A rich man went to the sea to watch the sunset, while resting on the sand he saw a fisherman lying in the sun. The rich man asked, “Why don’t you go fishing?”

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The fisherman replied: “I have fished enough to feed my family today, now I can rest a bit.”

The rich man asked: “It’s still early, you can catch some fish to bring back, so you can make a lot of money.”

The fisherman smiled lightly and said, “What’s with a lot of money?”.

The rich man replied: “With more money, you can buy a bigger boat and catch more fish, earn more money.”

The fisherman asked again: “Then what?”.

Rich people say, “You can expand your business, own your business, even grow your business around the world.”

The fisherman asked again: “And then?”.

“After that, you will live like a king like me, you can go to the beach to enjoy the scenery, walk, and lie down in the sun,” said the rich man proudly.

“So look what I’m doing?” replied the fisherman and looked up at the sunset, no longer minding anything.

Photo: Pixabay.

The above response has shown us that each person’s point of view is different. For an ambitious person, having a lot of money is a goal. As for an ordinary person, enjoying life is the goal, happiness is a more valuable asset than money.

Here we are not discussing who is right and who is wrong, it’s just that when we don’t stand at the same angle to see the problem, our opinions are different. The rich can choose any beach to leave their footprints and experience material satisfaction. And fishermen can also stay on their own beach to fish, sunbathe and enjoy a comfortable life.

“Three views” include worldview, human life view, and value perspective. When the three views are not compatible, two people cannot understand each other, nor can they tolerate and empathize with each other. The road of life is wide, if they don’t match, everyone will go their separate ways in the end.

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What is an unsuitable three-door?

You think that I am young and need to go out and travel in all directions, but other people like to enjoy peaceful days in a small house.

You feel that the roadside toad restaurant is familiar and romantic, while others think that eating at a restaurant is worthy of his identity.

You feel that two people living together should share housework, but he thinks that housework is for women, and big business is for men.

When you share your joy, people assume you are conceited. When you tell sad stories, people feel that you are telling them suffering.

Those who are not compatible are like two parallel lines, even when they intersect, they quickly separate.

Life’s path is short, spend your time with people who have the same three views, stay together without feeling tired, then you will receive a lot of joy and happiness.

If you can talk to each other, the relationship can be long-lasting

Communicating is easy, but triennial is hard to find. Thousands of gold are easy to find, but soulmates are hard to find.

During the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, Ba Nha was a master of music, many people praised his ability to play the lute, but only very few people really understood Ba Nha’s sound. Until Ba Nha met Tu Ky, history had the story of “high mountain flowing water”, high mountain water flowing.

That day, Ba Nha went up the mountain and excitedly strummed the melodious music. Tu Ky passed by, heard the man’s music and immediately praised: “Listening to this song, I feel a high mountain standing in front of me”.

Ba Nha thought of running water again and played the soft music again. After hearing this, Tu Ky said: “Listening to this sound, I feel like a gentle river rises in front of me”.

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When Ba Nha heard that, she thought: I finally met my soulmate!

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Later, when Ba Nha knew that Tu Ky had passed away due to illness, he decided to beat the piano, making an oath from now on not to play any more music, because the person who really understood his voice had already played the piano. no more.

Painting of Ba Nha – Tu Ky interacting (photo: Sohu).

The sea is vast, there are many people on the party table, but there are few people who are willing to help you when you are in trouble. Many people can sing along with you, but the person who really understands your heart can’t have one or two people.

When meeting someone who can talk with you, both of you calmly sit down to discuss life. Only they can understand your heart, whether happy or sad will always be the support for your life.

Understanding the other party can interact for a long time

In life, you will experience thousands of encounters, but meeting someone who knows you, understands you, is extremely lucky.

Therefore, the story of Duong Giang and Tien Chung Thu makes people admire. Both are famous people in the literary and poetic world, as well as a couple who love to tease each other anytime and anywhere.

Once, Duong Giang wrote a letter to Tien Chung Thu, in which there was only one word: “Poverty”. Common Money The letter received, also wrote an “Em” for Duong Giang.

As it turned out, Duong Giang wrote the word “Tung” to ask how many people were in his heart, Tien Chung Thu replied with the meaning: In my heart, there is only you.

It’s not rare to meet love or to meet touching things, but it’s rare to meet someone who understands you.

I once watched a short film with very impressive content: An elderly couple decided to go for a walk on the beach to celebrate their 63 years of marriage. The old woman walked very fast, and the old man lagged behind because his legs were no longer the same.

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At first he complained that she was going too fast to wait for him, but she criticized him for being slow as a snail. He then tried to walk fast to keep up with her, she saw him trying so she also slowed down to wait for him.

In the end, the two support each other and walk together on the beach to enjoy the sunset.

In love, no two people are exactly the same, but without love and tolerance, coordination and support for each other, the two cannot go together to the end of life.

In marriage, there is no partner who is completely identical to you in terms of the three views, only the person who is in harmony with you in terms of the three views, together with you to solve problems in married life.

The best love is not being together for a long time, but understanding each other.

Photo: Pixabay.

Slowly find someone who understands you in the crowd

Chau Quoc Binh once said: “There are 3 growths in a person’s life: one is when you find out you are not the center of the world, the other is when you discover that no matter how hard you try, you can’t do anything. Accepting simplicity and enjoying the simplicity of oneself.

We cannot please the whole world. When we are no longer mindless children, we will eventually understand that a certain distance must be maintained between people.

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A person who has hundreds of thousands of friends is not as good as someone who has only one friend who understands him.

If the Tam Quan doesn’t match, you’ll forever be just a passerby

Human life is as vast as the deep sea, hope you can find like-minded people, become a lifelong confidant, someone who doesn’t tire of talking to you, and someone who understands you deeply…