Let’s find out with Audio Hai Hung what is the inch unit in the speaker? Speakers 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch are and distinguish the difference between types of speakers. All will be answered by Audio Hai Hung in this article

Speaker 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch? What is the difference between the speakers? These are common questions for those who are new to audio. In today’s article, Audio Hai Hung will answer all about this issue. At the end of the article we will suggest you where to buy the most prestigious 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch speakers today.

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1. What is the unit inch in the speaker

?First we must understand what is the inch in the speaker? The inch is a unit of length measurement like mm, cm, dm, m. However, because the units mm, cm, and dm are quite difficult to read, they are simplified to names with conventions of inches, li, and stools, in which:

1 li = 1mm1 inch = 1cm1 inch = 1dm = 10cm1 yard = 1m = 100cm1 kilometer = 1000m

The 1-inch speaker has a length of 10cm

The concept of inch in the loudspeaker is defined as the diameter of the bass speaker. Such naming helps users to easily understand and distinguish the basic characteristics of the speaker, the larger the speaker, the stronger the force, or more precisely, the heavier the driver inside, the more force it will hit. So the larger the speaker, the better the sound will be.

Some different names for bass speakers

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Bass 1 inch = Bass 10cm = Bass 2 inch = Bass 20cm = Bass 3 inch = Bass 30cm = Bass 12 inch Bass 4 inch = Bass 40cm = Bass 15 inch Bass 5 inch = Bass 50cm = Bass 17 inch

2. Definition of current speakers:

2.1. What is a 1-inch speaker? when manufactured.

2.2. What is 2 inch speaker pull

? Portable 2 inch speaker means 20cm Bass speaker diameter. The most popular 2-inch speaker today is the Malata M9015 speaker that connects Bluetooth with Bass, Treble, and supports 12V battery charging port with outstanding features such as:

2 wireless mics for users to enjoy great relaxing moments of singing with a unique function of priority.Bluetootj V3.0 connection function is integrated with modern audio-visual devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, .. Just one touch connection, the sound is automatically transmitted from the device to the speaker.

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2 inch Bass Speaker

2.3. What is a 3-inch speaker

?3-inch – 12-inch portable speaker with a bass speaker diameter of 30cm. The most popular 3-inch speaker on the market is the Malata M9017 with 2 Microphones, 1 remote control, quick Bluetooth connection function, with outstanding features:

Allows users to connect a variety of modern input means from wireless Bluetooth to wired. In addition, Malata M9017 is also integrated with devices such as DVD, TV, Laptop, Smartphone, … supports memory card slots, microphones and musical instruments, etc. Malata speakers are most popular because of their extremely good live music feature, produces the most realistic melodies and allows users to play music for 5-8 hours.

3 inch Bass Speaker

2.4. What is a 4-inch speaker

? A 4-inch puller is a 15-inch speaker with a Bass speaker diameter of 40cm

Featured is the Malata 9022 speaker line with great features:

Malata gets its energy from a 220V power source or a 12V battery to help users simply connect with smart Bluetooth devices, integrated with Smartphones. Fully supported and quickly connected to computer UAX ports, computer VCD, DVD, etc. Use time up to 12 hours.

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JBL 4-inch speaker pair

2.5. What is a 5 inch speaker

? Similar to the above speakers, the 5 inch speaker is a 17 inch speaker with a Bass diameter of 50cm

The more the speaker pulls, the better the sound, the more resonant and deeper because the larger the speaker, the more Bass it produces, the stronger the sound will be. On the current market, users tend to choose 3-inch speakers; 3.5 inches; 4 inches.

JBL 5-inch speaker pair

3. The address to buy the most prestigious and quality portable speaker today

Hopefully, with the information Audio Hai Hung provided above, you can understand what is a 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch speaker and choose for yourself the address to buy the best quality speakers. Best articles you should see: