How to make weight gain cereal powder for skinny people is extremely easy to do with familiar beans. Regular use of cereal flour is one of the secrets to helping people with a “stork” body improve their physique.

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Cereal flour is made from black beans, green beans, soybeans, red beans and black sesame, these are all familiar foods to help slim people gain weight safely and effectively. Supplementing cereal flour for thin people who need to gain weight regularly will help you feel healthier and more energetic. Let’s learn the use and how to make effective weight gain cereal powder at home.

1. Benefits of ingredients in cereal flour

Black beans

In oriental medicine, black beans have mild (warm) properties, sweet taste has the effect of detoxifying the body, tonic kidney, blood … suitable for all ages.

In addition, black beans also contain many vitamins such as A, B, C, PP and other minerals. These are all nutrients that help improve health and are good for people who want to gain weight. Black beans are also especially good for women, helping to improve bust, body shape and skin. As for men, black beans help improve physiological function, increase male vitality.

Green bean

Green beans have a sweet taste, cool properties, so they help clear heat and detoxify very well. People who often suffer from heat in the body, do not eat well, often have acne, bad skin should use green beans to cool down, beautify the skin and make the body healthier.

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Red beans

This is a food that helps to nourish the blood, purify the body and cool down. Especially good for the digestive system, they help the digestive system work better. Thin and weak people should add red beans to their daily menu to improve their health.

Soy bean

Soybeans and soy products are both foods that are good for your health and skin. The vitamins and minerals in soybeans help beautify the skin, rejuvenate the skin and prevent cancer. In particular, soybeans are one of the foods that help increase breast size effectively for women.

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Black sesame (black sesame)

Black sesame is a good food for the cardiovascular system, moreover, it also helps us to prolong our life because sesame seeds contain about 40-60% oil, 22% protein, in addition to copper, calcium …

2. How to make cereal flour to gain weight

Ingredients Black beansGreen beansRed beansSoybeansBlack sesameHow to choose

Roast black sesame seeds and beans separately

When choosing beans, you should choose from reputable stores to be safe for your health. Black beans choose small seeds. Chickpeas are whole beans with shells. Soybeans are round and evenly yellow. Black sesame evenly black (many people think yellow).

Preparation Prepare the ratio of beans at a ratio of 1: 1, especially black sesame is 0.5. Wash the beans carefully because they are very prone to dust, so wash at least 2 water. Then let it dry in the sun. Get the kitchen to dry the beans and roast them separately. Roasted beans will be faster and more fleshy. Green and red beans (small seeds) change color and smell is okay. Black beans are fragrant. Sesame is also roasted. Finished roasting, incubate the beans with paper and wrap the cloth around. Leave for 20-30 minutes to cool and then grind, you can bring it to the mill to make the powder smooth and easier to drink.

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3. How to use cereal flour

Each time use for about 3 tablespoons of cereal powder with 200ml of boiling water, stir until dissolved, should use more dietary sugar or condensed milk for easy drinking. It is recommended to drink cereal powder 30 minutes after meals, best in the morning. and dinner. If drinking hot: Mix 4-5 tablespoons of cereal powder, sugar or condensed milk with a little cold water, beat until it dissolves, then add boiled water and stir with 250ml of water. If drink cold: Mix 4-5 tablespoons cereal powder mixed with 100ml of warm/boiling water, add condensed milk or powdered milk and stir until dissolved. Add ice to enjoy.

Although the article is quite detailed, but to make sure you are not wrong, Healthy Beauty has prepared the article Instructions on how to make peanut milk powder to gain weight for skinny people to go to the gym. This is the most complete article with more than 2000 words described in detail to the teeth, even people who do not know how to cook can do it.

Note, although pea milk powder is quite good, but it is guaranteed that you will gain 100% success, drink high quality protein, carbs and fat supplement milk for gym goers. These are formulas that have been proven 100% effective by over 100,000,000 users worldwide.

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Does the above weight gain cereal flour make it difficult for you? Do it now to be able to gain weight effectively at home.

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