M&A is an abbreviation of the phrases Mergers and Acquisitions. M&A is an activity to gain control of a business through a merger or acquisition between two or more businesses to own part or all of that business.

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In the form of merger, it is the association between enterprises of the same size and the birth of an enterprise with new legal status. The merged enterprise will own all the assets, interests, rights and obligations of the merged enterprise. Two businesses linked together for common interests.

Acquisition is a form in which a large enterprise will buy back smaller and weaker businesses and the buying enterprise will retain its old legal status. The acquiring enterprise is entitled to legal ownership of the acquired enterprise.

M&A deals are for the purpose of participating in and deciding important issues of the merged or acquired business, not simply by owning shares. M&A often brings a lot of benefits to businesses: opening expand market share, achieve better business efficiency, reduce the number of necessary employees, reduce unnecessary costs, take advantage of transferred technology, etc.

Common forms of M&A implementation include: direct capital contribution to enterprises; buy back contributed capital or shares. There are also: mergers and acquisitions; business consolidation and division; business separation.

M&A deals in the hotel industry in Vietnam

– Hanoi Hanuel Electronics Company acquires 70% of shares in 5-star Daewoo hotel

The value of the deal remains undisclosed. Daewoo Hotel is owned by a Korean business. This hotel is located in a very prime location, the intersection of Kim Ma, Lieu Giai, next to Thu Le park.

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– BRG Group acquires Hilton Opera Hanoi hotel

The acquisition of the Hilton Opera Hanoi hotel was only announced after its completion. The BRG Group has acquired the ownership of the clean guest Hilton from its German and Austrian partners.

– Sovico Group acquired the 5-star resort Furama Da Nang, Ana Mandara and An Lam Ninh Van Bay.

At the time Furama was transferred to Sovico group, almost all 5-star hotels from North to South were managed by foreign corporations. Sovico Group is entitled to contribute capital with the available land use rights. Following that, this group also acquired two more resorts in Nha Trang: Ana Mandara and An Lam Ninh Van Bay.

– Thien Minh Tourism Joint Stock Company acquired a system of hotels and resorts in Victoria in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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The chain of 6 Victoria hotels and resorts acquired by Thien Minh company includes: Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa; Victoria Can Tho Resort; Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa; Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa; Victoria Chau Doc Hotel and Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa (Cambodia).

– Muong Thanh acquired Phuong Dong Hotel

Muong Thanh hotel investors have acquired 53.4% ​​stake in Phuong Dong hotel