn about cultural life, scenic spots, … at this place.

When staying at a Homestay with someone you don’t know, you need to respect their privacy, differences and culture.

The process of living will have different points about eating and sleeping in each region, maybe each country because the Homestay model does not restrict any object – visitors at all. So be open, happily adapt and behave civilly.

2.2 – Location of Homestay

Homestays are mostly formed in residential areas with specific cultural resources – diversity, rich wild resources, unique features in customs, …

In Vietnam today, the Homestay model appears in many tourist resorts such as Da Lat, Quang Ninh, Mai Chau, Tam Dao, Phu Quoc, etc.

2.3 – Size of Homestay

To run a Homestay business, local households need to renovate their houses to fully meet the prescribed requirements, then apply for a business license at the local government.

Normally, each family can welcome from 10 to 30 visitors (depending on size) with the cost of 1 room ranging from a few tens to several hundred thousand. In each different room type and location or amenities, the price will change accordingly.

2.4 – Benefits of Homestay

Homestay is also a fairly new type of tourism and is focused on development. This model is chosen by many business people and many tourists choose to experience, travel, and relax instead of other types (hotels, resorts, villas, …).

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Benefits for Homestay owners:

Creating jobs and income for many families, is a new business model that does not require too much investment like a hotel or resort. Promote local cultural values ​​and exchange and know more about culture. different from each visitor to this place.

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Benefits for visitors:

Homestay helps visitors to experience authentically about the daily life of a land. This is your chance to learn about food, culture and have them tell you about many stories of daily life, folk customs and habits with its own identity, etc. Different from sleeping in motels or hotels. Staying at a Homestay brings a new feeling from living in a community of many people, but it is also very familiar and close to being at home.

The cost to enjoy a stay at Homestay is also very reasonable and varied. From affordable homestays to luxury styles, you can choose according to your needs, preferences and conditions. Not high-class, but Homestay provides a full range of sleeping and dining standards for visitors.

2.5 – Some disadvantages of staying at Homestay

When experiencing Homestay, in addition to new and interesting things, there will be some disadvantages in the process of staying and living. These are very minor issues stemming from the idiosyncrasies of this type.

Less facilities than hotels, motels. Quality of stay Rest is not high and has little private space. Guests need to follow the rules set by the host, which can limit freedom. Homestay usually does not have surrounding amenities or tourist attractions. outside.

3 – Challenges when investing in Homestay

The type of Homestay is considered a fairly new investment channel, bringing stable profits and potential for future development, but to be successful, nothing is easy – so is investing in the Homestay business!

There are quite a few young start-ups who think that simply having an idea, having financial capital, can do business and invest in Homestay. And in fact, the business results under the Homestay model lead to losses or only maintained for a short time and then had to stop operating.

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There are some challenges when running a homestay business such as:

Homestay rental price is quite low and lower than hotel rent by 20-35% Long payback period of investors Not attracting professional developers due to large but fragmented market The number of guests is difficult to stabilize and According to the season, management, security, etc. are still difficult. Not every locality can do Homestay. The location must be unique, there must be an old village, there must be satellite spots to retain tourists, from agricultural labor, handicrafts, fine arts to the production of souvenirs, culinary specialties, local culture. … Increasing competition requires professional services The profit margin is not high compared to other forms of investment such as hotels, condotels, etc. Homestay is growing and there is a question that is “Is Homestay safe? commercialized?”

In the Vietnamese market, Homestay has become a new type of tourism that is unique and worth experiencing. However, homestay tourism also poses problems that need to be recognized.

The strong commercialization of cultural values ​​is increasingly changing, and more or less loses the uniqueness, the unique characteristic of Homestay is “living, sleeping, eating and drinking of indigenous people”.

In addition, in regions in Vietnam, the use of modern equipment such as heaters and air conditioners loses the inherent natural features of the indigenous people. In addition, the wrong and uncontrolled amusements of tourists have partly lost the unique cultural values ​​of the region.

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The Homestay business model will develop and is expected to explode in the next 3-5 years, at the same time, issues such as spontaneity in exploitation, synchronization in connection and support from policies will be the main challenges. There is no small challenge with this business model.