With more than 2.7 billion users and accounting for 66.5% of total social network visits, Facebook is known as the King of Social Media.

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And it is understandable that more than 80 million businesses worldwide use Facebook to reach customers, through Fanpage or advertising.

So in the story of attracting customers in the 4.0 era, how does Fanpage really help? How to create a Fanpage and how to operate a Fanpage?

All will be detailed by me in this article.

Follow along and take notes if needed!

What is Fanpage?

Fanpage is a page created from the facebook account of an individual or business, representing the image of a business, business organization, community organization, restaurant, hotel, celebrity, politician, … On Facebook.

What is Fanpage?

Unlike personal Facebook accounts, Fanpage is publicly visible to all netizens. Anyone on Facebook can connect and follow all the latest updates from a Fanpage by becoming a “fan” or clicking “Like” that fanpage.

Distinguish Fanpage and personal account

The core foundation of a Fanpage is authenticity. Just like a personal Facebook account, a fan page needs to ensure the element of real people and real business.

If you want to own a fanpage, it is best to let the official representative of the business or organization create a Fanpage on Facebook to increase the authenticity of the fanpage as well as the interaction management process more unified and tight. than.

Distinguish Fanpage and personal account

In terms of form, Fanpage and Facebook account are quite similar. But in terms of features as well as the way it works is completely different.

TypeFanpagePersonal Facebook Intended use Commercial: Promote the image of individuals, businesses, organizations to the community and increase interaction with potential customers Representing certain individuals: usually only life updates daily, share personal photos/videos with friends around Popularity Ability to spread content, reach users better because not limited by friend feature. Everyone can see the displayed content and contribute more comments to the Fanpage, especially those who have clicked the follow button or “liked” the page. If the post is not public, only people in your friends list will be able to see and interact with it. Non-friends can access your public posts; however, they won’t be able to see anything you share with your friends or are active in certain community groups.

Differentiate Fanpage and Group

Fanpage and group on Facebook sound similar at first glance. However, similar to the comparison with individual accounts above, in terms of operation, Fanpage and group also have certain differences.

Distinguish Fanpage and Group

First, Fanpage is visible to both registered and unregistered users. Therefore, fanpage is often better indexed on search engines (especially necessary in controlling business reputation).

Unlike Fanpage, some Facebook groups are not publicly visible and require all users to register as members, even to invite friends if they want to interact together.

However, most groups on Facebook allow you to invite multiple friends to join the Group at the same time; And with Fanpage, sometimes you are only invited one by one.

Because of that, viral marketing activities are often more suitable when promoting in Facebook groups than fanpage because any member of the group can send invitations in large numbers to his or her friends.


Fanpages are great for building lasting relationships with your fans, readers or customers. Facebook groups are more about active discussion and quick attention from everyone. user.

You can also learn more about the difference between a Fanpage and a group through the following summary:

Main FeaturesFacebook PageFacebook Group Bad URL No Yes Hold Discussion Yes Yes Discussion Forum Yes Yes More Apps Yes No Contact all group members Yes (via page update) Yes (via inbox form) ) Visitor Statistics Yes No Publicly exchange videos and images Yes Yes Create related events and invitations Yes No Run ads Yes No

10 Unexpected benefits of Fanpage

1. Increase visibility for potential customers

Facebook includes an extremely large user community, estimated to date about 2.7 billion active users in many different fields. Moreover, in addition to Google, today’s customers also tend to search for businesses based on Fanpage analysis on Facebook.

Increase visibility for potential customers

Therefore, operating thanks to Fanpgage on Facebook, potential customers easily know your business brand.

However, this also depends on how you operate your fanpage and advertise your brand.

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2. Collect more guests potential customers

If only based on the number of people who have liked or followed the Fanpage page, one thing is for sure, your business will not be able to operate long-term and sustainably on Facebook.

In fact, you need more relationships!

One of the most effective forms of communication today is to collect leads in the form of email addresses.

So, how to get emails from Fanpage members?

It’s simple, you just need to organize an online discussion, game giveaways, event updates, important news and ask all users to provide email to participate.

However, when interacting with potential customers via email, avoid sending annoying spam emails that are constantly annoying. Instead, plan and send emails consistently 1-2 times a week with useful information to attract readers.

3. Reduce Marketing Costs

It is obvious that creating a Fanpage for business is completely free, only some activities on the fanpage require a fee, including: running facebook ads to increase interaction, promote popularity. turn for articles and apply for funding.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Even so, advertising on Facebook is relatively cheaper than traditional advertising, radio advertising or TV advertising and the effectiveness is sometimes 1,000 times better.

