What are Vocaloids? For a Japanese Anime Fan, you must be familiar with Vocaloid. Because many big projects Vocaloid Anime are being developed and loved in Japan. However, not everyone understands Vocaloid well and is a new concept for many of you. So what is Vocaloid sharing for international shipping? Vocaloid characters are famous in Japan today.

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?Is a singing voice synthesizer application software developed by Yamaha Corporation that allows users to put lyrics and melodies into the application. From there, users can design a song or song according to their wishes based on the voices of real-life Singers with representative images of Japanese Anime, Manga or Games style characters.

You can also understand simply, Vocaloid is a program to create songs for “virtual singers”.

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Hatsune Miku

Featured songs

– Levaan Polkka

– World’s is Mine

– Black Rock Shooter

– Love Is War

– Melt

– Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru

– Koisuru

– Packaged

– Saihate

– The Dissapearance of Hatsune Miku-DEAD END

– Popipo Vegetable Juice

– Romeo & Cinderella

– Nebula

– Magnet (singing with Luka)


– Last Night Good Night

– 1925

Meiko Sakine

Featured songs


-Evil Food Eater Conchita

-A Whole New World (singing with Kaito hyung)

-Fairy Taled

-Yuki Usagi


Featured songs


-Cendrillion (singing with Miku)

-A Thousand Year Solo

-Sweet’S Beast


-Heart Beat Clock Tower

-Alice in Dreamland

Kagamine Rin – Kagamine Len

Featured songs

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By Rin: Rin Rin Signal, Kokoro, Meltdown, Daughter of Evil, The Curses Classes, Transmit, Tengaku, Fear Garden, Dreaming Leaf, Iroha no Uta, Skeletion Life, Anti-Chlorobenze, Nazokake, Rin Rin High Mind, Ameyumerou (singing) with Miku), Sakasama Rainbow (with Miku), I I I I Like You,I I I I Love You.

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From Len: Spice!, Namae No Uta, Kimini Sasagu Fantasia, Out of Eden, Paradichlorobenze, Nazotoki, Servant of Evil, Millenium, Fire Flower, Kagamine Len no Bousou, Ike Lenka, Discotheque★Love.

Both sing together: Yume Sakura, siGRE, Kaga PIYO, Dance Site Of Darkness, Gemini, Juvenile, Adolescene, Trick and treat, Aroha Que.

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Megurine Luka

Featured songs

– Just Be Friends (this is the most turbulent song among the songs she performed)

– Wonderlast

– Music Box of Time

– DYE (Like JBF, causing a lot of ups and downs due to plagiarism of j-Pop singers…)

– Secret (This song Luka showed off his English speaking skills)

– Freedom

– Tailor Shop at Enbizaka

– Luka Luka Night Fever

– Double Lariat

– Toeto

– Little Mermaid

– Akahitoha

Gakupo Kamui

Place of Birth: InteCo.,Ltd

Voice provider: Gackt

Symbolic object: Eggplant

Featured songs:

– Dancing Samurai

– Venomani Kyou wa Kyouki

– Paranoid Dolls

– Breathe

– Owata

Megpoid Gumi

Featured songs:

– Blue Bird

– Miracle Gumiracle

– Bokura no 16 BIT warz

– Sorry to You

– Megu Megu Fire Endless Night

– Campanella

– Love Will Surely Soar

– The Last Revolver

– Yowamushi Montblanc

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– Mosaic Roll

– Just A Game

– Poker Face

– Sayonara Memories

– Nakimushi Esemble

– Holography

– Aitai

– MaryGold


Featured songs:

– Lily Lily Burning Night

– Feel My Soul

– Chloe

Hopefully, through this article, we can introduce what is Vocaloid? The characters in the famous Vocaloid in Japan can introduce readers to the Vocaloids that are being loved by young people today.