Young people today use a lot of hot words to communicate with each other on social networks as well as in daily life. One of the most used hot words is “Vch”. So what is Vch? And what is the meaning of Vch? Let’s also find out on channel 68 in the article shared below

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What is Vch?

Vch is an acronym for the phrase “Throw the whole row” or sometimes “the whole family”… Vch is used to express an attitude of surprise, surprise… before a certain thing or event. This is a hot voice created by young people, modified to use in communication, especially you will see popular use on social networking sites such as facebook, zalo…

What are some examples of using Vch on facebook

?You will often see some communication especially on facebook using the hot voice “Vch” like:

Some Variations of Vch

In addition to the hot Vch, you will also often encounter some words with similar meanings such as:

Vcđ: Abbreviation for the phrase “Spray all the rocks**i” Vcc: Stands for the words “Throat the whole shit**t” Vcl: Stands for the words “Drop the whole practice”

So here are some brief explanations to help you understand the hot “What is Vch?” This is a word used in communication among young people. You should also note that you should not use “Vch” in environments or in conversations that require seriousness such as school, company, or communication with teachers, ranking …

Khanh Khiem – Channel 68

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