If Angular is a framework, then ReactJS is a library that focuses on solving problems at the view layer. Considered as a JavaScript library emerging with the Single Page Application trend, ReactJS is being trusted by many users.

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ReactJS – a Javascript library!

What is React JS

?In 2013, Facebook “released” an open source JavaScript library called “ReactJS”. Currently, ReactJS has “surpassed” the two most popular major competitors at the time – Angular and Bootstrap.

ReactJS is trusted by Netflix, Airbnb, American Express, Facebook, WhatsApp, eBay, Instagram, etc. The majority of users rate ReactJS as the most popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UIs).

Increase the “smooth” of the website as well as maximum speed, high scalability and simplicity – this is the core purpose of ReactJS.

What are the features of ReactJS

?Using ReactJS, users can:

Write apps directly in JavaScript. Break down complex UI constructs and turn them into independent components. Pass customized data to a specific UI component. Change state for multiple components (child) on the application but does not affect the parent component that is in the Stateful state. Know exactly when to re-render or when to remove elements of the main DOM.

Related Basic Concepts

According to the technology language, ReactJS is a Javascript library that supports building the Views layer (the V in the MVC – Model View Controller model). Thanks to ReactJS, users can build websites entirely using Javascript (to manipulate HTML), enhanced by Virtual-DOM.


This is the language that React is built on. Using ReactJS, users must have a moderate understanding of the concepts of “object”, “prototype”, “callback”.

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This is an extremely important part of ReactJS.

A ReactJS does not have dedicated modules for handling data. Therefore, ReactJS is set up independently. The form of breaking the view into small components will help them to connect more closely.

Virtual DOM

This is a lightweight JavaScript data format used to represent the contents of the DOM (Document Object Model) at a given time.

ReactJS is a Framework that uses Virtual-DOM. Both the Model and the View, at the DOM, every change on the Model has led to a change on the View and vice versa. To put it simply, even if you don’t directly affect the DOM elements in the View, you will still be able to implement the Data-binding mechanism. As a result, the application speed increases dramatically.


If other frameworks use templates, ReactJS is built around components. Using the createClass method (which takes a parameter describing the property), you will easily create a component that fully possesses that property.

Why should businesses use ReactJS

?In business, everyone wants to find the “secrets” to increase revenue, have many advantages “overcome” the competition. As technology develops, e-commerce also contains many “secrets” of its own to help businesses gain a certain foothold. ReactJS is one of the most popular technology “secrets” used by business owners and developers today.

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What makes 1300 developers and over 94,000 websites choose ReactJS?

Easy to use, user-friendly interface

Using ReactJS, users can create attractive, fast and efficient web applications with minimal coding. Users will clearly feel the optimization of ReactJS in individual components.

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Instead of having to work on the entire website application, when using ReactJS, developers can break down the UI structure into simpler components.

With the level of a JavaScript programmer, using ReactJS, you can easily develop web-based applications.

Support Reusable Component in Java

Not every developer can design effective components. Reusable components give developers the opportunity to make extensive use of pre-optimized features.

Thanks to ReactJS, developers can completely reuse components that have been developed into other applications with the same functionality.

It’s easier to write components more easily

To write React components, users will use JSX. This is a combination of JavaScript and HTML. While not the most popular syntax extension, JSX is appreciated by users when developing special components or high volume applications.

Using JSX, users can extend the syntax with a wide range of options easily. The process of writing site structure is also clearer.

Better Performance with Virtual DOM

Web-based application projects are often prone to trouble in the DOM process. With the advantage of using Virtual-DOM, ReactJS will help users avoid this problem.

Besides, ReactJS also allows users to build Virtual DOMs and host them in memory. This advantage will help Vitural change as soon as the actual DOM changes. Continuous updates help apps avoid interruptions. Users use it continuously, and the website is stable, helping to maintain and increase revenue.

SEO Friendly

This is the wish of all businesses in today’s exciting e-commerce era.

The more the user interface is accessible to different search engines, the higher the ability to reach customers. This is one of the factors that directly affects the growth of sales through the website.

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In fact, not all JavaScript frameworks are SEO friendly. Fortunately, ReactJS was born as a solution to this problem. React allows you to create user interfaces that can be accessed on different search engines.

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However, ReactJS is just a JavaScript library. ReactJS cannot do everything by itself, replacing the entire SEO, SALE or Developer team. Users can combine ReactJS with additional libraries needed for management, routing, and interaction purposes.

Hope you use ReactJS effectively!

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