4. Reach the target audience

There are more than 2.7 billion Facebook users, but how many of them click “Like” your Fanpage? Furthermore, of the likes, how many members actually interact with the content you create?

That’s why you should have a reasonable plan to build and operate a fanpage to reach the target audience with the best performance.

If you are a local business, direct your ads to your target customers within a 10-15 km radius. Ads may cost you more, but the likes and leads are more precisely targeted.

5. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can be seen as an extremely useful tool in providing authentic information and data to business owners.

Reach target audience

Through Facebook Insights, you can easily know:

Number of Likes on Fanpage Fanpage Reach and Posts Engagement from Customers Post Performance

Based on that, you can understand every user’s information, consider what needs to be improved to bring them the best value.

6. Building brand loyalty

Besides building a customer base and promoting products, Fanpage is also a place to help businesses build brand loyalty.

That is, if you regularly provide valuable and entertaining, highly authentic content, your followers will stay loyal to your brand – even if you unfortunately make mistakes.

Today, users often search for businesses through the media. Because of that, they tend to prefer to cooperate and buy from businesses that are active and receive good feedback on Facebook.

7. Increase traffic

If your activities on Fanpage only focus on increasing the amount of interaction for good posts and fanpage, then you are just a Facebook user, not a real marketer.

Increased traffic

On the contrary, a true marketer is when they know how to increase traffic to their website by directing traffic from articles on Fanpage to their website.

Rest assured that now, Facebook has a full feature to align images so that it is both beautiful and convenient in leading users to click on the link containing that image.

Standard Fanpage cover image size creates a relationship with Google

8. Speed ​​up the SEO process

Some people believe that the information in the business introduction of the Fanpage has a close relationship and is easily searched on Google.

I have tried hard to enter some keywords related to my Fanpage but failed. However, only when entering the exact name of the Fanpage will it appear on the first page of the Google search list.

I haven’t tried another way yet but I believe there must be a more efficient way to make it easier for people to find you on search engines.

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You may not know: Currently, more than 55% of businesses are rushing to invest in professional SEO Website services. And among them may very well include your competitors. So beat your competitors with TOP #1 SEO services HCM in Vietnam with the most suitable SEO quotation!

9. Mobile-friendly

The majority of Facebook users today access the Internet through mobile devices.


One more interesting thing is that Facebook has the ability to optimize your fanpage for both mobile and desktop devices.

Therefore, the problem is that businesses are required to participate in business activities on Facebook if they want to access customers more efficiently.

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When surfing Fanpage on mobile devices, users will get the following information:

Hours of OperationBusiness AddressCustomer ReviewsPhone number to call directly from the mobile app

10. Competitor tracking

A nice new feature on Fanpage pages is allowing businesses to track competitor activity.

Of course, tracking here doesn’t mean you know how much they tip sales or how effective their Facebook ads are.

Instead, you simply watch what they are doing and how they interact with their customers.

How to create a simple fanpage in 5 steps

Step 1: Access the link Facebook.com/pages

First, you access the link Facebook.com/pages. Then, click the green button that says “Create a Page” at the top right of the screen, as shown below:

Visit the link Facebook.com/pages

Next, you choose the type that is right for your business, including some of the following suggestions:

Local business or placeCompany, Organization or Institution

Brand or Product Name (Brand or Product) Artist name, brand name or name of a public figure (Artist, Brand or Public Figure) Entertainment, Cause or Community.

Choose the right type of business

For example, if you check the “Company, Organization, or Instituion” box, you are required to add a sub-category and also a company name.

When you have completed the declaration step, remember to check the box “I agree to the Facebook Fanpage terms”, then click “Get Started” to continue with the steps to create fanpage content.

Step 2: Complete the basic information to increase brand visibility and speed up the SEO process

The beginning of step 2 is to choose a profile picture, complete the introduction and set up your Facebook web address.

Note to choose the original avatar with a size of about 180px x 180px. After uploading, the image will display on the fanpage with a size of 165px x 165px.

After completing the step of uploading the image, proceed to save the image and click on the “Next” box. In case you don’t want to update your profile picture, you can skip this step by clicking the “Skip” button.

Choose a profile picture

Next, you fill in some basic information about your business. Note that the information you provide must be accurate and clear, and include keywords related to the business.

Fill in some basic information about the business

The next step is to add website URL information. At the bottom of the table, there is a question to confirm whether your fanpage represents a real organization in real life, so be sure to check the “Yes” box!

The last step is to install the Facebook link for your fanpage. Remember that this link will be a tool to help customers find you more easily. Therefore, you should name the link so that it is short and easy to remember.

