Nutrition is one of the factors that determine the quantity and quality of breast milk after giving birth. Here are 10 milk-boosting foods that are not only widely used in folklore but also highly appreciated by experts, mothers should supplement daily to help their milk flow.

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CONTENTS I. Factors affecting milk quantity and quality II. 10 dairy foods to help milk rush in 1. Dairy foods from hooves 2. Dairy foods from vegetables and sweet potatoes 3. Dairy foods from figs 4. Dairy foods from jute vegetables 5. Milk-boosting drink from gotu kola 6. Banana – Milk-friendly fruit 7. Dill milk-beneficial dish 8. Milk-beneficial tea drink drink 9. Milk-friendly roasted brown rice water 10. Milk-friendly pill III. Note

After giving birth, in order to have an abundant milk supply for breastfeeding mothers, it is necessary to ensure 3 factors: the mother must be happy, healthy and have adequate nutrition.

In which, a nutritious meal is a decisive factor in both milk quantity and milk quality. In addition, many foods that have the ability to help milk will help increase lactation, which is very necessary for mothers with little milk or milk for a long time.

Many Vietnamese mothers often think that eating a lot of rice will help increase milk production. And there are also many mothers who wonder if eating a lot of rice is beneficial for milk. In fact, rice is not considered a dairy food. The mother’s diet of rice or starch after giving birth should not be more than before, because eating a lot can easily lead to the risk of obesity and diabetes. Of course, rice is still an essential food that contributes to the mother’s general lactation. However, the mother should be equal to 4 groups of nutrients including starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. In which, the mother should increase the foods capable of promoting milk, containing many nutrients beneficial to health and increase milk quality.

Besides, although breast milk is the best milk, the quality of breast milk depends largely on nutrition. Specifically, the mother’s diet has a certain influence on some micronutrients in the milk. For example, if the mother is deficient in vitamins, especially vitamins A, D and B1, breast milk will also lack these vitamins. Therefore, breastfed babies in the first 6 months can completely be deficient in the above substances. On the other hand, in the first 6 months, the baby’s antibodies are provided directly from breast milk. Therefore, mothers need to have a scientific diet so that the baby has the best resistance, helping to prevent diseases.

Here are 10 milk-boosting foods that are not only widely used in folklore, but also recognized by many doctors, mothers should supplement daily to help their milk come back full. Note that to ensure the best health and milk supply, mothers should eat a variety of foods or combine different foods below to eat during the day, not only one food should be used.

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Toenails are considered the top food that is always fostered by mothers after giving birth. This food provides a lot of water during milk production. In addition, they also provide many important nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, vitamins B, A, systine, myoglobin and collagen.

Spring rolls can be combined with many other vegetables to increase nutrition and help moms eat well such as papaya stewed pork leg, lotus seed stewed pork leg, mushroom stewed pork leg, vegetable stewed pork leg, and noodle soup. sausage…

Sweet potatoes are considered “ginseng from the south”, very good for health. Both vegetables and sweet potatoes have beneficial effects on milk, in addition to helping laxatives and anti-constipation. Sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamins C, D, E to help increase milk secretion. Sweet potatoes also contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, which help pregnant women heal quickly, reduce the risk of infection, quickly restore their health after giving birth, and increase resistance in milk.

Fig is a fruit that contains many nutrients that stimulate breast milk, so it not only helps to bring milk back quickly but also limits the risk of blocked milk ducts. Figs also contain many essential nutrients to increase milk quality such as protein, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene… According to Oriental medicine, figs have cool properties, blood circulation, diuretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and killing properties. infection, which is very necessary for the mother to quickly recover her health after giving birth. In addition to eating raw figs directly, the mother can store figs with lean meat, fish stock or dry the decoction of daily drinking water.

Jute vegetables contain a lot of water and mucus, so it increases the volume of milk. Mothers who ate jute vegetables for 4 consecutive weeks right after giving birth proved to have more milk in the 3rd and 4th week than in the 1st and 2nd week. But if jute was not eaten, the 3rd week of milk production. and the 4th is still coming but the quantity is much less. Jute vegetables also contain many important nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and many different vitamins. It was also found that mothers who ate jute vegetables regularly had higher fat content in milk than mothers who did not. Mothers should eat from 200g-250g in daily meals to increase lactation and increase milk quality for the baby.

Gotu kola is not only a vegetable, a familiar drink but also a precious herb. They have antibacterial effects, blood circulation, so they help mothers recover quickly after giving birth. Besides, folk also consider gotu kola as a in very good dairy foods. Mother can take fresh gotu kola to cook soup with minced lean meat, drink the juice to bleed or dry the gotu kola and drink water daily.

