Feliz En Vista is an apartment project in District 2 invested by Capitaland. Feliz En Vista apartment is the 8th project of Singapore investor in Ho Chi Minh real estate market.

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The location of the Feliz En Vista project is at 1 Phan Van Dang, Thanh My Loi, District 2. It is 5 minutes away from Thu Thiem urban area. And the project is only 500m from the Saigon River, so the living space is very fresh and cool.

In the following article, Le Dinh Phong shares information and evaluates the Feliz En Vista project in District 2. Hope that interested customers have more information for reference.

Perspective of Feliz En Vista project in District 2

Feliz En Vista District 2 project articles include:


Feliz En Vista project why should you buy in


Feliz En Vista project information in District 2


Where is the location of the Feliz En Vista project

?4.Who is the investor of Feliz En Vista?


Price of Feliz En Vista District 2


Enjoy high-class facilities at Feliz En Vista apartment

Feliz En Vista project, why should you buy in?

Feliz En Vista apartment in District 2 is located in Thanh My Loi ward, where the administrative center of District 2 exists, only about 500m from the location of the Saigon River. The area’s transportation infrastructure is well invested and in completion stage, along with the benefit from Thu Thiem urban area. Developed traffic makes the connection to the center of District 1, Phu My Hung urban area, District 3, District 5 faster and more convenient. Quality, diverse and high-class design facilities with quantity 100 large and small utilities to meet all needs. Some outstanding facilities must be mentioned such as: Olympic standard swimming pool, theater square, saltwater swimming pool, aerial walkway, etc. The design of the duplex apartment increases the ability to receive light and natural wind. course. This helps the apartment to always be full of energy and brings a sense of comfort to each resident when entering the apartments. 100% of the apartments at Feliz En Vista District 2 have standard handover standards with complete furniture. from world famous brands. Many high-class furniture such as: Daikin air conditioner, Roca sanitary ware, hood, faucet, smart door lock, etc. Feliz En Vista is the 8th project developed by Capitaland in Ho Chi Minh City market. Minh ensures prestige and brand name. Nearly all projects are highly appreciated by investors for their construction progress and quality. Flexible payment methods and attractive incentives will be a very good condition for developers. investment to increase the possibility of owning an apartment as a place to live.

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With the above factors, we evaluate that Feliz En Vista apartment will bring a high-class living space, fully equipped and show luxury.

Customers want to buy Feliz En Vista project

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Project information Feliz En Vista District 2

Project name: Feliz En Vista Investor: Capitaland Land area: 2.6ha Type: Apartment District 2 Number of apartments: 960 products Product type: 1-bedroom – 3-bedroom apartment (58m2 – 115m2) Garden penthouse (400m2 – 500m2), 2 bedroom duplex (103m2).

Where is the Feliz En Vista project location?

The location of the Feliz En Vista project is at 1 Phan Van Dang street, Thanh My Loi, District 2. Opposite the project is the Vista Verde project which is also the project of the investor Capitaland in District 2.

Recently, Thanh My Loi ward is one of the areas invested by the city to develop strongly with large-scale traffic works, along with many licensed real estate projects.

Around the Feliz En Vista project are many other District 2 apartment projects, such as: One Verandah, Waterina Suites, Vista Verde, etc. All projects after completion and put into use will form an area. modern, civilized, highly educated population.

Location of Feliz En Vista project

We mentioned the problem of traffic infrastructure near the very developed Feliz En Vista project area, residents here will have the advantage of connecting traffic to many locations quickly and conveniently.

Feliz En Vista -> District 1: 7 minutes (Thoi Dai Bridge -> Mai Chi Tho Avenue). Feliz En Vista Apartment -> Phu My Hung Urban Area: 20 minutes (Dong Van Cong Street -> Phu My Bridge) .Feliz En Vista Project -> Binh Thanh District: 10 minutes (Mai Chi Tho -> Thu Thiem Bridge 1).Feliz En Vista District 2 -> Thu Thiem Urban Area: 3 minutes.

It can be seen that the ability to move from District 2 apartments to other places in the area has many advantages. For customers who are working in the areas just shared above, we consider it very suitable.

In addition, the Feliz En Vista project is located in the concentrated area of ​​large urban areas of District 2 such as: An Phu – An Khanh, Thu Thiem, Nam Rach Chiec, etc. This has a positive impact on the infrastructure. , utilities and residential communities. We appreciate that there are many advantages from the location of the high-class apartment in District 2.

