According to data published by HackerRank, HackerRank currently ranks more than 1.5 million global developers based on speed and accuracy. Recent results also show that China is the country with the highest ranking programmers, followed by Russia and Poland.

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What is HackerRank

?Big companies like Amplify, Quora, and Capital One are all using HackerRank for Work – for engineering recruitment. In addition to being a measure of skills, HackerRank also hosts a number of hackathons, like CodeSprints, which are also a way for companies to find potential candidates.

HackerRank is a website that allows programmers to hone, learn and practice their skills. This website will ask participants to give solutions to “programming challenges” or programming problems. Thereby, the results and speed of problem solving will be used by HackerRank to evaluate and rank the participating programmers.

Why choose HackerRank

In addition to scoring points in the eyes of employers, developers can also practice coding on HackerRank. The advantages can be said about HackerRank such as: HackerRank has an online compiler system, from which there is no need to install any additional compiler on the machine and can be programmed directly on the Web. Second, HackerRank has a variety of code articles (including unit tests to know right and wrong) for coders to practice and try. After improving themselves through coding, coders have available sources of recruitment exams of major companies around the world.

Note when learning to code on HackerRank

This is the first line of a function they asked you to write in 10 Days of Javascript. Write rectangular object as 4th day in 10 days. Most coders will continue with this first line and fill in the blanks with whatever is missing between the {}. This is probably also what HackerRank expected.

Looking at this first line, you can understand that a is one side of the rectangle and b is the other side. If you read the description of the problem, it will be obvious that a is the length of the rectangle and b is the width.

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Why is it a secret

?Batman needs to keep his identity private because he often spends his evenings doing illegal things, even if it’s a good deed, he can still get caught. In order to be free and bring justice to others, he cannot let others know that he is Bruce Wayne.

But, a and here it is not necessary to keep their true identities (length and width of the rectangle) secret. In fact, all they will do in this function is the length and width of the rectangle. That means they don’t have to be a and b. So why can’t the length be length(length in English) and width be width(width)?

What is the harm of that naming

?In this HackerRank exercise, you will only write a few lines of code. Not to mention the only two logical parameters for creating a rectangle are its length and width. You probably won’t forget what a and b are in the code. Even so, it’s not just you reading your code, there are other people out there and maybe many of them can’t figure out what a and b are.

You can feel the code is very concise and smart, and HackerRank seems to do it very well.

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OK, but think for a moment, in your work have you ever written an app or program with so little code? If it’s an application with 10,000 lines of code, each function has parameters with the letters a, b, c, d, e, the story will be very different. You can read this code because you wrote it, but if someone were to hand over this code from you they would probably read it while cursing in their stomach.

You might think Devon is tough or just find the worst example on the platform to disparage. Of course, not every exercise on HackerRank uses obscure variable names, but there are many. Here is another example:

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Many variables in the above code are not easy to understand, what is, what is q, what is n, what is tItr… The main purpose that the author wants to say here is just to name the variable clearly, write the code so that anyone can read it. You can also imagine what this function does, what this variable is. Why does it need to be?

Code is for humans

You might think that code is for computers. No, it is not. Code for humans. If it’s computer-specific, we don’t need a high-level language like Javascript or Python.

Keep this in mind as you code: Write so that other people can read your code and understand it. Variable, parameter, and function names should contain as much context as possible to help the reader understand what they’ve read. is a very bad variable name. length is a good variable name and lengthInInches is even better (if you expect the measurement to be). in inches). If the code changes, make sure you update the names given to reflect what they represent.

Since HackerRank is a large, reputable company, the fact that you have well-reviewed code on this platform also makes Recruiters pay more attention.

It’s just, as you practice on HackerRank, get in the habit of refactoring horribly meaningless names into one that conveys the meaning and context needed to read the code. When you work on projects off-platform, don’t let obscure naming hurt your code and earn you a reputation as a dev writing unreadable code.

By keeping in mind that writing code is for people to come after you to read, you not only make it easier for other developers to work with you, but also make customers want to hire you back and refer you. with other companies that need your help.

There is a funny comment under the article that: When I entered the profession, I was told: “How to code so that the next guy can read and understand” and “Imagine that the person who inherits your code is a big guy. , hot-tempered, knows where you are” (If he doesn’t understand, he will come to your house and give you a match – translator).

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Some general notes for those who are new to HackerRank

In the future, there will be no technology companies using HackerRank as an evaluation step in the IT candidate recruitment process, so don’t forget to note a few tips below when starting to try HackerRank:

Challenges and tests are timed, practice well and don’t get distracted. Know the languages ​​available to test. Usually in each challenge there will be many problems to solve, and if starting from the difficult one. would not be reasonable. The best way should be to deal with increasing difficulty in turn. Read through first and decide on a solution later.Minimize the time between problems after you’ve added them. You can spend a little more time deciding if it’s final or not, and then make sure you don’t come back. All problems include solving public and private cases. You’s score will be based on both. If the problem is with testing methods on public and private, your score is evaluated on both. In the case, even though the additional code is passed all public methods, that does not mean that it will pass private methods. Let’s study more cases at the edge. Ex: check if input is empty; 1,2 or more different factors, etc. v the HackeRank environment will allow you to run your code on custom tests. Anything guaranteed for any problem. If you don’t know how to solve it, you can still earn some points from it. However, try to get to the heart of at least one or two of the problems in the lesson.

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