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Banana is a fruit with many important nutrients for health such as vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, protein, folate, iron… The glaze of bananas, especially porcelain bananas, is very well appreciated, helping the mother to increase the amount of food. milk without fear of gaining weight. In addition, bananas contain high amounts of iron and nutrients, which are not only good for the mother’s health, prevent anemia but also increase the quality of breast milk. Mothers can eat bananas as usual or mix with milk, blender will help milk come back more and thicker.

Although it is a small spice plant, dill has an unexpected milk-boosting effect. This vegetable contains compounds that stimulate the production of the hormones estrogen and prolactin – two important hormones, necessary for the production of breast milk. You can cook dill soup with spinach with clams, fish, shrimp or minced meat…

The leaves or tea have long been used by folk, especially for women after giving birth, because of their beneficial effects on milk, to avoid the loss of milk after giving birth. In addition, they also help with blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, help wounds heal quickly, regulate menstruation, treat osteoarthritis pain, anorexia, reduce fatigue … Therefore, helping mothers quickly recover their health after giving birth.

However, because white tea is an herbal medicine, arbitrary use will sometimes backfire. You should only use 50g of dry tea, divided into 2 times (1 warm in the morning, 1 warm in the afternoon). Put the tea in the kettle, steep a round of hot water, rinse it and pour it out. Then you pour 1 liter of boiled water into the kettle, keep it warm for 30 minutes and drink as needed.

Brown rice is whole grain rice. They only have the outer husk removed, leaving the germ intact and 7 layers of bran surrounding the seed. This bran layer contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, which not only helps to make breast milk more abundant and delicious, but also increases the quality of breast milk. Therefore, this is the leading dairy food. In addition, the rich amount of fiber in brown rice also helps mothers quickly lose weight after giving birth

I just need to roast brown rice. For each use, take 1 cup of roasted brown rice tea and put it in a kettle with 800ml of boiled water. Close the lid tightly and incubate for about 1 hour to be able to drink. Or you can boil brown rice with 3 liters of water and a little salt. Cook until the rice is soft, then turn off the heat, use a sieve to filter the rice to get water to drink.

In addition to the above-mentioned dairy foods, to have an abundant and quality milk supply, mothers should supplement with milk-boosting tablets. To ensure the best quality and safety, mothers should choose high-quality products, extracted from natural herbs. The advantage of these products is the use of raw materials completely from dairy foods from plants. Different from using raw herbs, milk benefits have been refined, removing all impurities and substances that are easy to cause side effects from herbs, keeping only the essence capable of stimulating milk and most beneficial to health. health of mother and baby.

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One of the most popular herbal milkshakes on the market today isBreastfeeding Support, a product of Herbs Of Gold – Australia’s number 1 brand in herbal health care products. Containing two main ingredients, fenugreek seeds and holly with the largest concentration on the market today, Breastfeeding Support stimulates the mother’s body to produce two hormones, Prolactin and Oxytocin, which are responsible for stimulating breast milk secretion and increasing contractions. smooth muscle contraction to push milk out. This helps solve the problem of lack of milk, no milk of mothers after giving birth.

To promote the best breastfeeding effect, mothers should not only care about the quantity, but should also care about the quality of milk. The most valuable thing in breast milk is a natural source of antibodies that help children prevent and fight diarrhea, respiratory infections and a number of other infections that no other product has. Mothers with good nutrition will give their children a stream of milk that is comparable to a more concentrated source of nutrients, helping their children to develop and grow in height, weight, and strengthen their resistance.

Therefore, in addition to food eaten daily, many experts recommend that mothers add special nutrients, such as Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a special component of the immune system. They help transport free iron in the blood to the cells to feed the body, “scramble” for iron to lose food for harmful bacteria and viruses, making them weak and lose their ability to cause disease.

Lactoferrin Formula Milk Powder is a specialized Lactoferrin supplement from the Royal Ausnz brand. With golden immune formula, triple effect effect, supplement with high content Royal Lacto = Lactoferrin + Colostrum (IgG) + Sialic Acid to create a solid foundation of immunity and resistance against pathogens. diseases, as a premise for the absorption and metabolism of nutrients of children, thereby helping children to gain weight, increase height, and develop optimally in terms of physical, intellectual and spiritual.

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Products are not only good for everyone, especially young children, people with weak health, or minor illnesses, but also very necessary for mothers after giving birth. Supplementing with Lactoferrin Formula Milk Powder not only strengthens antibodies in breast milk, helping both mother and baby have an optimal immune system, the product also adds essential vitamins and minerals, helping breast milk to reach the best quality. .