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Watching: What is Plot twist

So you must have guessed that the phrase “Plot Twist” is related to this field, right? Let’s find out in the article below.

Plot Twist roughly translates into Vietnamese as “plot twist”. But it will be difficult to understand if I don’t explain better. Simply Plot Twist is the twist, the unexpected episode of a story that makes viewers seem unpredictable. Initially you can predict what will happen next, the next action of the character will be bla bla bla…. But at a certain point, it suddenly happens in a different way that surprises you. That’s the Plot Twist.

Therefore, Plot Twist is an important element if you want to create good content, a fascinating and sometimes unexpected development that will make a lasting impression on the audience.

The first interesting Plot Twist creator is director and screenwriter Alfred Hitchcock with the film Psycho (1960). When the movie was going on, only 1/3 of the way, the main character suddenly died!.

Plot Twist is of course a surprise. However, there are some works where the unexpected Twists are hinted at at the beginning of the story.

For example, the movie The Conjuring 2 (2016). Right from the beginning of the film, there is a ghostly demon with a ghastly appearance. Until the story seemed unrelated to the exorcist couple Ed and Lorraine struggling with a family being harassed by ghosts in England, the final knot was that the ghost revealed that it was impossible to transcend escaped from being held by the demonic nun.

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Whether Plot Twist makes the story more interesting and climax depends on the talent of the screenwriter or the creator. Having Plot Twist is good, but if it appears too much without being properly arranged in the content, it will be offensive and boring.

For example, the movie Now you see me 2 (2016) – unexpected and bewildering elements constantly appear, making viewers seem to be unable to keep up with the development of the story. If you can’t understand it, it will become frustrating, repulsive – along with that, the audience will no longer be interested in watching.

On the contrary, it is also a movie with a lot of Plot Twist: 3 Idiots (Three Idiots – 2009), but this work is extremely excellent because the situations arise are very humorous and are stitched together extremely skillfully. , creating a perfect story line, wonderfully engaging – keeping the viewer’s eyes on the film from beginning to end.

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Sometimes without Plot Twist, the work is still good, still profound. For example, the 2012 Iranian movie “A Separation” just reflects the injustice of society with a few characters. However, it still makes a strong impression and leaves an emotional resonance in the hearts of the audience. The movie won an Oscar without the need for Plot Twist.

Note these are movies and stories that I’ve seen no less than ten times – pretty good and easy to summarize the most typical Plot Twist. There are countless other works that also contain many equally interesting surprises but cannot be listed because they are too long. If you watch it directly, you will feel the beauty of the work.

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A work of famous writer Dan Brown was adapted into a movie. Highlights the fierce revenge of the Illuminati – a secret society of scientists who was once destroyed by the Church for arguments contrary to the word of God.

It seemed that the film would end with the recognition of the Holy See and the venerable Patriarch Patrick as Pope for his brave act. But another development near the end of the film changed most of the original content when it was the venerable cardinal who was the murderer of his adoptive father, the Pope, stealing the antimatter experiment and at the same time. who also plotted to pretend that the Illuminati had returned to kill the Cardinals in the election of the next Pope.

A horror film about a 9-year-old girl named Esther being adopted. Towards the end of the film, a truth is revealed that shocks both the characters in the film and the audience: Esther is a 33-year-old adult woman named Leena. But because of hypopituitarism, Leena could not grow up. She longed to live like a real woman, so she changed her name, tried to be adopted by some families to seduce fathers, and caused the deaths of at least 7 people.

A famous Thai school-age romance film, about the female lead’s pursuit of a high school male god. At first, she didn’t look very cute, but because of love, she was determined to change herself to become more beautiful and more excellent to match that person. Unfortunately, the male lead rejected her. Thought the first love would end unfinished, but before leaving his family to go to Bangkok, he reviewed his photo diary. It’s surprising that there are pictures of female lead with lines expressing his unspeakable feelings. Fortunately, the film also salvaged a happy ending after 9 years of separation of this couple.

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An unexpected and confusing episode when the love between the main couple was beautiful and seemed to be about to confess to everyone, when Dex – the central male character decided to end and break up with the female lead. , simply because he felt sorry for his fiancée and the two families. While before, it was he who took the initiative to attack, started a relationship with the female lead and was determined to take responsibility with her until the end when it all came to light. After that, the sad heroine left for England for a while and in the end everyone knew the truth.

The end of the story I think is a happy one, but I don’t appreciate the male lead’s stupid actions. He has no definiteness between the two women. A character promoted by the author as having a strong stance when he was in college but being so unintelligent and lacking in bravery is very disappointing.

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Plot Twist is an important element to creating a good work. However it is not all. A good plot, script needs logic, a reasonable arrangement of situations as well as the ability to research and be flexible in the use of words. In addition, the evaluation of a work depends on many other factors, most of which are the feelings and opinions of each person.