The Brand Guideline is a guide to branding regulations. It can be said that Brand Guideline has a very important meaning for businesses. So what is it, let’s find out in the article What is the Brand Guideline!

What is Brand Guideline?

Brand Guideline – a guide, including regulations on brand promotion. It can be said that it is a very effective tool to support businesses in designing logos, product packaging or other media publications for marketing. Brand Guideline will help businesses design in accordance with standards and uniformity.

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Concept of Brand Guideline

The Brand Guideline will be presented in the form of a book. In particular, the main content will focus on instructing businesses how to build and develop communication plans and strategies. Helping businesses promote efficiency to make brand recognition more popular in the market.

What does the content of the Brand Guideline include

?What does the content of the Brand Guideline include?

For those who are not familiar with this guide, they will be very curious about the content inside the Brand Guide, right? Each Brand Guideline will have different guidelines and regulations, but in general, it still includes the following basic characteristics:

Overview of the business: history of development, missions, goals, operating principles. Mission: The things that the brand, the business will commit to its customers Brand message: These are the things that the business wants to convey to its customers Determine how to design the logo, limit the size, space, layout of the logo on the background. Issues to avoid when using logos Color palette used: regulations on the colors used for the brand, the order of preference between the colors used Typographical style: Regulations on typography, style Design main headlines, subheads, paragraphs or quotes…

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In addition, the brand’s Brand Guideline also includes standards for communication publications such as business cards, presentation content, gift publications, emails, notes, taxes…

The role of Brand Guideline for brands

For brands, brand identity is the proof that you do communication, marketing is effective or not? A well-known brand, wide recognition is thanks to the ability to attract the right customers with the needs of the business’s products.

Role of Brand Guideline for brands

Therefore, when working in the Marketing industry to be able to achieve better results, it is indispensable for Brand Guidelines. So how important is the role of the Brand Guideline for brands?

Provide accurate information about the brand

It can be said that this is a very important role that the Brand Guideline can bring to the brand. It will provide accurate and complete information about the brand, leadership and management levels to small employees. This information will help you have the most comprehensive view of the brand, values, mission….

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Consistency in business activities

In order for businesses to be able to do business in the most effective way, certain strategies must be unified. All products of an enterprise need to be based on a certain common standard. From there, your business can reach customers and improve brand awareness.

Save time

Brand Guideline will save you a lot of time, especially for those in the design department. When there are common standards for colors, fonts, and sizes, the design department does not need to spend time to align, but can quickly produce products according to regulations.

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From the above roles, it can be seen that Brand guidelines have a very important meaning for a brand. In any communication plan is indispensable Brand Guideline if you want to achieve the best Marketing effect.

Through the above article, you also understand better what is the concept of Brand Guideline? Please visit often to be able to read many other interesting articles related to our Marketing field!