Never before has the Service, Restaurant – Hotel industry developed “miraclely” on a worldwide scale as in recent years. In particular, the profession of Chef is considered a “universal key” to help you advance and succeed in the new era. So what is a Chef career, what is the prospect of a Chef career? Find out with right here!

Chef career is a universal key that opens up many opportunities for learners in the new era

What is a Chef? What do you understand about Chef career?

The concept of Chef profession is very broad. A chef can refer to someone who is responsible for cooking or building a menu, who has a lot of cooking skills and experience, or is a manager in the kitchen… However, to become a Chef you need to be a chef. acquire knowledge and general skills such as: Determining costs, building menus, nutrition regimes, understanding food processing methods, kitchen management, kitchen personnel management…

Therefore, if you really love and want to become a professional Chef, you need to understand that this is not a profession that can be rushed. On the contrary, you have to strive step by step, try to learn, practice and gain experience. Because, what makes a successful Chef is not only in ability, but also in experience and working attitude.

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Prospects of Chef

Great demand, shortage of human resources

According to national statistics, there are over 8,500 hotels; Ho Chi Minh City has more than 1,600 hotels and restaurants in operation, not to mention a large number of hospitals and schools… all of which are in great need of kitchen human resources. In addition, the domestic restaurants, hotels and resorts have developed like “storms” and have created thousands of new job opportunities every year for Chefs.

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Meanwhile, well-trained human resources for this industry are only in a limited number. Therefore, in Vietnam’s major tourist cities such as Ha Long, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet… are eager, eager and willing to pay “surprising” salaries to recruit human resources. expertise and work experience.

In addition, the opportunity to work abroad of the Chef profession is also increasing when countries such as Australia, Canada, Switzerland… always “order” a large number of Asian Chefs to promptly meet the needs of the chefs. development of the tourism trade in their country.

High and stable income

Cooking is one of the top high-income occupations in Vietnam. The salary you receive from the profession of Chef ranges from 5 million VND to hundreds of millions of VND per month depending on rank, capacity and experience.

With the job of Kitchen Assistant, you have an income of 5-8 million VND per month. This number will increase greatly if you accumulate knowledge, experience and strive to become a Chef.

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The income level when working at restaurants and hotels around the world will be from $ 2,000 – $ 4,000 per month with attractive remuneration for the position of Chef and Kitchen Assistant. Not only receiving income from restaurants and hotels, you can completely control your financial resources with your own business models.

Honoured as talented artists

Chefs are talented culinary artists

If before, it was considered a manual labor job, only for women and had a low status in society, now the kitchen profession has been recognized by everyone with a new mindset.

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No different from performing artists, Chefs must have flair, ingenuity and creativity to bring a lively flavor party to diners. That is also the reason why famous chefs at home and abroad have a large number of “fans” as big as entertainment stars.

To become a Chef, you must train yourself with skills, experience, communication ability, creativity, management skills, accounting, personnel training…, especially steel spirit. to overcome the pressure in the kitchen.


The profession of Chef not only opens many new doors for young people to live true to their passions but also a profession suitable to the practical needs of today’s society. To be able to go a long way on the road to conquering the culinary profession, you need to practice and equip with solid professional knowledge from today.

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Are you passionate about the profession of Kitchen, dream of one day becoming a professional Chef and moreover challenge yourself in a new field such as a culinary model business? Let be with you.

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