The kitchen is an indispensable part of any food service location, from large-scale hotels to restaurants and small eateries. So do you know what positions in the kitchen department include? If you don’t have much information, let help you answer…

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Do you know the most complete titles in the restaurant kitchen department – hotel today?

Depending on the scale of operation, there is an appropriate distribution of titles in the corresponding kitchen department. A typical full kitchen department will include the following titles:

Head of Kitchen/Executive Chef

Head of the kitchen department – the executive chef is the person who is responsible for managing and operating all the jobs in the kitchen, including: menu creation, human resource management, business management.

Assistant to Executive Chef (Secretary to Executive Chef)

The Executive Assistant Chef is responsible for assisting the Chef in administering related tasks within the scope of his/her authority under the direction and assignment of the Executive Chef. At some other hotels, the responsibility of supporting the work of the executive chef is assigned to the executive chef (Executive Sous Chef).

Chef (Chef de Cuisine)

Head chef is a position used to refer to the main chef in a restaurant or hotel of a certain size. The chef is responsible for supervising and directing the activities of a group of chefs from different departments in the same restaurant. The chef is also responsible for composing the menu, cooking the main dishes, and at the same time making the breakfast. create new dishes to add to the menu of restaurants and hotels.

Sous Chef

Sous chef is a job position that works under the direct command of a corresponding chef, is the direct assistant of the main chef. The sous chef is responsible for helping the chef with tasks such as making menus, adjusting menus, and preparing meals. Coordinate the work in the capacity and order under the direction of the chef.

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Depending on the size of the kitchen department, there is an appropriate number of assistant cooks. Each sous chef will specialize in a task for a separate area such as: sous chef in charge of banqueting, sous chef in charge of preparing ingredients or executive assistant chefs, supervising other sous chefs, …

Pastry chef

For restaurants and hotels that have a specialized bakery, the Bakery Chef Chef is primarily responsible for all activities related to the Bakery department, from assigning work to employees to coordinating the activities of the bakery. this area. The Pastry Chef is responsible for reporting directly to the Executive Chef.

Chef is in charge of a department

The chef is in charge of a department which is an assigned job position according to regulations. These chefs will specialize in being in charge of a certain department or dish such as: chef in charge of making sauces (Saucier); chef preparing fish dishes (Fish Cook); chef in charge of cooking dishes salad (Vegetable Cook); chef in charge of baking and roasting dishes (Grill Chef); chef in charge of cold dishes (Cold Chef); chef in charge of European dishes (Western Chef); assistant chef In charge of Asian dishes (Asia Chef); the chef is in charge of processing desserts, cakes, etc. The chef in charge of a department will be responsible for controlling the quality of the dishes before the Sous Chef and the Chef. inspection chief.

Chef de Partie/ Station chef

Team leader / Kitchen team leader is responsible for supervising the assigned area, from personnel to operational efficiency; responsible for preliminary preparation, cooking and presentation of dishes, ensuring food safety and hygiene and safety. full-time employees, supervise the handling of leftovers, support in the training of kitchen staff and kitchen assistants, etc. The shift leader works under the direct management and supervision of the department chefs; Depending on the size of each restaurant, the hotel will have a division of personnel to manage, so the number of shift leaders will or may not be respectively.

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Demi chef

The kitchen team’s deputy team leader is responsible for supporting the work of the shift leader, working under the direct direction of the kitchen team leader or the chef in charge of a department. Similar to the position of shift leader, depending on the size of the team Restaurants and hotels will or may not have the position of Vice President.

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen staff is a job position that works under the management and supervision of chefs, sous chefs and superior chefs according to previous assignments. Kitchen staff will perform assigned tasks such as preliminary processing of ingredients, preparing necessary tools and materials, cleaning the kitchen, supporting work in the assigned area and other supporting jobs. …

Commis chef

Kitchen assistant is a job position that works similar to a kitchen staff. However, most of the kitchen assistants are inexperienced and need time to train and learn. If the kitchen assistant meets the job requirements, he will be promoted to the position of Kitchen staff.

Chef Steward (Chief Steward)

The kitchen manager is the person responsible for all cleaning in the kitchen area, managing, supervising, Supervise and assign work positions to housekeeping assistants, housekeeping staff to ensure hygiene in the entire area.

Assistant Chief Steward / Steward Supervisor

Housekeeping Assistant / Housekeeping Supervisor is the person who is directly responsible for the Chief of Staff, works under the direction and management of the Housekeeper, assists the Housekeeper in supervising and assigning work to the housekeeping staff. lower parts.

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Steward Captain (Steward Captain)​

The cleaning team leader is responsible for supervising the hygiene of the assigned area, organizing the division of work for the employees in the group, ensuring the good performance of tasks during the working shift, and at the same time not affecting the work. kitchen staff.

Stewarding Clerk

The housekeeping staff is the person who directly performs the cleaning work at the assigned position in the kitchen area. Housekeepers work under the direct direction and assignment of the Housekeeping Supervisor or the Housekeeper.

In addition, there are a number of other positions such as: canteen kitchen staff, order taker, food runner, etc.

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Refer to the organizational chart of the standard kitchen department of a 5-star hotel:

Above are the titles in the kitchen department that summarizes. Hopefully this article will help you better understand the industry and field you are interested in pursuing, namely the kitchen department.​