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Many people want to know what is industrial park in English? To know how it is written, please take a look at the content below for reference.

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Employment in Export Processing Zone – Industrial Park

1. Translate and explain the meaning of the phrase “industrial park” in English. What is an English industrial cluster?

Currently, English is the third most widely used language in the world. Each country has included this third subject in the curriculum for students, or there are training programs for those who want to study the subject separately, etc.

Because it is a common language, most people want to master this subject, especially in industry, when more and more industrial parks are springing up.

This is the main working environment of most Vietnamese people, so if you want to be in a position commensurate with your ability, you need to have specialized English. This is really important and it directly affects your career advancement.

And anyone who knows English to work in industrial parks, they know “What is an English industrial park?”, but for those of you who have just started learning English, you may not know it. , but don’t worry it’s really simple.

What is Industrial Park in English?

Industrial area is translated into English as Industrial area: This is a place with a geographical location, clear boundaries, non-living people and a concentration of many legally established companies, production and business enterprises. work.

Industrial cluster translated into English is Industrial cluster: This is a concentrated place similar to an industrial park, but its area will be smaller than that of an industrial park because it has a small and medium scale.

2. How to classify industrial zones

Industrial park is no longer a strange phrase to each of us, because today, society develops industrialization and modernization, it is inevitable that businesses will be formed and developed strongly. Here, let’s find out what the characteristics of an industrial park are and whether it is good for us.

To classify industrial parks, we have many ways, depending on different selection criteria, there will be different types of industrial parks. Here are some specific criteria to classify industrial zones for you to follow:

– Classification by operation scale: We have 3 different forms: large enterprises, medium enterprises and small enterprises. Based on this form, it will be assessed according to the area used by the enterprise, the total investment capital and the total number of employees.

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How to classify industrial zones?

– Classification by geographical location: Based on this classification, it can be divided into 3 types: Northern industrial zone, Central industrial zone and Southern industrial zone. In each region, industrial parks will be approved and divided into key industrial zones or normal industrial zones.

– Classification by object of investor: Including industrial parks with enterprises being domestic investors; mixed industrial zones including domestic and foreign investors; and industrial parks include only investors and projects from abroad.

– Classification according to the new or old level of the factory and the time of its formation: This classification includes industrial zones built from the subsidy period up to now, still in use and operating normally; the second category is industrial parks which are renovated based on a number of existing enterprises; The third category is industrial zones that appear completely new in separate locations.

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Those are some of the criteria to help the management authorities classify and easily manage the industrial parks in operation. In addition, there are many other classifications, but in this article I cannot share them all, you can find out more information on how to classify industrial parks, you can visit the Riclix website. .VN.

3. Role and development goals of industrial parks

3.1. The role of industrial zones

The industrial parks that are formed and developed, most of them have the same roles, these roles are:

– The first is to attract investment capital: This is a very important role and is placed on top. In order to maintain and develop a business, it is necessary to have abundant financial resources, otherwise the business will quickly fall to the brink of bankruptcy. Attracting capital is extremely necessary for each business in particular and for industrial parks in general, this capital can be from domestic investors or it can also be from foreign investors. The use of this investment capital will make the business more confident to develop and strive to strive in the process of operation.

Next, when the capital is available, the business will have to ensure the use of capital Using existing resources: This means that all resources such as finance, land, and people of the business must be used to the fullest extent in order to avoid waste and loss of wealth and human resources. … The correct use of resources will definitely be an important stepping stone in the production process, helping businesses have a tighter working process and managers will also easily grasp the situation. more corporate image.

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Roles and development goals of industrial parks

– Next is the fact that the industrial park always forms key economic sectors: When there is a spearhead economic sector, it is like a solid pillar to be able to support other industries when facing difficulties. In other words, the fact that these key industries will be the main source of income and the revenue from these key industries will help share risks for businesses in the industrial park. Enterprises with a spearhead industry will receive more investment, when there are risks in other industries, this is a source of return for the state and businesses.

– Finally, it is to promote the economic development of the country: When forming and developing industrial zones in a certain country, many social problems are solved including economic problems, employment problems, human problems, etc.

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A society that can solve so many problems is of course considered developed.

Above are the roles of industrial parks that have a great influence on human life and social development, let’s see what are the advantages of industrial parks in the next section.

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3.2. Development goals of industrial parks

According to the direction and guidance of our Party and State, in the coming period, we set a big goal that industry will play a key and leading role, and at the same time will form industrial parks of suitable size. suitable for each geographical location and each economic region.

The next objective is to try to increase the total production value compared to the previous period for domestic manufacturing industries and industries exporting to the international market.

4. Strengths when industrial zones are formed and developed

Today, on the Vietnamese market in particular as well as the foreign market in general, all items are diverse and rich in colors and types. More and more new brands have entered the market with competitive prices, making it easy for consumers to buy goods for use. The price is reasonable and you can freely choose the model according to your preferences and style. This is the first strong point when many businesses appear, causing positive effects on people.

Strengths when industrial zones form and develop

Besides, the appearance of many industrial zones also proves the development of a country’s economy. When a country develops, all aspects are developed, in which industry is indispensable.

Many industrial parks have also been established, creating additional budget sources for the State, contributing to increasing the budget and can use that budget fund to invest or support other resources that are facing difficulties.

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Above all, industrial parks are formed and developed, which is great when it solves the problem of jobs for people to help them get a job, get a stable monthly income. to make a living. Most of the time, where there is an industrial park, the people living there are very well off. This makes people’s living standards significantly improved. Every good citizen means that the country is also going up.

Through this, we realize that the development of industrial parks and industrial clusters is very beneficial for the people in particular and the country in general. The more businesses owned by a country, the more developed the country is.

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5. Some of the key industrial zones of our country today

In Vietnam today, there are many large industrial parks and play a key role in promoting the growing industry.

In big cities like Hanoi, we can mention those industrial parks: Sai Dong A Industrial Park, Sai Dong B Industrial Park, Noi Bai Industrial Park, North Thang Long Industrial Park, …

Some of the key industrial zones of our country today

In neighboring provinces such as Vinh Phuc, there are also many large industrial parks such as Khai Quang industrial park, Binh Xuyen industrial park, Ba Thien industrial park, etc.

There are many other industrial parks that I cannot list here, here are some specific industrial parks that I would like to introduce so that you can understand better.

6. Conditions for forming an industrial park

Because the industrial park is the gathering place of many large enterprises small and different, so its area must also ensure that when built, there is no shortage of area.

The industrial park construction project must be accepted and approved by the competent management levels, have a certificate and must be consistent with the overall planning of the industrial park as permitted in each specific area. body.

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In general, to build, form and develop an industrial park, it is necessary to meet all legal requirements of the project management authorities, have a certificate of land ownership and other documents. relevant, ensuring legal procedures in a transparent and clear manner, etc. These are extremely necessary and indispensable conditions if you want to open an industrial park.

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Conditions for forming an industrial park