Usually, Facebook will give you some suggestions for link names based on the business name you provided earlier. However, if you feel that suggestion is not suitable, you have the right to refuse and choose a different name for your link.

Step 3: Simplify everything with admin panel

Admin panel can be understood as a dedicated working area for fanpage admins, Specifically, the admin panel panel highlights the core parts of the page, including notifications, new people have liked your fanpage and information. Details let you know how well the fanpage is doing.

Admin panel

If you want to update more information or add a new administrator, click “Edit page” to proceed with editing. In addition, “Build Audience” is used to invite users to your site.

However, you should only use the “Build Audience” navigation when the fanpage is complete in terms of content and contains interesting articles.

Step 4: Completing the fanpage with story-telling content

This is considered the step that takes the most time and is also the determining factor in the success of the fanpage.

In fact, a fanpage that contains only commercial content will easily cause aversion to users.

Completing the fanpage

Remember, social networks include a very large online community and the essence of fanpage is to build and serve the needs of the community.

To do that, in addition to product and service information, you should create more content that attracts followers and encourages them to participate and interact with each other.

I will list some post ideas, to help your fanpage have more useful and interesting articles, avoid the creative rut:

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Blog ArticlesBlog articles or articles from other sourcesImages with a meaningful quote or memeAsk discussion questionsImages of the business’s daily routineGive advanced access to contentSpecial offers for followers follow the page Posted videos, photos Update milestones, memorable eventsOrganize a giveaway Anything your followers want to know about you

Besides, you can also consider creating a Facebook group and integrating it into your fanpage.

Like other social networking sites, in addition to creating and writing good content for the fanpage, you also need to be enthusiastic in responding to comments and interacting regularly with the followers of the fanpage.

Step 5: Build custom tabs to generate leads, traffic, and sales

Once you’ve built the content, it’s time to start implementing strategies to help drive traffic, leads, and sales for your Fanpage.

First of all, you start with a 3-tab solution, which includes:

Welcome TabOnline Store Tab and Email Capture/Contest Form.

In it, the Welcome Tab focuses on attracting more traffic, the Online Store Tab lets you sell your products (even collect credit card payments!), and the Email Capture/Contest Form focuses on on collecting email leads from the fanpage.

How to create a professional sales fanpage

Create a professional sales fanpage

Selling and doing business online on Facebook has become so familiar to the online community today.

Many clothing shops, food shops, tourist attractions, public figures, NGOs and governments… all appear on Facebook with the aim of reaching closer to people and increasing their energy. influence the community or for business purposes.

So, how to create a professional sales fan page? Please refer to the article on how to create a sales fanpage for more details!

How to create a fanpage from a personal account

Theoretically, to create a Fanpage, you first need to have a separate personal account.

In other words, you create a Fanpage based on information from an existing personal account or you can also convert that account into a Fanpage page.

Create fanpage from personal account

To do that, follow these steps in order:

Click the “Get Started” boxFollow the onscreen instructions – you will choose the correct categories for your Page and consider which friends, photos and videos you want to keep from your personal account for your Fanpage.Confirm your choiceTurn off the “Publish Page when done” setting if you don’t want your Page to automatically publish after it’s converted.Check your privacy settingsGet started Just use my Fanpage!

This process can only be done once. After converting, you will have both a personal account and a Fanpage.

You can manage Fanpage from your own personal account. During the transition, Facebook will transfer your current profile picture and current cover photo to your fanpage, and your personal account name will become the Page name.

You also have the option to add friends who like your Page and to transfer photos you’ve shared from your personal account to your new Page.

You also have the option to add friends who like your fanpage and transfer photos you’ve shared from your personal account to your newly created Fan Page.

Once you have completed creating a Fanpage from the above conversion instructions, I am sure that from now on, all your online marketing strategies will become easier than ever.

Moreover, it is even more convenient for you to connect with customers as well as those who follow and love you for a long time.

Tip: You only have access to tools to help you move information from your profile to your Fanpage within 14 days of conversion. So plan ahead and start the process only when you’re completely ready to go through with it


You see, Fanpage is clearly an essential element contributing to business development in the midst of today’s 4.0 era.

Not only businesses, but celebrities, community organizations, politicians can also use fanpage to widely promote their image closer to the public.

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In addition, creating a fanpage is extremely simple, everything follows the instructions available from Facebook. Your job is just to create content, interact with users and design the facebook fan page so that it is eye-catching and attracts users.

Once again, I hope the article helps you in creating and using Fanpage properly

I followed each step in turn and achieved certain results. Now it’s your turn!