It is not by chance that the investor chooses such a location to build the Feliz En Vista apartment. Saigon River is a river converging many feng shui elements creating prosperity and fortune, along with its location in the central area creating a balance with a winding life.

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Owning many outstanding advantages, but we found limitations from this project:

Utilities in Thanh My Loi are very few now. Therefore, if you want to access more entertainment services, you will need to move to places such as: Thao Dien, An Phu – An Khanh, Nam Rach Chiec and in the near future Thu Thiem urban area .Currently the area is sparsely populated, which we see as both a weakness but also an advantage for Feliz En Vista. This factor partly helps to make the living space quiet, limiting the impact of traffic. This limitation becomes an advantage that many customers enjoy.

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Potential project location Feliz En Vista Capitaland

Times Bridge is open to traffic. Helping residents of Thanh My Loi as well as Feliz En Vista easily pass through Thu Thiem urban area – the urban area in the future will become the largest financial – economic center of Ho Chi Minh City, it only takes 3 minutes to connect. . Infrastructure is continuing to be completed, the construction plan of Thu Thiem 3 bridge and Thu Thiem 4 bridge will be implemented soon. Traffic infrastructure factors greatly affect the value of real estate. Diamond Island has gathered many residents to live, a number of projects such as: One Verandah, Vista Verde, Waterina Suites, … are continuing the process. complete. These works, when completed, will promote people to live, creating conditions to become a bustling development place with many utilities put into use.

Who is the investor of Feliz En Vista in District 2

?Capitaland is the investor of the Feliz En Vista project. Headquartered in Singapore and one of the few leading real estate groups in Asia. Many business areas such as: Commercial office complex, commercial center, accommodation & housing, retail area, …. The amount of investment is up to 131.7 billion USD.

As of 2020, the period of more than 20 years of operation in the real estate field in Vietnam of the investor Capitaland. Present in 7 cities, along with high-end projects, nearly 8600 products in 2 complex projects, more than 6000 accommodation apartments, 2 retail areas and 15 large and small projects.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the Feliz En Vista project is the 8th project deployed by this corporation. At the same time, there are many other projects underway such as: Kris Vue, Vista Verde, De La Sol, D’Edge Thao Dien, The Vista, … & most recently Define.

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Capitaland reassured investors about the quality of works and construction progress of the Feliz En Vista project. The real estate value of the project also has a great contribution from the investor’s brand.

Selling price of Feliz En Vista District 2

Le Dinh Phong updated the information that the investor Capitaland opened and sold the first phase of apartments in Block Cruz. The average selling price is 1.9 billion/unit (1 bedroom), 2.6 billion/unit (2 bedrooms). Compared to an apartment in District 2, this is a pretty cheap price, equivalent to about 33 million/m2. Block Berdaz is open for sale in phase 2 with the price from 39 – 55 million/m2.

In the near future, Block Somerset will be open for sale in phase 3, this is the block we rated the best at Feliz En Vista. The management unit is Somerset, the leading serviced apartment management brand from The Ascott – Capitaland in Asia. Estimated selling price is about 75 million/m2.

Please refer to the price of the apartment project in District 2 around:

Waterina Suites: selling price 70 million/m2.

Compared with the above projects, the price of Feliz En Vista apartment in District 2 is assessed by us at a reasonable level, even this price is cheaper than the above projects. High-class apartments in District 2 are not inferior in terms of design, location, and utilities.

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Enjoy high-class facilities at Feliz En Vista apartment

Feliz En Vista as well as projects invested by Capitaland have always been focused on utility. Internal utilities are diverse, attractive and modern, meeting all the needs of residents when stepping out of the door.

Floor plan of Feliz En Vista Capitaland apartment

Experience the feeling of swimming in the heart of Saigon with a modern artificial beach built. Satisfy your swimming needs with 2 50m-long designed swimming pools, combined with a saltwater pool. Watch movies with experience New with an outdoor cinema, a lot of popular movies, and a sound system that brings exciting experiences. Residents can take a relaxing walk, admire the natural scenery with aerial gardens and tropical gardens. .Experience modern and classy equipment at the gym.Security 24/24.

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Feliz En Vista apartment swimming pool facilities

Outdoor cinema at Feliz En Vista District 2

Hopefully, through the information Le Dinh Phong provided, along with the analysis in the article, it has helped you to have more information. useful.