Learning is always an arduous path. Studying for a university degree is difficult, studying for a master’s degree is even more difficult. And many young people after graduating from school will choose to go to graduate school to develop their career or simply study when they have not found a suitable job. In order to help you better orient and understand thoroughly what graduate school is as well as being able to easily answer the question “what is graduate school for?” “Should I go to graduate school or not?” We will go right into the article below!

The current demand for graduate study

After graduating from a bachelor’s degree, students tend to continue to study at a higher level, such as a master’s or doctorate, or to study abroad. And the question that many students ask is what to do with graduate school? And when should I go to graduate school? In this article, 24h Admissions Channel will provide you with some information about graduate programs, hopefully from which you will have a clearer judgment about the benefits and importance of studying for a Master’s degree. with yourself.

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Students who finish secondary school want to continue studying from intermediate to university, university students who have completed their bachelor’s degree want to continue studying for a master’s, doctorate, etc. Need to improve and enhance skills and knowledge Professionalism is not only the need of each individual, but also the requirement of the whole society. But in recent times, tuition fees for graduate courses in the country are increasing, and foreign countries are increasingly strict with immigration laws, so deciding to attend graduate courses is becoming more and more difficult.

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What is graduate school

?Same job is assigned, at each level of education there will be different solutions. According to the decentralization, those who have completed intermediate and college degrees are able to do the work that others assign; A specific, step-by-step task will be to answer the question “how?”. For university graduates who are able to organize their own work, the manager only needs to assign goals without having to specify specific steps, then he can answer the question “what to do?”.

As for the higher level, those who complete the Master’s degree will be able to answer the question “Why?”. Why should you do this, why should you do that? People who reach this level have the ability to organize and manage the work of others. People who reach the doctorate level understand in more depth, the principles of movement of things and phenomena; can predict what will happen, what cannot happen; and take the position of leading the business.

Considering the reality of Vietnam today, the level of education is associated with the position; Position is associated with income, ie income will be higher with higher education.

For example, learners of preschool pedagogy at an intermediate level will enjoy a low salary compared to a university degree, and the level of allowance will also be lower.

That is in theory, but in practice, Master’s is to accumulate knowledge, not skills. Skills are acquired by accumulating from specific jobs without having to sit in the lecture hall to listen, copy-writing is skilled.

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Will a Master’s degree get you the job you want

?Surely a Master’s degree will make your CV stand out a lot. However, the degree is no longer the most important, employers often focus on your skills and ability to work, do you know how to apply theories from Master’s and Doctoral degrees? whether it is on actual work or not, rather than just looking at the certificate.

And especially, your qualifications are higher than others, you must show the employer that difference. If you graduate from the University of Commerce, you will have to be different from those who only have a bachelor’s degree, your ability must be higher than others: the ability to work independently, good communication, progressive and know how to set goals. such as pursuing the goal to the end, the ability to withstand high pressure, etc.

The opportunity cost of deciding to go to graduate school

However, when we study, we have to devote time and energy to studying for at least 2 years. During this time you may not be able to find a promising job if you are unemployed, it is also difficult for you to advance or earn an income during this period when the effort you put into working does not work. average as before.

If you have just graduated from school and decide to study right away, you should not, because finding a job is a top priority when you graduate. You need to have a financial support for your studies instead of still having to rely on family support. Moreover, you also need to experience what areas of your ability can develop, what needs to be learned, then decide to study.

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And what do you get in return

?Graduate is very different from university. In terms of knowledge, it is considered an advanced level of university. Every theory you learn is aimed at research, not solving. You will have a deeper, more mature view of the surrounding things, the observation and evaluation is also on another level.

Graduate courses are seen as direct investments in a career future. Many students still receive support from their families during their studies, but there are many students who have to accumulate money to pay for their studies. However, as at Dong Do University, University of Business and Technology, the courses have links with large enterprises and companies in research projects. Therefore, a great opportunity for you to reach out to employers, express yourself, and depend on yourself.

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Conclusion: With the above information, hopefully you have understood what graduate school is and found yourself a satisfactory answer should or should not study graduate school to make the right choices, pursue the right path that you need. I need to go and develop a sustainable career.