Off-Road is a very familiar phrase for car lovers, especially cars. It can be said that, although there are many types of cars today, off-road models are the most popular, especially for real racers.

Off-Road is a very familiar phrase for car lovers, especially cars. It can be said that, although there are many types of cars today, off-road models are the most popular, especially true racers, even if they are willing to spend some money. However, many people still wonder and do not know what off-road is, what features, and why these models are so popular. to that. To better understand, let’s find out in detail what off-road is? What’s outstanding and how to drive “extremely” right below!

Learn what is an off road vehicle

?Off-road is a vehicle that ensures good conditions for entering areas without major roads, usually just pedestrian trails with locations. bumpy, dangerous, difficult shape. On one side will be a mountain trail just enough for motorbikes to move, at the bottom are abysses, deep rivers or rocky roads, etc. Therefore, off-road vehicles require people. The driver needs to be really experienced or it can be said to be a “silk” steering wheel, otherwise, there may be many uncertainties and dangers.

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Off-road is used as a general name for rugged terrain

If translated literally, off-road is also considered as driving on roads with sand, gravel, rocks, river beds or snow or other dangerous terrain. Off-road is used as a common name for rugged, bad terrain and also as an extreme sport for those who like experiences and adventurous challenges.

How is it called an Offroad vehicle

?Currently, there are many types of off-road vehicles and also known by another name, “dust trucks”, which are specifically designed for For the purpose of traveling on rough terrain, this type of vehicle is called an off-road vehicle.

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Off-road vehicle engines will usually be smaller and lighter

Compared with vehicles running on flat roads, the off-road vehicle’s engine will usually be smaller and lighter. At the same time, there will be longer shock absorbers, a larger ground clearance, a solid structure with a lighter weight frame and no additional panels to avoid damage or breakage when being hit by the vehicle. In addition, the wheel size of offroad is larger than the front wheel with a diameter of 21 inches and the rear wheel is 18 inches. Conventional off-road tires are designed with large spikes and they are usually locked to the rim by a tire lock, also known as a rim lock.

Some of the best Offroad cars today

Off-Road is a special vehicle designed for enthusiasts to explore. What they need is a true off-road vehicle that can satisfy these pleasures well. Here are the best offroad vehicles currently on the market:

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Toyota Land Cruiser

Ram 1500 Rebel

Offroad driving experience

Offroad driving is not easy, but the driver needs to be a real driver and have a lot of extreme driving experience to operate in the best way as follows:

Using 4WD and off-road traction

4WD is an acronym for 4-Wheel Drive, which is a part-time 4-wheel drive system. When using this drive system, your vehicle can be driven by two wheels or four wheels depending on the selected bridge mode. Two-wheel drive mode will apply to simple, gentle roads, while four-wheel mode is applied to dangerous and harsh offroad roads. The differential system, also known as the central differential lock, will be active when in slow 4-wheel drive mode to help the wheels rotate at the same speed, helping the car to get out of the muddy roads.

In cars with modern design, in addition to the choice of transmission type, the vehicle is also equipped with traction control technology to help prevent the vehicle from slipping unexpectedly, even when the vehicle is moving on roads. snow surface.

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Adjust fast and slow speed properly

Great choice when going offroad. When you want to pass a high, rough rock, if you try to step on the accelerator and rush to the car, crashing directly into the rock, then the shock absorber system will work all the way, kicking the spring and bouncing back. .

This will not only damage your vehicle, but also the driver and the vehicle will be bouncing back, unable to overcome the obstacle. In this situation, the best way is to slow down and take advantage of great traction at low rpm, shock absorbers and also skillfully drive over the rock without being able to damage the tires or the components. other department.

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Go with low gears and low revs

Offroad is a type of terrain that is extremely difficult to ride and requires enough strength to overtake. Because So, the best way is that you need to go at a low speed, you can choose by setting the bridge slowly to ensure speed. On cars that do not have a slow-shift mode, the driver needs to go in a low gear.

When driving at low engine rpm, it not only helps the car to increase traction when going uphill, overcoming the most difficult obstacles, but also helps to increase the ability of the engine brake, helping the car’s brake system not to be damaged. Overwhelme.

Remove tire air

A tire when inflated will also explode like a balloon. When traveling on the street, your car will need 4 inflated tires to reduce friction and save fuel. But when the vehicle is transported on offroad terrain, the driver needs to keep the tire pressure low in order to increase the contact area of ​​the energy from the tire absorbed into the surface of the obstacle, thereby helping to increase traction and The car won’t skid either.

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Don’t think about losses

If you are an enthusiast, you don’t have to be afraid of losses. When driving an offroad vehicle, there will certainly be times when the bumper will collide with a rock or tree stump, the car will crash or be suspended on a rock. If you’re afraid of a car crash with those things, say, the offroad isn’t for you.

If you’re afraid of a car crash with those things, say, the offroad isn’t for you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Before becoming great drivers ready to conquer any difficult terrain, off-roaders need to go through a period of being an beginner, extremely “sorry” and bewildered, but luck is not. big problem.

Notes when driving offroad you need to know

Reverse the vehicle properly

Off-road driving means that you are challenging yourself when moving on extremely difficult terrain roads such as: boulders, many mounds, slippery roads that will hinder movement. your favorable transfer. When encountering these types of terrain, especially inclined cliffs, you need to know how to reverse the gears and move gradually as gently as possible. In addition, when reversing low, it will also ensure safety even when you are going downhill or uphill.

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Reduce tire pressure

When the vehicle is traveling in bad terrain, the tires will have to come into contact with a lot of gravel at this time. If the tire pressure is too high, the friction of the tires will decrease, which will cause you to encounter many dangers on bumpy roads. Therefore, you need to adjust the tire pressure to a lower level than usual for the safest travel.