Among chemical compounds, sodium is the most abundant element in the alkali metal group. This is a free metal that does not occur in nature because it must be created from compounds. With that knowledge is not enough, many people still do not understand what sodium is and how it is applied in practice. Then let’s follow this article together!

Sodium is Sodium (N), which is in group 1 of the periodic table

What is sodium?

Sodium is the most abundant element in the group of alkali metals, or sodium itself with the chemical symbol Na, in group 1 of the periodic table.

Sodium is a soft, bright, silvery metal that floats on water. Dissolving it in water yields hdrogen and the formation of hydroxide. Sodium may or may not spontaneously ignite in water, depending on the amount of oxides and metals in contact with the water. Sodium does not normally burn in air at temperatures below 115 degrees Celsius, but when working with this chemical, care should be taken.

Sodium at standard temperature and pressure and the soft silver metal combines with oxygen in the air, forming gray-white sodium oxide, and is immersed in oil or inert gas for storage.

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Like all active elements, sodium has never occurred freely in nature. The most common compound is table salt – sodium chloride.

Note: We should not leave sodium in the air and should not let this chemical come into contact with water and substances with which sodium can react.

=>> Refer to the chemical Di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate

1. Physical properties of Sodium

Sodium is an alkali metal, white or silver in color, where the thin layer will have a purple tint. Sodium is very light, soft, easy to melt.

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The dark red sodium vapor is composed of Na atoms and many Na2 molecules. In the ether, Sodium reacts to form a colloidal solution of indigo, purple.Sodium has a density of 0.968 g/cm3 The melting point of sodium is 97.83% and boiling at 886 degrees Celsius.

2. Chemical properties of sodium

Sodium is a very strong reducing agent. This is a substance that makes up about 2.6% by mass of the earth’s crust, making sodium the most abundant element in general and the most common alkali metal. Sodium reacts with non-metals by burning in air or oxygen, Na burns to form oxides and produces a characteristic yellow flame. Reacting with acids, sodium easily reduces H+ ions in dilute acid solutions to free hydrogen. However, when exposed to acids the sodium explodes.

Picture depicting sodium reacting with water

Reacts with water: Most sodium reacts violently with water, forming an alkaline solution and releasing hydrogen gas. Reacting with hydrogen: Sodium reacts with hydrogen at a fairly large pressure and at a temperature of about 350-400 degrees Celsius to form sodium hydride.

Excellent application of Sodium in practice

1. In industry

Every year, millions of tons of sodium compounds are produced, of which sodium chloride is widely used for anti-freezing, de-icing and as a preservative.Sodium and potassium with many important drugs add sodium to prevent freezing. improve bioavailability. Sodium is used as an alloying metal, an anti-scalding agent, and as a metal reducing agent when other materials are ineffective. Sodium is produced commercially by electrolysis of molten sodium chloride absolute. Some industrial compounds contain sodium such as table salt, soda powder, baking powder, etc. These compounds are used in papermaking, glass, soap, textiles, petroleum, chemicals and metals. Sodium combines with other compounds to form products used in shampoos, toothpastes, mouthwashes, and effervescent cleansers. These substances cause unpleasant odors and should not be left in contact with the skin for longer. Metallic sodium is required in the processing of organic compounds and the production of esters. Metallic sodium can be used to strengthen the structure of certain alloys. This alkali metal is a component of Sodium chloride (NaCl – table salt) which is an important part of life. Sodium hypochlorite is commonly found in bleach, water purifiers, and cleaning products. Occasionally used as an emulsifier for oils in cheese making.

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Sodium chemicals are widely used today

2. In heat transfer

Liquid sodium is used as a heat transfer fluid in some nuclear reactors because of its high thermal conductivity. An alloy of sodium and potassium – NaK is an important heat transfer agent.

3. Biological role

In humans, sodium is an essential mineral for blood pressure regulation, osmolarity and pH balance, the minimum physiological requirement for sodium is 500mg per day. Among them, sodium chloride is the main source of sodium in the diet, used as a condiment and preservative.

Industrial Methanol solvents and common applications in life

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sodium Chemical?

1. Advantages

Sodium is a commonly used chemical because of its applicability in many different manufacturing industries. It also helps in economic savings, due to purchase costs and volume. low atom. Sodium compounds are very important in the industries of chemical, glass, metallurgy, papermaking, petroleum, textile…

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2. Cons

The powdered form of sodium is a powerful explosive when reacted with water, and it is a poison capable of binding and dissociating with many other elements.

When storing sodium, it must be in an inert gas or petroleum.

When working with or in contact with sodium, extreme care must be taken, and protective equipment should be worn when performing experiments with this chemical.

Where to choose quality sodium chemicals

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