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Search Inside Yourself – Make Profits Cross the Ocean and Change the World

We all know the Google search engine and the Google company with its great corporate culture that is famous around the world, but how many of us know what underlies its popularity? that language? Chade-Meng Tan – author of Search Inside Yourself will explain to you that secret.

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Every year, thousands of Google engineers attend one of 12 meditation training courses to enhance their ability to “balance awareness” of what’s going on around them. The most popular course – entitled “Search inside yourself” – is always the most anticipated and attracts the most participants with a waiting list of students up to six months. The course was initiated by Chade-Meng Tan, he is a very influential person in Google culture, someone that any famous person who visits the company wants to meet. Meng’s ambition is: “Enlighten the mind, open the heart and create world peace”.

The book Search inside yourself has been rewritten by him based on the experiences gathered from the course and the meditation exercises so that all of us can apply it without having to join the other Google course. In simple, easy-to-understand words, with basic training steps to help people control their emotional intelligence – master their emotions, thereby becoming the happiest person in the world and spreading the word. joy to everyone. “I don’t like bringing Buddhism into Google,” Meng said. “I love helping people in Google find the key to happiness.”

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As Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google once said, “This book and the course on which it is based represent one of the greatest aspects of Google culture – an individual with a true idea. Greatness can change the world.”

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The book is divided into three main parts:

Attention Training: Attention is the foundation of all higher emotional and cognitive capacities. Therefore, any emotional intelligence curriculum must begin with attention training. The idea here is to train your attention span to create a mind that is both peaceful and clear. Such a mind lays the foundation for emotional intelligence.

Self-knowledge and self-mastery: Use your trained attention to enhance your cognitive and sensory processes. From there, you can observe more and more clearly your thoughts and sensory processes, with as much objectivity as from a third-person perspective. In doing so, you will create a kind of self-discovered insight that will eventually lead to self-mastery.

Create useful habits for the mind: Imagine that whenever you meet someone, your first, instinctive, habitual thought is, I want this person to be happy. Having such habits changes everything in the workplace, as this sincere goodwill is unconsciously perceived by others, and creates the kind of trust that leads to highly productive collaborations. Such habits can be trained to become natural.

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